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12/02/2019 Installation
When 15 months ago Jaye Selway (of JSAV Ltd) installed an integrated AV system at the Original Bierkeller in the British city of Lincoln for the operators, Latenight Bars, she little expected that she would be returning to the City’s Silver Street to fit out the new Swampy Johns showbar next door with another RCF system. But that is precisely what has happened. 

Latenight Bars founder Paul Kinsey had wanted to pilot a new brand with a more diverse offering, including an American style showbar and live music. The entertainment space was well known to Lincoln’s clubbers, having previously traded as Status, Wahoo, and prior to that as Chicago Rock Café, where an RCF Monitor 5SW system had been installed. 

Selway, who says she only specifies RCF, would dearly have liked to install an RCF HDL line array but the positioning of the stage, and both the general and VIP areas were obstructed by structural pillars, while she was also battling with a varied ceiling height. Needing to mount a discreet speaker system, that would provide even coverage throughout the 450-capacity room, the answer lay in RCF’s Acustica C-series. “The benefits of the 90° x 60° dispersion and rotatable horns made them an ideal solution,” she said. “We were able to run them in horizontal mode and get the full 60° coverage.” 

The three flown C5215-96 Acustica 15” passive speakers, designed as an L/C/R system, will enable live musicians to wander the venue, minstrel style, on a Friday night and accommodate a full band set up on the Saturday. Swampy Johns will also host DJs and podium dancers.

The stage, already situated four metres behind the bar, has been augmented so it can function as a double size stage where necessary.
24/01/2019 Installation
Since its inauguration in 1928, Ferrara’s Paolo Mazza Stadium has been home to SPAL, the town’s professional football club. Last year, the ground celebrated its 90th anniversary. A major refurbishment in 2018 doubled the crowd capacity and modernised the stadium’s technical systems. This included a comprehensive overhaul of the audio system, which now fulfills FIFA standards. The new PA system exclusively uses RCF systems and speakers. 

The ground’s new look is reminiscent of Goodison Park stadium in Liverpool, England, home to Everton FC. Like Goodison Park, the Paolo Mazza Stadium is located in the city’s centre. After a building phase lasting three months, the stadium offers capacity for 16,000 fans, double the capacity offered during the 2016/17 season. The refurbishment project included not only the pitch but the PA system, lighting, seating and stands. The West Stand, traditionally used by home fans, was extended and now features a new roof, as does the junction to the main stand. The East Stand was also extended.

All stands and club-level seating are now served by around 40 P 6215 Installed Sound series RCF speakers, driven by, among other equipment, extremely high-power 4-channel QPS 9600 amplifiers. Routing is handled by two DX 1616 matrix audio processors via a DANTE network. The control room houses a Touch7 unit, a 7” touchscreen by Xilica as well as an R44P, a 4x4-I/O Dante unit. The two main stands are each served by 10 P 6215 speakers, with the East and West Stands each using eight units of the same model. Another four P 6215 cover the pitch area. All installed loudspeakers are set up in pairs, with separate control available for each pair.

The amplifier system employs two control units, one for the South and East Stands and the other for the North and West Stands. Each control unit uses a DX 1616 audio processor and three 4-channel QPS 9600 power amplifiers. The two control units are connected via glass fibre cabling. Data transfer is accomplished using two separate VLAN networks: one handles the audio data using the DANTE protocol while the other transfers control data for system management and programming. The glass fibre cables run in a loop around the pitch, providing redundancy for the connection between the two control units. The system is controlled using a Touch7 touchscreen housed in the stadium’s control room which is connected to the two glass fibre cables. Audio signals destined for the amplifiers are routed to the DANTE network using the R44P.

Using the touchscreen, operators can independently raise or lower the volume of any sector covering the stands or pitch. The system also offers a number of Mute functions. These include full, stadium-wide Mute (for security reasons this function is also available via two voltage-free contacts on one of the control units), a number of Mute options for individual stadium sectors as well as muting for each speaker pair. If needed, speaker pairs located near the edge of the pitch can be muted without affecting the speakers serving the rest of the stand.

Developed by the RCF Engineering Support Group, the system was installed by Suono e Immagine (, with Ivan Franco Bottoni serving as project leader. RCF optimized the system for best possible performance and speech intelligibility, attaining outstanding Speech Transmission Index (STI) values.
22/01/2019 Corporate
RCF is pleased to announce the winning of three distinguished awards from the professional audio community. NX 32-A active two-way speaker and JMIX8 Active Music System won the Readers’ Choice Award 2019, while the small sized HDL 6-A line array picked up the vote for for the second time in a row, following the 2018 Award. The HDL 6-A was successful in the Line Arrays: Small Format category (less than 8” woofer), the NX 32-A was the first choice for the Loudspeakers: Full Range, Active segment, and EVOX JMIX8 the winner in the Portable PA System category. 

