Eyewear giant OPSM (Luxottica overseas) recently opened the first of a series of concept stores in Melbourne's Hawthorn. The venue, shaped like a giant eyeball is laden with cameras and touch screens allowing customers to try on sunglasses and take photos of themselves.
Prolight and Sound fitted the venue and lead designer Jonathan Sinclair decided that using RCF speakers was a winning solution.
RCF MQ 50 and RCF PL60 ceiling speakers were mounted throughout the store and the main body of the retainer space was fitted with suspended RCF MQ 60 speakers.
OPSM were delighted with the results as the venue sound great and the speakers are not intrusive to the architecture of the space.
This is the first of several OPSM concept stores to be rolled out throughout Australia.
When it came to equipping the new building for the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in Riyadh City, the winning combination was RCF, with over 60 years’ experience in audio systems design, and KHALDI EST, who themselves boast 40 years of operation in the field of auditorium AV and low-current systems. The two leading companies have been working together for the past seven years in many successful projects.
The MOHE building is considered to be one of the major projects in the new era development in Saudi Arabia. KHALDI EST specialises in delivering turnkey projects and, as the new MOHE building requirements called for cutting edge technology, the latest products from RCF were specified. The Ministry auditorium was designed to seat 850 people, and, part of the A/V system design, was to link the main auditorium with the Ministerial office (and other meeting rooms) within the building facility via LAN — plus the possibility to communicate via internet broadband with other remote locations.
The acoustic sound calculation and measurements were based on the latest RCF L2406 full range, highly intelligible, compact two-way speaker column arrays, with vertical controlled directivity. Designed for speech and music reproduction, L 2406 is suited for a variety of fixed applications where the critical acoustical environment or architectural constraints requires controlling the vertical acoustic dispersion.
Handling the low end extension is a S4012 subwoofer, with system optimization provided by an RCF DX4008 4-in/8 out digital loudspeaker management system. Supplying the power are RCF’s HC2000 2x 1000W Class H amplifier and HC1600 2 x 800W Class H amplifiers.
KHALDI EST also installed the latest RCF FORUM 2000 simultaneous translation system, with four-language set up and 200 delegate units. Included in this system were the STU2200 digital radio transmitting unit, FMU 9100 central unit conferencing system, SIS2411X interpreter console, SHI2612 interpreter headphones, SDR2599 100-channel simultaneous translation pocket receiver, SRH2601 stethoscope headphones and other accessories.
“We have been specifying RCF components from the moment we started our business co-operation, and for this installation, which required high speech intelligibility and simultaneous translation, RCF had perfectly matched components,” stated installation project team leader (and executive manager), Engr. Amer Alkhaldi, who was assisted by project manager, Dr. Engr. Mohammad Fouad. “We highly recommend RCF components to clients on all applications, whether small, medium or large.” In fact the latest project to adopt RCF is the newly-approved King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh.
5000 units of TTL33-A line arrayWhen RCF revealed the news of the TTL33-A compact 3 way line array model from RCF, it was extremely well accepted from the industry. It quickly became the “mini array that sounds bigger - even in a compact design”
Since the introduction the TTL33-A has been used in lots of applications from local live events to touring and several fixed installations. Professional users, such as rental companies have several times mentioned the TTL33-A as a very powerful tool and highlighting features, such as: Superb compact size, the sound quality, the weight and the ease of configuration and setting up a system.
With the technical features, the design and flexibility of the product, the TTL33-A is popular and has a demand from the end-users, and this has given the product its own award, namely the unit No 5000 is supplied, and this is a milestone for this model.
“With 5000 units working in professional applications world wide is a great step for our TT+ segment. We have been listening a lot to the market segment when we designed the “mini array”, and it looks like the we have targeted the TTL33-A at the right position, when we look at how popular it is, and to see that it still is gaining its position in the market”, says Alessandro Manini - Director of Research and Development
The TTL33-A model comes from the series of Touring and Theatre product segment from RCF designed to match the needs for audio professionals. In this segment RCF are one of the major players worldwide with a range of speaker systems combined with dedicated processing and amplification technologies that are superior in acoustic performance and control technology.
The Night Of The Prog Festival took place in early September for the fifth time at Loreley, Germany’s most beautiful open-air festival venue. For the fifth edition of this well-established prog festival, the keyword was the birth of neo prog. That is the reason why the festival scheduled six British bands representing this music style, including Pallas, Twelfth Night, Galahad, Solstice, and Marillion. For the F.O.H setup, the event’s organizers used RCF TTL55-A and TTS56-A systems from Session Veranstaltungstechnik.
The 2010 edition of the famous Deichbrand festival took place near Bremen in Germany from the 16th to the 18th of July. A great cast of international acts, headlined by US band Papa Roach, attracted thousands of people from all over the Country.
Thanks to their power and reliability, RCF TT+ active systems have been choose for the fourth time to amplify this huge event.
