Soundquest, the most important professional audio trade fair in Hungary, took place from the 3rd to the 5th of October in Budapest.
RCF showed a vast range of products in the stand of its Hungarian distributor Pako Kft , which had a great amount of visitors during all the days of the event.
Thanks to its technical staff, Pako Kft set up a special "RCF Room" with a live music stage amplified through 4PRO, ART and TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre systems. Several bands played during the show to demonstrate RCF products.
This initiative obtained a great success allowing the many people that attended the concerts to listen and test the quality of RCF professional speaker systems in a real live music context.
Giovanni Barbieri, RCF Export Area Manager commented, "we are very pleased for the work done by our Distributor. Our Brand was very well represented both visually and technically, thanks to the possibility offered to all the visitors to test the sound quality of the RCF products. We are grateful to Mr. Attila Palfi, Pako Kft CEO and Mr. Marfai Tibor, Pako Kft General Manager, for all the efforts done and for the result achieved".
RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre has been chosen for the amplification system of the University Athletic Association Season 71 Opening Ceremony at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.
The UAAP Basketball Season is one of the most attended sports event in the country where teams from the best universities fight for the title. Held in the biggest indoor arena in the Philippines, the Araneta Coliseum was booming with 13,000 people screaming to cheer on their teams.
Knowing the noise levels made by the supporters, Mr. Voltair de Jesus, Technical Director of the event contacted RSL Professional Light & Sound to supply the most appropriate audio system for the performance. The system supplied was composed of 24 TTL33-A Line Array modules that provided a rich and powerful sound in every part of the dome.
Mr. Lopie Guzman of RSL Professional Light & Sound said: "I was confident about the size and quality of the system and I can say that after more than 20 years of working in this sector the RCF TT+ system made my job simpler and more efficient".
RSL Pro Audio & Lighting is one of Manila's top sound reinforcement companies carrying a vast RCF products range such as 4PRO & TT+ systems.
The digital confernce and voting management system Forum 9000 has been installed in the Council Chamber of Banja-Luka, the second city of Bosnia Erzegovina.
Banja-Luka, as the capital of the Bsanska Krajina region, is a city with an intense political life and the RCF Forum 9000 system has been chosen for its reliability, versatility and user friendly approach.
The RCF Forum system installed comprises 30 FMS 9411 Microphone Sets, a FMU 9100 Master Unit, two FDC 9900 Dome Cameras and an FVM 9844 Switching Matrix.
The conferencing, voting and video shooting operations are controlled by the respective software: FSW 9010-C, FSW 9020-V and FSW 9030-D.
The audio of the conference is recorded by the FSW 9040-R Digital Recording Software
After last summer's Italian tour, Vasco Rossi's the technical staff have again chosen the RCF TT+ products as part of the stage monitoring system for the 2008 series of concerts. Since its first introduction to the market, the RCF TT+ High definition Touring and Theatre line has been a great success on the major international markets and conquered the elite of professionals in Italy.
Vasco Rossi's team has chosen RCF products for their new summer 2008 tour, after using them with great success during last year's tour. This renewed cooperation confirms the quality and reliability reached by RCF TT+ products, a complete range of speakers specifically designed for concerts and big events. For the "VASCO.08 Live In Concert" tour the RCF team has worked, together with stage manager Diego Spagnoli, monitor engineer Federico "Deddi" Servadei and FOH engineer Andrea Corsellini, to create he best solution in and offering the most clear and precise monitoring for the band in some of the most critic areas of the stage, as well as the 20 meters long venting bridges that spreads in to the crowd. This year the musicians now have more freedom to move around the stage and the monitoring has been designed to respond to their new needs. Products used: TT08-A + TTS12-A for the keyboards; TT25-SMA for the venting bridges.
A special dvd regarding the backstage work for the Vasco Rossi tour of 2007 has been released in Italy with the cooperation of RCF. Watch the trailer
A double RCF Forum 9000 conference system has been installed in the Prefecture and Civil Protection rooms of Vercelli (Italy).
In order to allow a stronger cooperation between the two agencies, RCF designed and built a complete audio/video connection between the two rooms, which are located in different parts of the building.
Thanks to this system it is possible to carry out simultaneous meetings when the necessity arrives.
Prefecture Room:
1 x FMU9100 Master Unit; 15 x FMS9411 microphone set; 3 x FDC 9900 dome camera; 1 x FVM 9844 Audio/video switching matrix.
