The system composed by the combinations between the NX L23-A line array module and the NX S21-A and NX S25-A subwoofers offers a wide range of practical configurations to cover all aspects of system integration, which assist in the overall simple and effortless system set-up, redefining the high performance portable PA.
The system offers a truly flexible option for use starting with the basic NX L23-A paired with a sub, up to a large scale flown line array system comprising of 8 modules with subwoofers in a typical J configuration.
The models that comprise the system are:
NX L23-A – a very compact, active, two-way line array loudspeaker module that delivers 750 W power handling. Clarity, flexibility and great sound in a compact, easy to handle package;
NX S21-A – compact and powerful subwoofer equipped with the new 21” LF21N451 low frequency transducer. Deep punch, fast and accurate bass response in a package not much larger than a typical 18” sub;
NX S25-A – a vented, high output, active subwoofer system equipped with a two 15” woofers, delivering a powerful and accurate bass punch.
AM 2160 and AM 2320 are new mixer-amplifiers with 4 mic-line audio inputs on removable connectors and two switchable inputs with a rear panel gain control allowing the use of five total sources.
Both the models have identical features except for the nominal power which is 160 W for the AM 2160 and 320 W for the AM 2320. The amplifiers are Class D with switching power supply; the overall weight is extremely reduced plus they offer a wide audio bandwidth quality.
RCF is opening a new sales office in Spain. It will be based on the area of Madrid and will ensure a direct distribution and on site support to all Pro Audio Spanish Customers.
Rafael Gonzalez has joined the RCF team and will be the RCF Spain Director of Sales for the professional audio products.
Alberto Ruozzi, RCF Director of Sales, commented: “Rafael is a very high profile sales manager with a vast experience on the professional market having dealt with many brands in his career. M.I. and professional audio retailers, rental companies, installation companies, will have now access to products directly from RCF Company headquarters in Italy and, thanks to Rafael's great expertise, to an unsurpassed level of support pre and after sales”.
The new contact for RCF’s Spanish Professional Audio Clients is: RCF SPAIN SALES OFFICE Rafael Gonzales Email: Tel./Fax: +34 91 817 42 66
RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre has been chosen for the amplification system of the University Athletic Association Season 71 Opening Ceremony at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.
The UAAP Basketball Season is one of the most attended sports event in the country where teams from the best universities fight for the title. Held in the biggest indoor arena in the Philippines, the Araneta Coliseum was booming with 13,000 people screaming to cheer on their teams.
Knowing the noise levels made by the supporters, Mr. Voltair de Jesus, Technical Director of the event contacted RSL Professional Light & Sound to supply the most appropriate audio system for the performance. The system supplied was composed of 24 TTL33-A Line Array modules that provided a rich and powerful sound in every part of the dome.
Mr. Lopie Guzman of RSL Professional Light & Sound said: "I was confident about the size and quality of the system and I can say that after more than 20 years of working in this sector the RCF TT+ system made my job simpler and more efficient".
RSL Pro Audio & Lighting is one of Manila's top sound reinforcement companies carrying a vast RCF products range such as 4PRO & TT+ systems.
From the 17th to the 19th of April RCF will be showing its Commercial Audio range of products at the Demotica trade show .
The event will take place at the Lingotto Fiere exhibition centre in Turin and RCF booth will be situated in Hall 5, stand C15.
The show will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, while on Sunday it will be open from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
For further information please visit
RCF Group finalized the agreement to purchase 51% of SGM Technology for Lighting S.p.A.. The closing date for the operation is fixed for April 16th.
SGM is one of the leading companies in the entertainment and architectural lighting industry with more than 30 years of experience. The Company has a proven track record of success and counts on many prestigious references around the world. RCF Group is one of the key players in the Pro Audio business worldwide and it is currently formed by the companies RCF and AEB (which owns the brand dB Technologies). Each brand is characterized by innovative new products and continuous investments in technology.
Gabriele Giorgi, Managing Director of SGM, said: ”It is a great opportunity for us to become one of the companies of the RCF Group. Over the years we have built a very dedicated team and, together with our worldwide distribution partners, we have significantly expanded our international sales. Looking ahead we felt it was time to structure our company for a more demanding market and, being part of larger group, will provide SGM with immediate access to additional technical and financial resources. This will represent an important step forward to consolidate our leadership position, increase SGM brand visibility and assist our team in achieving future goals. An opportunity to better meet the future challenges while maintaining our company identity and historical values.”
Arturo Vicari, Managing Director of the RCF Group added: “We are extremely pleased that Gabriele and his team are joining our Group. Their dedication and passion has driven the constant success of SGM in these years. The companies in our Group have the same level of passion and dedication and we immediately found a perfect understanding between us, sharing a common vision for the future. We also share the same commitment towards high quality solutions, constant innovation and long term business relationships. SGM will continue to be focused on its existing business model, developing its own products, defining its sales and marketing strategies while benefiting at the same time from additional synergies and resources. We are very pleased to welcome SGM in the RCF Group.”
