Peter Brander’s Media Sound upgrades the studio with RCF Mytho.
One of Denmark’s finest guitarists and one of the hardest working personalities in the music business – is one and the same person.
He produced and recorded more than a 1000 albums, more than 5000 live gigs and 42 different guitars in his collection – Peter Brander is a legend in the Danish music industry.
As producer Peter Brander has left his unmistakable fingerprints on dozens of the most well-known Danish rock classics. Peter Brander has been, and still is the indispensable sound-maker for a number of Danish rock – and pop-icons, both as a producer in the studio, as soundman by a vast number of concerts, or as guitarist and back-up singer on records or live. Furthermore he has been recorded and produced several international acts and famous for his incredible rock mixing.
It all started 34 years ago with the Rock Tape studio – a humble facility that quickly became the studio to be at if you wanted the right rock sound. The studio was pure analogue put the studio produced albums with such a clear sound that everyone actually believed that it was digital recordings.
“I have always been very keen in my choice of recording gear and have learnt to get the most out of it. With Rock Tape it was all based on old equipment and a good spirit to tweak it and get the noise away – so it sounded more modern”, says Peter Brander with a smile.
To step out of the rock image the studio changed its name to Medias Sound Studios and slightly began to upgrade the studio with additional mixing rooms and added a lot of new equipment and digital technology.
“Over the years we did more pop and jazz recording sessions but luckily we maintained our positions as one of the preferred rock recording studio and with this I took the decision to move to a brand new facility to cut down to two mixing rooms and one big recording area”, says Peter Brander.
Media Sound Studio then went through a major upgrade by adding a big SSL console to the main mixing room, lots of outboard gear and upgrading their digital recording system.
The client list at the Media Sound Studios is long and several platinum and gold records are nicely placed on the walls of the studio with artists such as: Big Fat Snake, Kashmir, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, DAD, Michael Falch, Sort Sol, Walter Trout, Erann DD, Peter Viskinde, Nikolaj & Piloterne, Royal Hunt, Outlandish, Mike Tramp, White Lion, Nerve, Innocent Blood, Rockers by Choice, DJ Encore, Seven Thorns, The North, Lars H.U.G and more.
In 2011 the Media Sound Studios was upgraded with a new mastering suite and recently installed a pair of RCF Mytho studio monitors.
”I have been searching for the right monitor solutions for the mastering suite for a long time. Tested several near field monitors without finding the right one to match and work perfectly with the old stuff we already have. Then I got recommended to try the RCF Mytho speaker and got in contact with SC Sound (Danish RCF distributor) that supplied the speakers. When I played the first track on the speakers I must say that I was extremely positive surprised. I have known the RCF brand for many years from the live stages as FOH and musician, and with a good respect – but my knowledge of their studio monitors was none. Here I was sitting and listening to speakers with such a clarity and good separation between the high, mid and low sections. Am I listening to a near field speaker I was thinking, since the sound was so powerful but still clear in all aspects. Right away I said: This is my new monitors and they are now installed at the mastering suite, and I will get some pairs to my other studio rooms for sure”, says Peter Brander.
Product specialist Lars Holm from SC Sound supplied the speakers and he also helped with the fine-tuning.
“It is inspiring to be able to deliver a modern studio monitor product to Peter Brander and his Media Sound. This studio has so much legacy and especially with the long list of professional musicians that over the years has found their way to do recordings in the studio”, says Lars Holm – SC Sound
Beside the studio work Peter Brander still finds time to perform on stage with his own repertoire, 4 solo albums have been released and the recent double album “No Compromises” has received great reviews and have praised it as one of the year's best West Coast blues releases in 2011.
With this Peter Brander will be touring in 2012 featuring musicians: Kasper Foss, Jimmy Ostbygaard, Soren Kuhle, Anne Murillo & Gry Trampedach.