Civil Protection room:
16 x FMS9411 microphone set; 1 x FMU9100 Master Unit; 2 x FDC 9900 dome camera; 1 x FVM 9844 Audio/video switching matrix.
The conferencing operations are controlled by the FSW9010-C management software, the voting operations by the FSW9020-Vsoftware and the dome camera is controlled by the FSW9030-D software.
All the operations can be digitally recorded trough the FSW 9040-R software.
RCF's training activity in Italy dedicated to the design of Emergency Audio Systems in compliance with EN 60849 (CEI 100-55) law registered a great deal of success.
I 2007 the attendance has been extremely high and the first months of 2008 confirmed the positive trend. An increasing interest in this kind of activities is also generated by the high level of knowledge provided by RCF's team.
The training activity will go ahead until November 2008 and the next seminars will take place in Brescia on the 6th of May followed by Bari on the 27th of May.
Pacha, one of the first clubs in the Sharm el Sheikh area, following year on year growth have recently decided to upgrade the sound system.
New Metro the RCF Pro distributor in Egypt suggested that the RCF TTL33-A line array modules and TTS28-A double 18' subwoofers would fit the purpose and late in 2007 the main FOH system was installed comprising of 12 x TTL33-A, 6 per side and then 4 x TTS28-A grouped together in the centre. RCF assisted with the commissioning and set-up of the system, which was handled by Greg Oliver (Product specialist in the RCF UK branch).
Oliver commented: "having spoken to the owners and walked round the vast club area it was clear that although their line array would cover quite a large area of the club this would then infringe the operating noise restrictions that have been imposed on the club. The system was designed in 3 main zones to focus sound where it was needed and this was aided given the narrow vertical dispersion of the line array modules and also to allow the owners to have total control over the various zones".
"We added small hangs of 3 x TTL33-A per side in the other 2 zones (1 being a large upper balcony and the other the pool and terrace area) and with 1 x TTS28-Aon the ground just to enhance the LF in that area", Oliver continues, " we then added some of the smaller 2 way RCF TT22-A's as fills to cover the VIP balconies behind the DJ area".
The installation is now complete and the install company commissioned the final part themselves with all the settings for the other line array zones using the RCF Shaper prediction software.
Seduction club is situated at Phukets Patong District, famous for its lively and active night life. Seduction Discotheque sets new standard for nightclubs in the area with its extravagant and high-class interiors designed to every last detail. So, when Charlie Lighting, the installer for the club, was asked for a state of the art audio system the choice was simple: RCFAcustica.
Thanks to 4 two-way, wide dispersion C5215-W loudspeakers and 2 S8028 compact, high-output bass reflex subwoofer, the sound at Seduction creates an atmosphere yet to be seen in this area.
RCF Products are distributed in Thailand by Acoustic & Lighting.
On the 11th of February the new Boeing 747 fuselage was inaugurated in the Alenia plants in Composite di Grottaglie, Italy. Many people attended at the event in which spoke also Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the Italian Industrial Association's President .
The sound system was installed by Mr. Graziano Radicci of the company Idea Concerti with the consulting of RCF for the acoustic design of the event. The huge plant, in fact, was filled with metallic structures that could damage, due to the massive reverberation of the sound, the intelligibility of the speeches. The RCF's Team went on the spot for a survey and developed, with special software, the acoustic design in order to choose the right speaker system and their its right set-up.
The TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre line of speakers, wich has been already used in various situations by Idea Concerti, was chosen for the event. The Sound System was composed by 2 clusters of 4 TTL33-A Line Array Modules each and 4 TT22-A speakers as a front fill.
Mr. Graziano Radicci said: "the system worked perfectly, offering an uniform sound dispersion in all the vast area. RCF is a company that offers a constant support, allowing its clients to operate always in the best conditions."
The TTL31A's very high output and dynamics, plus its extreme accuracy and high frequency extension, and compact size make the it an ideal tool for indoor applications, live performances and events. The TTL12AS complements the TTL31A array module, providing integrated mechanics compatible with the TTL31A array module. RCF also introduced their new ART models and 4 PRO Series.
Alberto Ruozzi, Sales Director of RCF said "This years NAMM show has been very important in strengthening RCF's presence in the vast and complex markets of the United States. We benefited from our newly designed stand, being bigger, we were able to present a much wider range of products in comparison to the past years, representing all that RCF is today, a well known and respected brand, which has consolidated its position in the world's audio market, but that is still growing and adding new clients. This is I feel, thanks to our new products with high quality and innovative 'Made in Italy technology' branding"
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