The major audio system installation at Pin Up, a bowling complex located in Bornheim, Germany has won the Sinus – Systems Integration Award in the “Entertainment” category at the 2009 Prolight+Sound show.
This major installation was completed by RCF offices in Germany, working in conjunction with Raum plus Schall.
In the bowling area, there is a high ambient noise level and consequently requirement for very good intelligibility, led Raum plus Schall to specify C3110 units from the Acustica range. A further number of C3110s were installed in the entrance.
Elsewhere in the complex, the need for a compact and fashionable modern look prompted Raum plus Schall to use equipment from the Monitor Q range. For example, the company specified MQ50C-S, MQ 50-S and MQ90-B units and RCF FLEXA modular amplifiers.
The Sinus Awards ceremony will take place at Prolight + Sound in Galleria 1 at 19.00 hrs on the 1st of April 2009.
On Saturday the 28th of February 2009 a great show took place in the Milan’s Dome square for the celebrations of the Ambrosiano Carnival, a special city’s variation of the traditional festive season. The massive square was packed with thousands of people gathered to assist to the event.
Airone Service managed all the technical aspect for the show using a complete RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre system.
The system was composed by TTL33-A line array modules, TTS28-A subwoofers, TT22-A two-way loudspeakers used as front fill and TT25-SMA stage monitors.
The line array modules were divided in 4 clusters: two main FOH and two smaller ones to amplify the sound or each side of the stage.
“We have been using TT+ products for a long time and we were absolutely confident that the system was the right choice for the show”, said Airone’s Fabio Pecis, ”in fact the first half of the show was dedicated to acting and cabaret so the voice dynamics were extremely important. The TT+ system worked at its best and the voice resulted clear and perfectly intelligible. Moreover, there was no feedback during the show, even when actors, equipped with head-set microphones, went in front of the stage with the main FOH system delivering a high volume output in order to cover all the vast area of the square.”
Digital processing The integrated digital processor is based on a state of the art 24 bit, floating point DSP running at 96 KHz sampling rate. The calculation capacity largely exceed the processing needs and the DSP is never pushed to the limit. Crossover and equalization of the 6 transducers, limiter, system presets: high pass, air absorption and cluster size corrections.
Digital power The TTL33-A is powered by a 750 watt switching power supply and 3 digital amplifiers: 500 watt mid-bass , 500 watt midrange and 250 watt compression driver. Very high output, extremely low distortion and natural sound . All the amplifiers and digital processing are housed in an aluminum extrusion external to the cabinet for best heat dissipation.
Compression drivers A new compression driver unit has been developed in RCF specifically for array applications. The best ratio between the size of the diaphragm and the overall diameter and the very small total size makes the ND1411-MT a unique driver for application in line on straight horns. TTL33-A houses 3 of them for perfect HF control.
Controlled mid-bass Two light and reliable neodymium 8”, in a band pass loading configuration, provides a tight and loud mid-bass. Thanks to a careful acoustic design the sensitivity in the 100 Hz region is almost double than typical, same size, designs.
High output midrange A fast and accurate horn loaded 8” takes care of the midrange frequencies. Powerful neodymium magnet, aluminum die cast basket, aluminum back can in direct contact to the rear plate for best heat dissipation.
Reliable mechanics Laser cut high quality steel bars and precision machining for an easy to use and reliable mechanics. Thanks to the very light weight of the cabinet building the cluster is very simple, fast and effortless.
RCF Prediction Software In order to assist with the set up procedures for the TTL33-A Line Array System, RCF has developed a complete prediction software package. The software enables a complete two dimensional simulation of the behaviour of the TTL33-A cabinets and also suggests the correct subwoofer combinations. The system curvature angles and the sound projection data are computed with maximum sound pressure levels for the given building design originally inputted. The software will allow simulations up to a maximum of sixteen TTL33-A mid-high cabinets. There is also a rigging menu which provides data for weight, centre of gravity and height of the array configuration. Rigging points and rigging hardware configurations are also computed.  
The height of the voice coil has been specifically designed to improve the excursion and linearity at very low frequencies.
The LF21N451 uses a special RCF developed carbon fibre + nylon + cellulose composite pulp which reinforces and improves the rigidity of the cone structure. The new pulp and the large triple roll surround along double silicon spider system ensure excellent control and makes the cone resistant to deformation caused by very large displacements and pressure created by the transducer’s high excursion behaviour.
A fully optimised T-pole design generate the minimum amount of flux modulation. The dual-forced air venting system provides a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression.
The LF21N451 is ideal in applications where light weight, very high BL and power handling are required. It is especially used for touring, perfect for powerful lows in horn loaded sub bass system or reflex designs.
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