In the 2010 edition, adding to the TTL33-A and TTS28-A, the new large venues TTL55-A line array and TTS56-A high power subwoofers have been used.
Stage monitors TT25-SMA and TT45-SMA have been used on stage, 4PRO 7001 A-MH and 4PRO 7001 A-BA systems have been deployed as side fills.TTL31-A and TTL33-A in stacking configuration have been used as front fill.
The quality and reliability of RCF transducers is legendary. The 4 new coaxial designs that are now available make no exception: state of the art engineering and manufacturing, high quality and innovative materials ensure the best performance for a wide range of applications.
The new coaxial transducers feature a lightweight neodymium magnetic structure, excellent linearity and high efficiency. The design is powered from a large sized single neodymium ring magnet that provides an extremely high flux density and BL factor. The new hyper-vented aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat dissipation and lower power compression. Special air-forced ventilations are provided for voice coil, magnet assembly and basket.
All the models, except the CX12N351, feature a 2.5" voice coil combined with a strength fibreglass former and aluminium wire that drives the mid-bass cone with high efficiency and a good extension. The 1.75" dome compression driver loaded to a conical waveguide, provides a clear vocal output and a perfect high frequency extension.
The mid-bass section of the CX12N351 features a 3.5" inside/outside voice coil design that provides a very high power handling. Thanks to an integrated demodulation ring, the mid bass section gets a fastest time response and lower distortion. The compression driver uses a 2.5" diaphragm with a 1.4" throat. The diaphragm and suspension are formed from a 0.05 mm pure titanium. provides an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. It is powered from an integrated high power neodymium magnetic structure that guarantees high dynamic and sensitivity for both components.
The new coaxial transducers are the perfect lightweight solution for vocal applications, stage monitoring, compact 2-way reflex enclosures and designs where a constant radial directivity pattern is a requirement.
CX15N251 15", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX12N351 12", 3.5", 1.4", 2.5", 900/180 W program, 450/90 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX12N251 12", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX10N251 10", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER
Come to visit us from the 12 to the 15 of September at the ISCE PAVILLION on booth 15 where the RCF staff will show its Commercial Audio and Installed Sound new products.
Each side of the main F.O.H included seven TTL33-A line array modules. Four TTS56-A subwoofers were added to fill the Live Music Hall with generous and consistent lows down to the deepest octave. The monitoring system on stage included eight TT25-SMA wedges.
On the 24th of April 2010, the largest student relay race in the World, the Batavierenrace was held in the Netherlands. The race is over 177 km from Nijmegen to Enschede, divided into 25 stages (17 men's stages and 8 women's stages) varying from 3.3 km to 11.2 km. More than 300 teams (which means more than 7,500 students) participate in this race. This number of participants gave the event a mention in the Guinness Book of Records.
Skyfly in Hengelo (a local RCF dealer) supplied in cooperation with Konitech all the sound systems for this event. At the finish in Enschede a stack of TTL33-A line arrays situated on TTS28-A subwoofers supplied the audience with a clear broadcast of the event. Anywhere around the track the sound was heard clearly with no differences in volume and the organizers of the event were very pleased with the audio system. RCF H-410/Thorn speakers projected the sound over the entire university area.
After the race there was a big party with more than 6 locations all powered by RCF speaker systems.
Bastille (Dance): NX M15-A and TTS28-A subwoofers
Agora (Red Bull Dance): 4PRO 7001-A and 4PRO 8003-AS subwoofers
Outdoor (Grolsch Green Light District): NX L23-A, NX S21-A, NX S25-A and Art 725-A (sidefill)
Mensa (lounge club chillout): TT22-A and 4PRO 8003-AS subwoofers
Theatercafe (band): Art 712-A and ART 905-AS subs
At all locations RCF Art 310-A and Art 312-A were used as monitor speakers.
From the 10th to the 13th of June, RCF’s new large format active line array system reinforced the huge World Ducati Week 2010 celebration at the Misano Adriatico motor circuit – where the World Moto GP championship runs once a year. 60.000 “Ducatisti” coming from all over the world gathered to celebrate one of the Italian’s excellence in motorbikes manufacturing and racing.
The event was conceived by MAC Group, an agency specialized in the design of motor events, while the technical part, managed by Nicola De Angeli, was handled by rental companies Giochi di Luce Servizi s.r.l. and Audio s.n.c. that provided a large sound system composed of TTL55-A line array modules and TTS56-A subwoofers for the shows.
FOH Engineer Francesco Arzani and PA Manager Daniele Valvassori were immediately comfortable with the new larger format RCF system.
“Everything worked out perfectly” Mr. Valvassori said, “the new TTL55-A arrays allowed us to cover a vast area very evenly and both the technical staff and the bands were really enthusiastic about the sound!”
Stage monitoring was taken care of using the TT25-SMA coaxial stage monitors. “The sound’s quality on the stage was really excellent” monitor engineer Cristian Merli said, “These monitors are able to withstand a really high sound pressure level without losing the definition, a feature that artists really need in such a big stage”.
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