“It is always a pleasure to perform on stage and as a FOH engineer I always dig into what sound system that are used on the tour. I heard the RCF TT+ system earlier this year at a demo in Copenhagen and it was impressive. The system is very compact and able to supply a high sound pressure without compromises, exactly as my new RCF Mytho speakers. So I would definitely think about this, so I can bring my studio sound on the road. I like that”, says Peter Brander.
See more about Medias Sound Studios at:
Photos: Carsten Weide
Recently FBS Lines SRL (RCF distributor, Romania) was host of a workshop and presentation of the RCF TT+ Line Array systems in Romania.
The TT+ system was composed by 16 pieces of TTL55-A & 12 pieces of TTS56-A. The location of the event was in Baia Mare, Romania in combination with a 3 days music festival, featuring several biggest Romanian artists, DJs etc.
”It was a great possibility for us to present the RCF TT+ system, and with more than 120 people performing over the days, the TT+ system was really working at is best. We did receive a lot of positive response from the different technicians, FOH engineers etc. We had 8 rental companies represented at the event and they all got possibility of working with the system and received into deep information from Emanuele Morlini, R&D Department Engineer & TT+ Product Manager, that helped us to make this event a huge success”, says Kalman – FBS Lines
Welcome to the Integrated Systems Europe 2012
ISE 2012 will be the largest professional AV and systems integration trade show ever held in Europe, bringing together manufacturers, distributors, integrators, specifiers and technology managers from over 100 countries worldwide.
The ISE Show is taking place at the Amsterdam RAI, NL. The Exhibition is from January 31st to 02nd February 2012.
The key words for this year’s ISE 2012:
See, hear, and touch thousands of innovations from over 750 exhibitors
Meet, greet, and network with new contacts from every link in the industry value chain.
Listen, learn, and share in class-leading conferences and education sessions
Meet and greet with RCF Team at the show and get a chance to hear and see more about the new products, about our innovative technologies and to learn more about the large selection of product ranges and installed sound and commercial audio solutions from RCF.
Come and visit us on Booth 7M180 in HALL 7
See more about the trade show at:
Through the decades, RCF helped to shape the development of professional speaker and with product lines such as: Art, 4Pro, Acustica, NX, TT + is one of the major players in the audio industry and very popular amongst end users.
RCF is one of the few loudspeakers manufacturers worldwide who has the ability to completely design and manufacture transducers, speaker systems, and amplification, cabinets and control electronics. Three engineering departments – acoustic, electronic and mechanical – work closely together to offer innovative projects with complete control of each detail.
Thanks to the well-known transducers technology RCF has an enormous advantage in developing a complete speaker systems achieving the perfect match between transducers and electronics.
The Art 4 series has taken a step forward with new improved features. The MK II is an improved version of the current Art 4 and features brand new designed ceramic transducers (to replace the neodymium) providing even better punch in the sound and upgraded EQ.
In developing the new drivers we have re-engineered and improved the SPL and dynamics, and reduced the harmonic distortion. The only difference you will notice with the ART4 series is the physics — while the dimensions remain the same, the weight of the enclosures has increased.
With the new Art 4 MK II series we continue our commitment to our customers to constantly improve our product series and always providing the best solution through focus on technology and innovation. This is our trademark and dates back to 1949.
See the Art 4 Series MKII at the NAMM SHOW 2012 at the RCF Booth 6563 - HALL A
The Namm Show will take place in the Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles from the 19th until the 22nd January.
Being one of the first trade show of the year 2012 it is a good opportunity for manufacturer to show the latest products range and trends that are going to have an impact on the music and on the audio industry in the coming year.
You will be able to meet the RCF Team to get the chance to discover the new products, learn more about our innovative technologies and solutions we can provide.
Come and visit us on Booth 6563 HALL A
InterBEE in Tokyo, Japan
Recently the InterBEE 2011 was held at Makuhari Messe's International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan. The InterBEE exhibition is recognized as a professional show for audio, video and communications. InterBEE has established itself as an international exhibition showcasing top-level domestic and overseas broadcast, video, audio and lighting equipment as well as peripheral applications and solutions all under one roof.
