RCF would like to thank you for visiting the booth at the Prolight + Sound show 2018. We presented many products and we received positive feedbacks from all our visitors. Feel free to contact our RCF staff for more information about our range of products!
One of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s most iconic buildings, The Palace of Arts, has been equipped with a premium RCF D-Line HDL20-A system by locally based technical providers, Nitelites, for its new occupants, the Wylam Brewery.
The Grand Hall at the Palace of Arts — the last building to survive from the North East Exhibition world fair of 1929 — was originally opened by the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) in the newly-redeveloped Exhibition Park.
Now Wylam Brewery has relocated its HQ and converted the Grade-II listed building into a fully operating, working brewery and events space after it had remained almost derelict for nearly a decade. Prior to that it had operated as a Science Museum and Military Vehicle Museum.
With the Grand Hall playing host to a wide range of functions, from brewers’ markets, live music (including #1 album seller, Michael Kiwanuka), pop-up food events, weddings and corporate events, accommodating up to 800 people standing, a state-of-the-art sound system was required.
Nitelites were introduced to the project by Events Director (and Brewery co-owner), Dave Stone, a well known promoter on the local music scene. “We trusted them to put in an installation commensurate with the wide range of events we would be staging,” he said. The director was also eager that the room be integrated within the brewery itself, giving it a unique feel by incorporating the barrel-ageing programme.
Stone was already well aware of the integrity of the RCF product having experienced it from the Nitelites rental stock at previous venues that he had operated. He also knew that it had good visibility with sound engineers and could be supported by any additional equipment where necessary.
Nitelites director, and sound system designer Andy Magee, immediately recognised the challenges of working in a listed, single-glazed dome roof structure, with the combined problems of sound escape externally, and high reverberance internally.
”Initially the noise study limited the SPL considerably but by being able to demonstrate the clarity of the HDL20-A, and our ability to focus the energy onto the dancefloor area, we have been able to increase the threshold to 100dB,” he said. The fact they were able to model the room in the industry standard EASE Focus 3 software was a further boost.
Magee added that in view of its reliability, the decision to specify this big-selling composite system — with hangs of six elements a side — had been a no-brainer, particularly with its 100* x 15° dispersion pattern. “The return on investment is unparalleled and it’s so easy and quick to deploy and operate,” he said.
Recessed behind the front of the stage apron are five powerful TTS36-A subs, housing two 18” neodymium woofers. In addition, six RCF NX15-SMA have been provided for stage monitoring while limiter and EQ structure is programmed into a BSS Soundweb DSP.
Andy Magee also highlighted other attributes of the system. “Since the brewery doesn’t have a full time engineer but relies on freelance engineers, who will mostly have experienced the system, the fact that the HDL20-A is equipped with several push button correction tools enables them to change the low frequency and midrange summation to suit.” He says the soft touch filter and EQ control are easy to understand.
Supplied as part of a sound and light package, the Nitelites man concludes, “There are a lot of dynamics in this system which enable the client to cater for a wide range of events. At the same time we have managed to keep reflections down to a minimum.” And Dave Stone agrees. “We were unable to acoustically treat the room but Nitelites have absolutely nailed it with the RCF system. We have received great feedback as the system has settled into the different scenarios.” Further information from:
RCF would like to thank you for visiting the booth during the Prolight + Sound show 2017. We had several new products to present and we received many positive feedbacks from all our visitors. Feel free to contact our RCF staff for more information about our range of products!
Premium RCF D-Line process-controlled line arrays have been specified and installed at Motherwell Concert Hall and Theatre in Scotland. Originally opened in 1970, Motherwell Concert Hall and Theatre has played host to numerous theatrical shows, national performing companies, Awards Ceremonies and national icons from Paul Weller to Bob the Builder. More recently the venue underwent a £6million, 18-month refurbishment and reopened in November2011
Today operated by Culture NL as a charitable trust, the venue still badly needed to replace its technology infrastructure, when 18 months ago they auditionedRCF HDL20-A alongside several premium A-grade touring systems — and found it punched way above its weight.