The Readers’ Choice Awards is unique for many reasons; chief among them (as the name suggests), is that all voting is the exclusive domain of the readers of ProSoundWeb, the online audio news outlet affiliated to Live Sound International magazine.
15/01/2019 Corporate
London-based Wilding Sound has introduced RCF to its rental fleet for the first time. 

It has made an initial purchase of eight HDL 6-A composite line array enclosures, with four SUB 8004-AS single 18” subwoofers, along with flyware and pole mount accessories. They swiftly followed this up by adding a further four HDL 6-A.

At the same time Wilding Sound purchased flight cases to hold three HDL 6-A per case to allow ease of dry hire, with space for fly-ware in the back.

“This will give us many options and permutations,” said director, Matt Stolton. Among them is the ability to fly the HDL 6-As and deploy the subs in a mono centre spaced array with the aid of their winch stands and truss.

Although this is their first foray into RCF’s cutting-edge line array technology, Wilding Sound’s own history dates back to the 1970s, installing everything from bus station voice alarms to pubs — and retail. 

When they were ready to upgrade to a small format line array box they embarked on a journey that would lead them to RCF. “Our old FOH system just wasn’t cutting it,” said Stolton, “and was too small to cope with the larger events we were trying to run it on. Whatever we chose needed to offer flexibility and value for money and provide a solution for every job — from small festival stages, as much as corporate conference work and events catering for up to 500-600 people.” They saw the HDL 6-A at PLASA 2018 and were immediately impressed. “The more I looked at it, the more I realised it was a perfect fit,” he continued. “And once we had heard it, it was a done deal.
08/01/2019 Installation
Resplendent before beautiful views of Lake Lugano and the Alpine foothills, the cathedral of San Lorenzo rises above the town centre of the Swiss town of Lugano. Dating from the 11th century, it is one of Switzerland’s oldest churches. A comprehensive restoration programme begun in 2011 included the recent installation of a new audio system based around digitally steerable VSA column speakers by RCF.

The system was installed by CEM Audio & Light services based in Bellinzona. “For the audio system we installed in the cathedral of San Lorenzo in Lugano, we selected RCF’s VSA 2050 and VSA 1250 speakers, comments Virgilio Kohler, owner of CEM. “RCF column loudspeakers offer the ideal coverage pattern for difficult acoustic environments like the Cathedral of San Lorenzo,” he added.

The RCF Engineering Support Group aided the customer in realising this system, taking into account the architectural conditions and adapting to both the building restrictions as well as the electro-acoustic limitations. The installation planners decided on digitally steerable speakers to provide the best possible speech intelligibility in an environment with natural reverb tails in the speech frequency range of up to 4 seconds.

“We placed four VSA 2050 on the columns along the side aisles in a symmetrical pattern. These cover the main nave area (the operating range for each speaker being up to 15 meters), providing crystal-clear speech intelligibility and a good signal-to-noise ratio across a wide frequency range. That lets the congregation experience and participate in the mass in a very immediate way,” explain RCF technicians. “With its 20 individually steerable speakers, the VSA 2050 allows a vertical dispersion from 10° to 30° as well as vertical steering between 0° and -40°. This lets us focus the sound on the desired area and avoid unwanted reflections, guaranteeing the best possible speech intelligibility, even in environments with long natural reverb tails like this one.”
07/01/2019 Corporate
The RCF installation catalog extends the speaker range, assisting the architect and installer with application-focused series of high-quality speakers. Designed for voice alarm applications EN54, the ceiling installation MF33EN speaker, and the wall mount WMF33EN speaker open up a new unobtrusive design philosophy. With five models announced from 5” to 12” woofer size, the COMPACT M series is perfectly suited to every environment with sleek and neutral design, providing excellent acoustic performance for both background and foreground music.

The MR 50 / MR 40 bass reflex speakers for A/V monitoring and reliable fixed installations, both indoor and outdoor, are also available —in both black and white options. Following the success of the passive C-MAX speakers in the high-powered near-field speaker segment, the high-power E-MAX 3112 and 3110 extend the flexibility in the entertainment installation market with a complete range of rigging accessories. Three RDNet compatible Vertical Steerable Array models VSA II, with improved quality for highly reverberant spaces, will be presented on the booth.

