Welcome to the xSolutions
The xSolutions show is taking place at the Excel, London. The trade show is from October 19th to 20th 2011.
xSolutions is for professionals who sell, install, purchase or have responsibility for the day-to-day running of audio and video communication technologies within commercial facilities.
It will provide the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the latest AV technology and solutions based offerings - as a specific product, part of an individual system or as part of a complete building systems solution.
xSolutions will provide an unprecedented focus on business communication technology within UK and Ireland.
Meet and greet with RCF Team at the show and get a chance to hear and see more about the new products, about our innovative technologies and to learn more about the large selection of product ranges and solutions from RCF.
See more about the show at: www.xsolutionsonthenet.net
Come and visit us on booth D14
The Ayra Series is a family of three models of active studio monitors to match the required performance level. With the addition of the dedicated Ayra subwoofer you can seamlessly add more punch and weight to your monitoring setup a mix.
The near field active monitor in the Series is Ayra 5, Ayra 6 and Ayra 8 – they all come with a high quality soft dome tweeter and a 5”, 6” or 8” composite fibreglass woofer. The Ayra Sub 10 is the perfect match to the individual models in the Ayra Series and extends the frequency response of your system, still maintaining the perfect balance in your mix.
Read more here.
At the RCF Marketing´s Channel at YouTube you can see the latest videos with product news, technical videos, references, interviews, trade show videos and much more.
Check it out here:
Interview with Fausto Incerti - RCF General Manager at the Event Elevator media site.
See the interview here.
The Low Cost Festival 2011.
During the 3 days in July the Low Cost Festival in Benidorm, Spain was visited by a lot of people and more than 50 bands playing. Highlights of this years event were acts like: Ok Go, Crystal Castles, Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed, FM Belfast, Sexy Sadie, Sidonie, Dorian, and also featuring MIKA, the only performance this summer in Spain.
The Low Cost Festival is composed by three main stages and this year the Stage number 2 was powered by RCF TT+ sound system with the following configuration:
18 x TTL55-A
9 x TTS56-A
8 x TTS28-A
6 x TTS26-A
RCF product specialist Oscar Mora was at The Low Cost Festival to provide with assistance to the Rental Company and FOH engineers.
“With an average SPL at 115dB´s and audience around 15.000 people per night the RCF TT+ system performed with excellent result the Stage 2 delivered awesome sound at this years festival. The other two stages were running with different sound systems and therefore it is great to see that the TT+ is doing absolute fantastic in this league, and well noticed by FOH´s, and especially from the artists”, says Oscar Mora.
More information about The Low Cost Festival at: www.lowcostfestival.es
RCF TT+ at the TV Show “Narodna Zirka” with Ukrainian stars
The Ukrainian PA division of Eurhythmics supplied the sound system to the fourth season of the All-Ukrainian vocal TV show “Narodna Zirka” (based on the “American Idol” concept) broadcasted on the leading TV channel “Ukrajina”.
For the last three years, millions of Ukrainians has been watching the live broadcast of this incredibly fascinating contest where the pairs, consisting of “the most popular star + common people artist” competed for winning the People’s Star title.
The fourth season was again a successfully show and one of the most watched TV shows in Ukraine.
Eurhythmics PA division have been cooperating with the “Ukrajina” broadcast channel for all the seasons of the contest and during all this period they provided sound with RCF sound equipment:
At this season several RCF TT+ Line Array sound reinforcement and compact monitors was used at the shows:
Active wideband speakers: RCF TTL33A
Active subwoofers: RCF TTS28A
Compact monitor systems: RCF Monitor44
RCF TT+ at the Ukrainian Dance Show “Maidan’s”
Registered in the Guinness Book of Records.
The 21st of May 2011 was the ending of the first season of the All-Ukrainian dance show “Maidan’s” produced by TV-channel “Inter” and for this occasion a huge Gala concert has been organized.
This project was officially rated as the most large-scaled, mass TV-show and now registered in the Guinness Book of Records.
Never in the history was the main square of Ukrainian capital so crowded by numerous spectators and contestants. In general, about 3000 people were dancing on the stage at this Gala concert event.
For the ten weeks the show was running more than six thousand of professional and amateur dancers from all regions of Ukraine competed for the main prize (1 million hryvnas= more than $ 124 000).