Head Sound Engineer, Craig Higgins, had previously been able to sample RCF’s big-selling PA, as part of an incoming production, but for his colleagues, technical manager, Stephen Ellis, and venue manager, Craig Smart, the demo provided an opportunity to review its performance in controlled conditions, and test its suitability both for the main 1600 capacity main room and 400-capacity fixed seated theatre at the rear
Ian Paice is one of the forefathers of modern day rock drumming. Space Truckin', Highway Star, Hush, Fireball, and Smoke On The Water are just few examples of the sound that would last many years to come. He has been the one and only drummer for Deep Purple since the beginning. When the group dissolved in 1976, Ian then joined David Coverdale (Deep Purple vocalist) to form Whitesnake. After a short hiatus, Deep Purple reunited in 1984 for The Perfect Strangers release and have not stopped performing since. Ian can also be found on releases by such artists as Paul McCartney, Gary Moore, George Harrison, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and Jim Capaldi. In April 2017, Deep Purple launched their latest album “Infinite”. His drumming technique has shaped the ears of the RCF engineers since the very beginning, helping all the departments to understand “how to move sound” with rock music!
During Prolight+Sound, RCF will showcase its latest innovations in sound reproduction and amplification. The RCF’s new product line will feature improvements, design upgrades and exciting new technologies, like the new FiRPHASE processing, soon on-board on an extended range of loudspeakers.
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Daily April 4-7 Live Sound Arena
11:30 - 11:40 a.m. 13:30 - 13:40 a.m. 15:30 - 15:40 p.m. 17:30 - 17:40 p.m.
RCF's big-selling HD-Line series, spearheaded by the HDL 20-A, has received a further boost with the arrival of the RCF HDL 30-A: a compact bi-amped 2-way active touring system for medium to large events, both indoors and outdoors. It features a pristine sound with an impressive SPL, thanks to the built-in 2200W, 2-way class-D amplifiers and a high-power DSP.
HALL 3.1 BOOTH C91 April 4-7, Frankfurt, Germany
When Nitelites installed a permanent RCF HDL20-A line array system in Sage Gateshead’s main 1700-capacity main room, setting a new benchmark in sound reinforcement, it seemed only a matter of time before they returned to upgrade the smaller Sage Two.
Nearly two and a half years later and they have done precisely that. But given that the venue’s second room is a flexible, ten-sided auditorium, split over three levels and accommodating 430 (theatre style) or 600 for a full standing gig, the installation was going to be anything but straightforward. Nitelites director and system designer, Andy Magee, opted for a pair of RCF’s TTL6-A as the centrepiece of the first phase upgrade, knowing that the subsequent arrival of the HDL6-A composite line array would then enable the two upper balconies to receive full 360° coverage.
“Sage Two’s sound system was falling short,” opined Magee. “The room stages many performance genres — from classical, world and jazz music to straight theatre — some of it unamplified. Therefore, the reason for specifying the TTL6-A is because it is not only compact but packs a considerable punch. The first time I heard it I was blown away by the SPL. It seemed the ideal one-box solution.” And that’s hardly a surprise, since the three-way active TTL6-A is equipped with 2 x 12” LF woofers, 4 x 6.5” midranges and a 3.0” voice coil compression driver. The integration of four channels of digital amplification and the advanced digital processing raise the bar for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency.
The Nitelites director’s enthusiasm resulted in a demo for Sage Gateshead’s technical manager, Neil Colebeck and lead audio technician Graham Orchard — not that it was really necessary as the trust built up has been based on the flawless performance of the RCF system next door. The TTL6-A’s are complemented by eight SUB8004-AS 18” subwoofers, set in a reverse cardioid pattern recessed under the stage apron. Three of the ultra-compact TT052-A act as lip fills, directing the audio beam to the front rows, while a pair of the equally discreet active TT08-A, set out wide, act as side outfills, and offer incredible maximum SPL of 128dB. The wisdom of this design was confirmed using the EASE Focus 3 software, which Andy Magee used to model the room. “Aside from the massive bandwidth, the TTL6-A has a 90° horizontal, 30° vertical dispersion pattern, with -25°/+5° which is perfect in that room,” he exclaims.
Neil Colebeck confirmed that a versatile system upgrade had always been in the planning. “The previous system did well for us but was starting to develop faults and was lacking in low frequencies and sidefill coverage. We reviewed the situation in September as we faced a heavy programme of gigs post summer.” Budget had been a concern, he said. “But we have received great support from Nitelites and have never experienced any problems with the RCF system in Room One, for which we have received excellent feedback. As for the TTL6-A Nitelites had already been doing a number of gigs with this box, so we were already familiar with it.” And knowing the room implicitly they had been totally aware of the challenges offered by the ten-sided room.
There was also a recognition that the rear SPL rejection now offered by the cardioid subs would improve the lot of the monitor engineer and at the same time work with a cross-section of product — all under the control of BSS Soundweb DSP and a Midas Pro 2 mixing desk with analogue drive rack.