Inter BEE has developed from a broadcasting equipment show into a comprehensive media exhibition of world-class technology.
The Japanese distributor Ballad exhibited a large selection or RCF products from the broad range of the complete catalogue.
It was a busy show and both staff from Ballad and RCF people had many hands-on demos and talked with many people about the latest product news and RCF technology.
"It was the first time for RCF being at the InterBEE show with so many products like our conference systems, monitor speakers, line array and our very compact near field speakers. Many interested customers came to see us that give me great confidence that also Japan will be a fast growing market for RCF in 2012. The presence of RCF in East Asia is getting better from day to day and the investment into InterBEE of our distributor Ballad was the right decision. We already got many new contacts from the installation market and from rental companies. That's why we will definitely show up at next year's InterBEE”, says Lars Yoshiyama – Sales Manager RCF.
RCF takes a cosmic ride into Wonderland
No Saints launches new club brand in South London. No Saints, the leisure group set up by former Luminar Leisure boss Stephen Thomas, has added the Wonder brand to its growing portfolio, after acquiring four new sites in the south-east.
Known respectively as Wonder Lounge, Wonder Land and Wonder Years, the first fully-fledged nightclub (Wonder Land) opened recently in Sutton, Surrey.
Back in charge of the 900-capacity venue he once operated as Liquid, Thomas brought in Dakota House of Design (to work the Alice in Wonderland theme into an escapist nightclub interior), while Mark Damon of Cosmic Electronics renewed his company’s long relationship with RCF to provide an end-to-end sound reinforcement solution.
“We have a long and successful track record working with RCF,” he said, “and so we were 110% behind the idea of working with them on this project because we know their products are of high quality and reliable.”
Mark Damon provided RCF UK with a demanding specification, which was to provide optimum coverage of two Wonder Lounge bars, at balcony level, and the large bowl underneath (known as ‘The Bizarre’).
The sound also needed to be hybrid, and sufficiently versatile to produce not only a high impact on the dance floor but also have the ability to operate in live mode, with good speech and vocal clarity for acts ranging from burlesque and comedy, performing on the curtained stage.
The manufacturers responded by recommending the components best fit for purpose, with EQ curves relevant to each eventuality stored in the three dedicated DX4008 4-in/8-out loudspeaker management processors.
Mark Damon’s installation team was also confronted with the challenge of retrofitting the system into a surreal interior that that had already been fabricated by Dakota interior designer, Terri Naylor, who had followed a brief to dwell on the darker side of Alice in Wonderland, with large mushrooms, twisted clocks and top hats.
Impressively free of any visible wiring, one of Cosmic’s more remarkable feats has been to recess four S8028 twin 18” RCF Acustica bass reflex subwoofers into pre-existing floor furnishing, creating a cardioid array behind six mesh grilles.
Above, at balcony level, four of RCF’s corner clusters of paired RCF Acustica C5212L 2-way, 60° x 40° narrow dispersion 500W enclosures, are angled down onto the dance floor, while, strategically placed around the periphery of the venue, are 14 Acustica C3110 10” 2-way speakers and an S8015 sub provide infill sound, ensuring even coverage without hotspotting.
Eight RCF DPS 3000 Class HD amplifiers (2 x 1700W RMS / 2 ohms) have been assigned, four each to the mid-high clusters and the S8028 subs, while five RCF HPS 2500 Class H power amps (2 x 1400W RMS / 2 ohms) drive the C3110 infill speakers, with one channel powering the venue’s pre-existing ceiling speakers.
Finally, a pair of active RCF NX M10-A active mid high monitors and an ART 905-AS active sub, providing the DJ with high-class reference sound, tops off the highly specified DJ booth.
“Considering the budget spent on technology the sound is absolutely superb,” reasons Wonderland’s general manager, Jay Davidson. “It is far superior to systems I have experienced at other clubs I have worked in.” He also commended the overall standard and neatness of Cosmic Electronics’ installation.