TV-channels from different countries broadcasted this great event and French TV-channel even took the decision to make a documentary film about the event.
Eurhythmics PA division provided the sound for ten live broadcasts and for the Gala concert.
The RCF TT+ equipment used at the TV Show “Maidan’s”
Sound Systems (Maidan Square and Khreshchatyk Street):
Dance Zone – RCF TTL55A (line array module) and RCF TTS56A (subwoofers)
Delay Line #1, #2, #3 - RCF TTL33A (line array module) and RCF TTS28A (subwoofers)
RCF at the Fukushima project
The Japanese city Fukushima became worldwide known due to the disaster brought by the earthquake and tsunami, and most of all the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant.
In order to boost the moral of the population of this area has been established a music and art festival called “Project Fukushima” that will continue on a long-term basis. musicians and poets who were born and raised in Fukushima gathered together for this very special occasion.
The Fukushima event and festival featured the musical artistry of Japanese greats like Otomo Yoshihide, Michiro Endo, and the award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.
One highlight of the event was the performance by a 300 member free-jazz "orchestra", made up of professional and amateur musicians, all playing their hearts out to show their support for the people of Fukushima.
RCF, supported by local distributor Ballad Co. Ltd. provided all sound reinforcement for the main and secondary stages. Everyone was impressed by the clarity and fidelity of the TTL55-A, which allowed the nuanced performances to be enjoyed by the crowd of nearly 3,000 people.
The equipment used for the main stage was:
8pcs. TTL55-A
4pcs. TTL36-AS
2pcs. TT22-A
2pcs. ART905-AS
2pcs. ART410-A
4pcs. NX10-SMA
4pcs. NX12-SMA
For the other stage it has been used:
8pcs. NXL23-A
8pcs. NXS21-A
2pcs. ART525-A
2pcs. ART310-A
Read more about Project Fukushima here.
RCF TT+ delivered the sound at the Fatboy Slim concert at Zrće beach.
Norman Quentin Cook better known by his former stage name Fatboy Slim, is a British DJ, big beat rapper and record producer.
He is a pioneer of the electronic dance genre that achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Cook has achieved considerable success in the UK charts, performing as Fatboy Slim and with The Housemartins, Beats International and Freak Power.
The sound system for the Fatboy Slim concert was the large RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre and was supplied by the rental company Promologistika from Croatia.
A total of 48 pcs RCF TTL55A (active line array) were used: together with 16 pcs per side (LR) + delay of 2 stacks with 6 pcs each.
Furthermore the system was also equipped with 16 pcs RCF TTS56A (subwoofers).
So the Zrće beach was packed with people listening to the Fatboy Slim concert and everyone experienced an amazing performance with loud and clear sound.
The Deichbrand Festival 2011.
The big open air festival with more than 40 bands performing for 4 days. This year the people capacity was expanded to 17,000 guests.
Based close to the North Sea in Nordholtz, the municipality in the district of Cuxhaven, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
Deichbrand Festival is famous for the musical fireworks; the music program brings together fans of different ages and different genres like rock, alternative, metal and punk with hip-hop, house, electro and pop.
This years music headliners of the show were: National artists: Die Fantastischen Vier, Guano Apes and In Extremo while the International artists were: Bullet for your Valentine, Skunk Anansie, Bad Religion and Donots.
The two stages at the Deichbrand Festival was powered by RCF TT+ sound system with a total of 500,000 watts and was a guarantee for a first class concert experience.
Configuration of the TT+ systems at the stages:
Stage 1: Waterstage
Main PA: 36x TTL33-A
Frontfill: 4x 2 TTL 31-A
Side PA: 24x TTL 31
Subs: 32x TTS28-A
Monitoring: 12x TT25SMA, 6x TTS18-A, 2x 4PRO7001 and 2x 4PRO6001
Stage 2: Firestage
Main PA 32x TTL55-A
Side PA and Front fills: 41x TTL33-A
Subs: 27x TTS56-A
Monitoring: 12x TT25SMA, 16x TTS18-A and 6x 4PRO6001
After the live shows the N-JOY Club nights took over the scene with hot danceable electronic beats with famous DJ´s such as: WESTBAM and DJ legend Boris Dlugosch Thomilla, MILK & SUGAR and local DJ's, playing their turntables all night long until the early morning hours.
More information about The Deichbrand Festival at: www.deichbrand.de
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