Summing up, Neil Colebeck is convinced by the logic of the point source solution. “The TTL6-A offers a wide horizontal and controlled vertical pattern, which are ideal for this space,” he says.
And Graham Orchard adds, “Having now mixed shows through [the TTL6-A] you can hear the difference tenfold.”
Since this article was written, our dear friend Neil Colebeck unexpectedly passed away. He is greatly missed by his friends and colleagues.
OK SONO equips 1200-capacity multipurpose arena
‘Salle Olof Palme’ is a multi-purpose exhibition and event arena, with 1200-capacity, in the northern French city of Béthune.
Dedicated primarily to business exhibitions and conventions, local sound and lighting sales, rental and installation company OK SONO recently installed an RCF HDL10-A compact line array, having won a public administration tender by proposing this highly cost-effective line array solution.
The installation, which features four elements flown left and right of the stage, followed a complete renovation of the Arena, including new lighting and video screen.
For this large venue, the customer had wanted to avoid the traditional multi-diffusion cabinet design. Instead, Francesco Venturi, from RCF’s Engineering Support Group, made a preliminary acoustic simulation with EASE Focus software, and HDL10-A met the criteria in this configuration, producing excellent results, particularly in delivering speech intelligibility.
In order to gain better coverage for the first few rows, since the removable stage did not accept traditional front fills, OK SONO dipped further into the popular D-Line range to specify two compact RCF HDL10-A active two-way monitors for theispurpose.
The entire system is controlled by RCF’s dedicated 2-in/6-out loudspeaker management device.
Emmanuel Obert, director of OK SONO, is delighted with the acoustic results, adding, “By the middle of the year we intend to add some [RCF] 8004-AS subwoofers, in order to improve bass response for live events with local bands. There is already a dedicated output from the DX processor for that purpose.”
RCF was honored with two ProSoundWeb & Live Sound International Readers’ Choice Awards presented at the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California on January 19.
The RCF TTL33-A active three-way line array system in the TT+ Series was named “Best Small Format Line Array”.
The EVOX 12 was named “Best Portable PA”.
The Readers’ Choice Awards are the only professional audio product awards determined by readers and end-users who vote for the best products.
“The races in each category were close and competitive, owing to the overall strength of every product entered combined with the distinct yet varied preferences of the pro audio industry’s largest online community,” noted Kevin McPherson, publisher of Live Sound magazine. “In fact, many races were so tight, they were separated by just a few votes,” he said.
The Readers’ Choice Awards is unique for a number of reasons, chief among them (and as the name says), all voting is the exclusive domain of the readers of ProSoundWeb, the online audio news outlet affiliated with Live Sound International magazine.
ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International inform, educate, identify trends and provide the most comprehensive content for audio professionals in the live, installed and recorded sound industries. With close to 210,000 unique visitors who generate an average of more than 1.3 million page views each month, ProSoundWeb is the top online destination for the global pro audio community. Now in its 26th year, Live Sound International is the journal for live audio professionals, serving more than 25,000 subscribers on a monthly basis.
New Delhi based Audio Factory used RCF’s composite D-Line components recently to help broadcast a WBO title fight at the city’s Thyagaraj Stadium.
Audio Factory equipped the stadium with a technical infrastructure, including sound, lighting, trussing and LED screen, as Indian boxing star Vijender Singh took less than 10 minutes to defend his Asia-Pacific Super Middleweight against former Tanzanian world champion, Francis Cheka.
Since the event was broadcast by Star Sports channel Audio Factory needed first class equipment to keep not only the 5,000 live audience in the stadium entertained but also the millions receiving the broadcast mix at home.
To achieve this, they fielded a total of 32 HDL20-A enclosures. This included 16 elements, flown in 4 x 4 clusters (one in each corner), with a total of 12 SUB 8006-AS subwoofers stacked on stage. A further 16 HDL20-A provided the delays.
The stadium sound was designed by Audio Factory director (and sound engineer), Vivek Vij Director of Audio Factory. The company recognised that the HDL20-A would be the perfect solution when a fast set-up is required. Powered by a 1400W (peak) 2-way digital amplifier, with integral processing and preset configuration, the HDL20-A features purpose-designed RCF transducers, two powerful 10” bass drivers and large format 3” voice coil compression driver.
“In view of its quality and the fact that it is powered and process controlled, the HDL20-A easily managed to provide good intelligibility and even coverage right across the stadium” confirmed Vivek.
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