The Estonian Song Festival, one of the largest choral events in the world, has also gained international recognition as being one of the most peaceful acts of protest to gain independence in 1991. Taking place every five years in the Tallinn Festival Grounds, the four-day event coincides with the Estonian Dance Festival, in a tradition dating back to 1869 (making this year its 150th).

Part of the ritual is the Relay of the Flame, which kicks off the celebration. The flame started its journey at the beginning of June and moved around the country, finally arriving in Tallinn for the Song Festival where it was received by the mayor of Tallinn. It then travelled to the Song Festival Grounds where it burnt for the whole event in the Festival Tower.

It was for the arrival of the Song Festival Flame that Event Center, RCF’s Estonian distributor equipped the stage with eight of the popular HDL 30-A line array (four elements on each side), underpinned by a pair of RCF SUB 8006-AS subwoofers, one under each line array hang. This provided coverage for crowds of up to 300.

A further two RCF HD 12-A Mk4 speakers on tripods provided stage monitoring for the performers, which included a choir and guest speakers (including a speech by the mayor).

According to Event Center marketing manager, Taavi Kasemägi, the tradition of the Relay of the Flame dates back to 1969 and was thus celebrating its 50th anniversary. “The journey started on June 1 in Tartu and after the celebration in Raekoja plats, Tallinn—the event for which we provided sound—it moved to Kalevi stadium, where the flame for the Dance Festival was lit; it then moved to the Song Festival Grounds the next day.”

As for the successful RCF deployment, he added, “The client’s feedback was that they were delighted with the sound. Our own project manager also said the sound had been excellent in terms of all speech and choir reinforcement. The HDL 30-A was a perfect setup for the occasion.”

The flame moved through 33 parishes (from the total of 64 and made up 4000km journey), where in each parish it spent maximum of three days.
Situated in Novi Sad’s new Promenada Shopping Mall, Loft Coffee & Food Bar is the fourth in the successful Serbian chain, having built its reputation on a carefully designed offering, great location and innovative interior. To that can be added a top-quality RCF sound system.

The Loft Rooftop, as the latest operation is known, makes an immediate impression, with its striking interior complemented by unobtrusive but ever-present background music.

The sound is provided by a number of loudspeakers from the RCF Media series, supplied by Serbian distributor, AVL Projekt. Specifically it uses the RCF M601 and RCF DPS 604X 4-channel Class D amplification. Signal source is a computer, connected to the system via a Radial USB PRO sound card, with an additional RCF S5012 passive subwoofer providing low-frequency extension.


Further RCF equipment for providing sound in the garden has also been earmarked and will be installed after the siting of the pergola in the open space outside. For this purpose RCF’s IP55 weather-resistant MQ 80P-B speakers are an appropriate choice for outdoor installation.

However, the installation team faced several challenges during the fit-out. As is often the case, the installation of the sound system had to be completed to a short deadline due to the opening of the Mall itself. But with good organisation, and commitment from their colleagues in the field, AVL Projekt successfully met this challenge.
RCF has announced the appointment of Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems as its new exclusive distributor for Greece.

Sirius Sound is a newly-established company, chosen by RCF as its new strategic partner. Speaking of the new appointment, RCF sales manager Massimo Bruni, said, “We selected Sirius Sound in view of the high technical qualification of their managers, which will help RCF consolidate its primary role in the Greek market.”

RCF, which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary, boasts a wide range of products in its extensive portfolio, for applications ranging from professional audio for both rental PA and permanent installations, as well as commercial audio.

Sirius Sound's mission is to create a solid and long-term business relationship with its customers and support a nationwide network, with the desire to stand out and establish its name in the Greek market. One of its principal aims is in the field of training and seminars in Italy, through the RCF Audio Academy, where targeted seminars are conducted by specialists to promote a high level of understanding and knowledge.

Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems sales manager, Mr Giannelos, emphasises the importance of collaboration with a specialised team of experienced audiovisual engineers in being able to provide high-quality technological solutions using RCF tools.

Mr Giannelos said, “It is a great honour to co-operate with the best, aiming high to ensure that RCF broadens and strengthens the position it deserves in the Greek market through Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems.”

The new arrangement is effective from August 5th, 2019.
Olympic Stadium, Rome

The Italian rocker has just finished his Start Tour 2019 which began on June 14th with an impressive stage set up in nine Italian stadiums with his five-piece band. With a 29-year career at the top of the charts and a risky vocal chord operation just over a year ago, Ligabue returns on the stage with his electric guitar, his powerful voice, a brand new stage, and 236 RCF TT+ speakers.