The HDL 26-A and HDL 28-A compact line array modules add to the powerful HDL family. RDNet, RCF’s on-board proprietary network control and monitoring system now in version 3.1, is featured in both the products. Broadly appreciated, and globally used as the primary portable system for on-the-go conferences, events, musicians and DJs, the EVOX self-powered speakers J8 and JMIX8 are gaining global attention. The JMIX8 includes a studio-quality 8-channel digital mixer with remote control and Bluetooth audio streaming. Both the speakers are available in black and white.

The RCF TT+ line is poised to build on the no-compromise Touring & Theatre philosophy. Expanding on the TTL 6-A column array system, RCF has developed a new concept of flexible arrayable speakers, the TT 4-A Series. Variable waveguides: 100° x 25°, 100 x 50° and 60° x 25° dispersion, an innovative rigging concept, RDNet, rotatable enclosure and swappable components, the TT4A will soon be known as the “MacGyver Solution” of the RCF line and features RDNet and FiRPHASE processing for 0° phase response.

On the back of the successful of the DXT 3000 platform for medium to mid sized distributed voice alarm system, RCF announces the DXT 3000 Planner, an interactive planning software which performs all the mathematical calculations for installations in low-reverberant environments with reduced background noise. 

RDNet Networked Management System sees great improvement with the release of version 3.1. Real-time Air Compensation and the new Bass Shaper function will help the system engineer with tuning and correcting low frequencies while maintaining the desired tonal balance on the entire system. Shape Designer two-dimensional system design software is also now included within RDNet. 

RCF will have an active role on the ISE educational program AudioForum, organized in partnership with Audio Engineering Society. The seminar, presented by Andrea Capra, RCF R&D Engineer, will introduce the FiRPHASE technology and the RCF approach to digital filtering.

ISE 2019, Amsterdam – RAI, Booth 7-N220
12/12/2018 Event
Vibration Tour 2018, the summer tour of free concerts, was a success for Vibration Radio, a private French music radio station born in 1981. Four free concerts in the Center-Val de Loire region, provided an opportunity to bring together the artists of the moment, along with more than 72,000 people in the Center-Val de Loire region: Tours, Blois, Le Mans, Orléans, and Châteauroux. Different cities, different atmospheres, different artists such as Amir, Bob Sinclar, Boostee, Tal, Emmanuel Moire, Dadju, Kendji Girac, Soprano, Jeremy Frerot, Joyce Jonathan, Boulevard des Airs, Kungs and many others.

Vibration renewed its trust in XCPH Organization, the event company behind the tour, who were in charge of the whole management and technical production. With 30 years of experience, a vast fleet of trucks and 2000 square meters of warehouses full of first-class equipment, XCPH is not a traditional rental company.

“I have worked with RCF France since the beginning of this project, more than four years ago, and the choice of RCF was rather obvious. XPC is primarily an event company, so it does not have to answer to technical riders as a classical rental company; we can make our own choices based on our needs,” states Nicolas Fournier, technical director of XCPH Organization “I needed an excellent sound system, with effective networked control and a practical rigging system that only RCF could provide … not to mention the unbeatable price versus quality ratio.” 

The touring package comprised two clusters of 12 HDL 30-A, 10 SUB 9006-AS in different configurations depending on location - cardioid mode or end-fire (which allows the bass to be opened a little more on the outside and projected in front), two delays with four HDL 30-A, four HDL 6-A as front-fills and two outfills with TT5-A. This was all managed through the CR16 (CONTROL8 and DX1616 matrix).
26/11/2018 Installation
Founded in the nineteenth century, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts has it all – a rich history, a leading position among institutes of its kind, and a reputation for excellence in the performing arts. It offers more than 20 music, theater and dance programs attended by over 900 students.

The university recently put out a tender for a public address system to be installed in its foyer. Speech and music figure prominently at a college for the performing arts, so the prospective PA would have to satisfy some very lofty expectations. The foyer was to be covered from three angles with a directional system designed to the given architectural specifications. This PA would also have to tame the complex acoustics of a room with ceilings of different heights, a two-storey auditorium, and coverage zones with depths ranging from 15 to 25 meters. This client had some very specific ideas about size, looks and placement. Cabinets were to have a height of around 115 centimeters and be placed at a relatively flat angle so as not to jut out from the walls.