“This integrated technology is capable of delivering a unique sound and lighting experience to what is now a new generation of clubbers, who have never been exposed to this kind of dynamic.”
And Stephen Thomas added, “No Saints is on a journey, and having talented people who understand the nightclub market makes that journey more interesting and fun. Wonderland is about pure escapism — and the versatility of the sound system has enabled us to achieve all we would have hoped for and more.”
The Triad Music Festival powered by RCF TT+
The 1st Annual Triad Music Festival was held on the 3rd of September 2011 at the NewBridge Bank Park aka Greensboro Grasshopper Stadium. The "For the Love of Music" Festival was a one-day event; the grand finale of Summer 2011, with a goal of being the largest annual, outdoor music concert of its kind in North Carolina.
With a focus on music, culture, and community, the Triad Music Fest showcased some of the best of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Indie and much more offering Greensboro and the state of NC a new experience in diversity.
The unique festival featured a well rounded line-up including artists such as well-known rapper “Lupe Fiasco”, rock band “Fuel”, country star “Lee Brice”, the Young Teens of Hip Hop “New Boyz”, “Carolina Chocolate Drops”, singer/songwriter “Hope”, indie rockers “Outasight”, and guitar driven rock-n-roll from “The Stone Chiefs”.
The sound system, supplied by Rock Quarry Production of Raleigh, NC was composed of a cutting edge new RCF TT+ line-up including 16) TTL55-A large format line array elements along with 12) TTS56-A Ultra high-end dual 21”Subwoofers.
“Everyone is always amazed by the RCF TT system’s capabilities” says Jay Holem from Rock Quarry Productions.
Rock Quarry Productions offers equipment and services for large-format concerts, theatre, corporate, worship, media, and sporting events. Their professional staff of production designers, site managers, engineers, and technicians insures that your event is spectacular. Rock Quarry Productions has used large RCF TT+ systems for many applications.
See more at:
TT+ delivers sound to the Platinum Legends Hip-Hop and R&B at the RBC Center
On December 2nd 2011 the RBC Center, home of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes, NC State Wolfpack Men’s Basketball and host of the 2011 NHL Allstar Game and numerous large events in Raleigh was transformed into the world of legendary Hip-Hop and R&B music and grooves. The concert “The Platinum Legends of Hip Hop and R&B” featured the top original pioneers of Hip Hop including: The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, Kool Moe Dee, Christopher Williams, Al B. Sure, Aaron Hall, Doug E. Fresh and more.
The cutting edge RCF TT+ sound system, supplied by Rock Quarry Productions of Raleigh NC, included 32) TTL55-A, 8) TTL33-A and 18) TTS56-A Subwoofers all software controlled by The RDNet management software.
“RCF TT55 never fails to deliver the power and performance we need to cover even the largest of rooms. The RDNet system allows us amazing detailed control of all aspects of the system in real-time.” says Jay Holem from Rock Quarry Productions.
Rock Quarry Productions offers equipment and services for large-format concerts, theatre, corporate, worship, media, and sporting events. Their professional staff of production designers, site managers, engineers, and technicians insures that your event is spectacular. Rock Quarry Productions has used large RCF TT+ systems for many applications.
See more at:
RCF shines among the stars of Russian jazz.
ARIS (RCF distributor, Russia) has presented TTL11A in Moscow famous "Teatr Estrady".
On October, 21-23 ARIS invited all its friends and partners to become a part of two unique events – a demo and a workshop of the TT+ family newcomers active column speaker array system RCF TTL11A, and the extremely compact active loudspeaker TT052-A. The event was held at the VIII International Moscow Festival of Jazz.
During all three days of festival all guests had an opportunity to enjoy the performance of different jazz-bands and well-known artists.
The performance of TTL11A was brilliant as well; both guests and professionals noted it’s authentic, balanced and clear sound.
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