The stage is 58 meters long, 22 deep. The backdrop of the stage is a mighty metal structure that supports the three LED screens that recall the two "L" of the artist's name and a huge amount of light sources to create impressive visual effects.

The sound system is RCF's trusted TT+ system, consisting of a total of 236 devices, all interconnected to the RDNet management software, now in version 3.1, that controls and monitors every component of the system.

"We have been using Ligabue's TT + system for a long time and I am very satisfied with the results we get at every concert. Since the introduction of the FiRPHASE algorithms in the DSP, the system has improved the performance even more and always guarantees me the neutral and pleasant sound I am looking for. " 

The sound system designer Emanuele Morlini describes the audio system: “The main system combines 24 TTL 55-A modules for the MAINS suspended in L & R configuration with 100 Hz cut-off frequency (total 48 modules) plus 12 TTL 36-AS subwoofer modules suspended behind the mains in L & R configuration. Operating in a range of frequencies between 60 and 100 Hz (total 24 modules), they are able to extend coverage on low frequencies over the entire listening area." Twenty TTL 55-A modules have been set up to extend the coverage up to 180° on the Left and Right sides (total of 40 modules).
Swedish rental company, Johan & Johan Ljud & Ljus, provides a total event technology package from its base in Sölvesborg — and for the past few years the company has progressively turned to RCF for its sound requirements.

Run by directors Johan Andersson and Johan Hallberg they started out in 2010 and soon invested in RCF’s ART series (ART 312-A). “After the success of that system we decided to look for further RCF solutions,” said Johan Andersson.

The company then graduated to RCF NXL 24-A point source column speakers. Explaining the rationale, Andersson said, “We decided to buy the NXL 24-A because it’s a speaker that we can use on many different types of event—both small and even some larger events.”

But the company was far from finished with RCF. “We decided to step up to the HDL-30 when we started receiving more inquiries to handle bigger types of event,” he continued. “We visited Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt and listened to the HDL 30-A rig, which was on demo, and were happy with the sound.” Before making the purchasing decision they reviewed other brands “but we thought the sound [of the HDL 30-A] was amazing, plus it was a very flexible system and easy to rig.”
Hip-hop is booming on a global scale. During the first edition of the hip-hop producers conference “beatcon” in Düsseldorf (Germany) and gathering in workshops, panels and live performances, the pros of the hip-hop producers scene passed on their knowledge about hip-hop. Beatcon took place for the first time this year and sees itself as an information platform around the production of hip-hop music focusing especially on the technical aspects. Italian sound reinforcement specialist RCF, who supported the event not only as a sponsor but also with the equipment, took care of the sound. On both stages and during the workshops and master classes beatcon trusted in an HDL 30-A line array system, several SUBs, and TT MKII modules.

During this first edition of beatcon, taking place in the event location Boui Boui Bilk, the top producers of the scene showed their skills and workflows on two stages - from producing the beats, vocal recording, vocal editing, sampling to studio and live mixing. The culmination of each day was a live performance by an artist on the SNIPES Stage. The event offered a very versatile program that required a PA able to reproduce a wide variety of formats, sounds and situations flexibly. Therefore beatcon chose equipment from RCF. 

Event service provider Tontechnik Kaufmann with owner Christofer Kaufmann used an HDL 30-A line array system for the SNIPES Stage. 7x HDL 30 modules were placed on 2x SUB 9007-AS (in cardioid mode) left and right of the stage. Additionally, 3x SUB 9007-AS were at the centre before the stage. Two RCF TT 22-MKII served as sidefills. The artists on stage used TT 25 SMA monitor wedges. Because of the event’s concept, with live performances, workshops, discussions and dialogues, the event organisers required a PA that delivers perfect results both in terms of music reproduction and speech intelligibility. During the event, the HDL 30-A system and the entire audio installation showed their flexibility and high-performance.
The Uno Maggio “Free and Thinking” concert in Taranto (Italy) took place, as in previous years, with the spectacular backdrop of the Archaeological Park of the Greek Walls. Dozens of artists alternated on the stage from the early afternoon, including Max Gazzè, Elio, Malika Ayane, Colle der Fomento, CorVeleno, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Bugo, and Vinicio Capossela.