Auditions were held; the NXL 24-A came out on top. Made by the Italian vendor RCF, the NXL 24-A is an active line source speaker equipped with four custom-developed 6" RCF transducers, a compression driver with a 2.5" voice coil, and an asymmetrical horn with -25° / + 5° vertical and 100° horizontal directivity.

To meet Germany’s very strict fire safety regulations for public venues, RCF worked with the general contractor to develop a passive version of this speaker, with power amps housed in a remote central rack placed around 40 meters from the speakers.
25/11/2018 Corporate

The Loudspeaker System Showcase will run twice daily, Thursday – Saturday, featuring a music track as selected by a popular vote of participating companies and hosted by a neutral industry expert. NAMM Show attendees can also engage with the companies in their respected spaces in the Showcase to trial portable systems.

The new HDL-28A compact line array will be the featured flown system, along with the EVOX JMIX8 and J8 being demonstrated in the portable system category.

RCF is presenting several new products at The NAMM Show 2019. The HDL 26-A and HDL 28-A compact line array modules, three flyable complementary subwoofers HDL 35-ASHDL 36-AS, and HDL 38-AS add to the powerful HDL family. RDNet, RCF’s onboard proprietary network control and monitoring system, is featured on all these exciting new products.

The tour-ready D-Line, HD 15-A, and HD 35-A, are the latest additions in the 15” powered speaker family, with an innovative design and top-of-the-line performance. The ultra-high powered HDM 45-A is sure to be a crowd pleaser with a 2000 Watts amplifier and RDNet control.

The RCF TT+ line is poised to build on the no-compromise Touring & Theatre philosophy. Expanding on the TTL 6-A column array system, RCF developed a new concept of flexible arrayable speakers, the TT 4-ASeries. Variable waveguides: 100° x 25°,50° and 60° dispersion, an innovative rigging concept, RDNet, rotatable enclosure, and swappable components, the TT 4-A will soon be known as the “MacGyver Solution” of the RCF line.

RDNet Networked Management System sees great improvement with the release of version 3.1. Real-time Air Compensation and the new Bass Shaper function will help the system engineer with tuning and correcting low frequencies while maintaining the wanted tonal balance on the entire system. Shape Designer two-dimensional system design software is also now included within RDNet.

The RCF NAMM booth is the launch pad of the compact M 20X Digital Mixing Console, featuring motorized faders, multitrack recording, remote WiFi control, multimode PEQ, and many other technologies evolved directly from the acclaimed M 18 mixing platform. The RCF family of mixing consoles introduces F Series Mixers, comprising of four consoles from six to 16 channels, offering multi-FX, Single Control Compressors, and USB Recording capabilities. AYRA PRO Studio Monitors defines a new horizon in reference monitoring, featuring an outstanding 0° linear phase response for the first time in its class.

BOOTH 18310
NAMM 2019
January 24-27, Anaheim, California
Thursday 1/24/19
 3:00 p.m.
Friday 1/25/19
  4:00 p.m.
Saturday 1/26/19
 1:20 p.m.
25/11/2018 Event
The Eastern States Exposition, known as “The Big E,” set another attendance record this year with over 1.5-million visitors. It’s the only event in the country with a state fair-like structure in the nation where more than one state participates (six New England states partake). The 17 day event features daily Mardi Gras parades, a big top circus spectacular, 4-H and agriculture exposition, giant midway, car shows and daily entertainment on five stages.

All-in-all, the Big E schedule included over 200 shows on those stages. Massachusetts-based SCL Sound Systems has been providing production at The Big E for almost two decades. This year, owner and Production Manager Scott LaRochelle made the decision to use RCF powered speakers across all of the fair’s major stages. To accomplish this task, LaRochelle reached out to AudionX, a Vermont-based company and RCF partner who maintains a large inventory of cabinets.

“There is a variety of music on the stages,” said LaRochelle. “We can go from a classic rock act to hip-hop to pop in a matter of hours. I wanted to deploy rigs that sounded good and would handle the demands of the acts. I also wanted to get some time with the large format HDL50 rig,” And upon doing so, “All I can say is it was impressive. This was a good choice and certainly something the touring engineers were happy with.”

“Anytime you have a large event and a seasoned company like SCL trying something new, you always want to do everything you can to make sure things go right,” said AudionX owner Chris LaRocque. “RCF has always been a great partner and as usual their support team was available to us. They even brought in their worldwide support specialist Oscar Mora to assist us.”