The entire RCF audio system was supplied by Francesco Epifani of the Phoenix Service, who describes the set-up: “The audio configuration for the event consists of a TTL 55-A vertical array of 16 modules per side and a TT55-A array side consisting of 10 modules per side. On the ground, stage front, were 36 TTS 56-A subwoofers in eight groups of three in line, in a cardioid configuration. For an even distribution of low frequencies over the entire field, the drivers have been distributed with a digital arc with an aperture of 110 degrees. ”Six TTL 33-A were also added as front-fill on the front profile of the stage.” 

Epifani continues “The venue is very long, so we added two delay towers, each consisting of six TTL55-A. The distance of the first tower from the main stage is about 55 meters. Regarding the distribution of the signals, I received a pair of stereo signals from the FOH mixer and a pair of stereo signals from the second mixer used as a ‘service line’. I also added a mono analog backup signal from both the FOH mixers. These were all transported via a Galileo 616 that I use as the main matrix and from which I send six signals to two Drive Racks placed under the main system via analog transport (Main Left, Main Right, Side Left, Side Right, Sub, Front Fill)."

The delay towers were controlled by a single drive rack that received two mono signals, one for each tower. The whole system was managed through an RCF Control8 which allows monitor and control of all the speakers via RDNet. All the processing of the audio signal such as delays, equalization and other interventions, was also carried out via RDNet.
When Oakham School, a historic independent co-educational school that dates back to the 16th century, wanted a new sound system for its Queen Elizabeth Theatre they approached Pearce Hire, from whom it had rented gear in the past, for advice. 

That was six months ago, and the result has been the installation of an RCF compact HDL 6-A by the Peterborough based company in this 220-seat drama theatre, complete with fixed raked seating.

Powered by a 1400W 2-channel class-D amplifier this compact, active line array, packed with RCF’s purpose designed transducers, was a logical recommendation, meeting all requirements for vocal intelligibility and with a high dynamic for live and recorded music. Said Andy Howling, who heads up Installation and Sales at Pearce Hire, “The previous system sounded tired, coverage was poor and it was no longer fit for purpose. They needed to upgrade.” Theatre technician Phil Norton agreed. “It was time to replace our current system and we wanted something that would be suitable for big musicals and a system that would reflect the excellent standard of our theatre productions.”
Exclusive restaurant chain IZAKAYA, which maintains several locations in Europe, offers a high-class and sophisticated Asian cuisine and combines it with a bar concept setting new standards continuously. Offering an exquisite gastronomic experience combined with various events IZAKAYA is a true hotspot in Amsterdam. At the beginning of 2019, IZAKAYA renewed its audio system and installed 12 C3108-96 modules in Custom White. The Dutch audio specialist 24/7 Amsterdam was responsible for the technical implementation.

The C3108 is an extremely versatile, unobtrusive, full-range 2-way loudspeaker system that integrates perfectly into the atmosphere of the IZAKAYA. With its wide dispersion angle, remarkable performance and efficiency, it offers a wide range of professional applications and is perfectly suited for the mixed use of the location. Due to its compact size, it is predestined for unobtrusive wall mounting or ceiling installation. The system delivers perfect sound and high performance without acting in the foreground within the location - just the way it should be. The mixed use of the IZAKAYA location in Amsterdam as a restaurant, bar, enriched with many events, including live music, demands a lot of flexibility talking about the sound system.
RCF USA, together with On-The-Road Marketing, have the ULTIMATE live demonstration experience planned and you're cordially invited!

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019
Wednesday July 24th, 2019

508 WEST 37 ST
NEW YORK, NY 10018

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019 (7-10pm)
RCF USA // LIVE IN NYC // 2019 starts with an evening of amazing music and great sound! Join us for an informal gathering of live music from 5x Best of Westchester Winners, NAKED SOUL, showcasing three complete RCF HDL line array systems. If you’d like to attend and hear this showcase performance, select the “RCF Show Admission” ticket when you register. When your registration is approved, please have your confirmation with you when you arrive at SIR studios. Food and drinks will be provided. (21 and older. Street parking and travel fees not included.)

Wednesday July 24th, 2019 (9:30am - 5pm)
We continue RCF USA // LIVE IN NYC // 2019 with a day of system demonstrations, lead by our product expert and VP of Sales and Marketing, Tarik Solangi. First demo starts at 10am, with additional demos at Noon, 2pm and 4pm. This is a great way to hear various RCF system configurations in an open and controlled environment. We’ll have sales and technical staff available to answer your questions. When your registration is approved, please have your confirmation with you when you arrive at SIR studios. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day. (Street parking and travel fees not included.)

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