When Konya was under consideration as one of the host cities for a future European Championships to be held in Turkey, construction of a brand new UEFA-compliant stadium was proposed.
While original plans set a capacity of around 33,000 seats, this was later upgraded to 42,276 seats — divided over two tiers, with an additional 50 VIP boxes — and the new facility, based in Selçuklu, will now provide the club Konyaspor KR with a state-of-the-art stadium for home matches.
Asimetrik, the Turkish-based distributors and AV system integrators, were awarded the contract to provide a network-based professional grandstand PA system, as well as broadcast infrastructure system, not only compatible with UEFA requirements (but also FIFA and IAFF). They also designed and supplied a PA/VA emergency evacuation system, C.I.S. infrastructure as well as full conference and visual presentation tools for conference, press and meeting rooms. All design, supply, installation and commissioning were undertaken by Asimetrik, who turned to RCF’s Acustica H Series as their primary sound source.
To ensure such seamless acoustic design and installation, Asimetrik worked alongside main contractor, Saridaglar Construction Company and engineers from the Konya Municipality from the very beginning to design a seamless acoustic environment. Led by their project manager, Burak Bayrak, they designed a number of unique solutions, using EASE Simulations to visualise the optimum distribution of sound to the seating areas, using the predictive software to set correct splay angles of the RCF loudspeakers and predict the performance with absolute precision.
Turker Baran, Asimetrik’s Acoustical Design Engineer, and Burak Bayrak knew that the RCF solution was a proven model, having been inspired by the installation at Juventus Stadium in Torino. “The H Series is also a perfect fit for this stadium — in terms of both power and dispersion,” says Mr. Bayrak. “RCF’s technical project team partnered us to design the system for Konya. RCF is a unique and well-established brand with a very strong history, and as a partner for 14 years we are delighted to be their distributor.”
RCF Acustica H1315 WP loudspeakers were used for the network-based professional grandstand address system. Asimetrik specified 96 pieces of RCF Acustica H1315 WP loudspeakers, a three-way full range loudspeaker that incorporates a 15in LF transducer, a 10in cone MF transducer and 1.4in exit titanium compression driver. These are mounted in double clusters across 48 rigging points, with a 12-metre distance between each cluster.
But installing the speakers on the catwalks had been something of a challenge. “We worked in coordination with the roof design officials to ensure safe installation and weight distribution, and we installed the clusters beneath the catwalk,” continues Mr. Bayrak.
The stadium exceeds the minimally required SPL set out by UEFA. Burak Bayrak stressed, “Our standard is based on the UEFA 2020 criteria for this stadium. Konya Torku Arena has an STI value of 0.8 — which is an excellent speech transmission index value.
After installation, NTI Audio XL2 Hand Analyzer (IEC 61672-1 Electroacoustics), NTI Audio Minirator MR-Pro Tone Generator, NTI Audio MA220 Type 1 Measurement Microphone and Norsonic type 1251 Sound Calibrator products were used for measurements and calibration.
The solution Asimetrik designed also included RCF loudspeakers for the main sound system, meeting rooms, and press room. Every audio product was carefully selected as being best fit for purpose, and for ease-of-use in multi-purpose situations.
Finally, to meet the UEFA specified media requirement, hybrid fibre cables, HD signal transmission cables, and digital audio cables were used along with an industry standard network audio infrastructure to control, process and distribute the sound. This also allowed Asimetrik to connect the main bowl system and PA/VA together, and have the stadium covered on a single site-wide network.
“Designing a system which is fully compliant with UEFA standards was very complex, but the RCF products were exactly what we needed to make it work,” concludes Mr. Bayrak. “The RCF H1315 sounds quality is superb and the system is extremely compact as well. A number of matches have already been played and we have had very positive feedback.”
“Uniting audiences with stimulating and high quality sound is a careful process especially at stadiums that are designed to be compliant with UEFA standards,” emphasises Gorkem Celikbilek, VP of Asimetrik. “The process incorporates a combination of experience and an obsessive attention to detail. We truly understand of the importance of sound quality. Our highly experienced team expertly analysed the properties of each space and we are extremely happy with the results.”
When Dave Ong set up Panache Audio Systems in Rochester, Kent, 17 years ago, RCF was one of the first brands he invested in.
He had run RCF rigs in his previous life as a DJ, and today — with his wide roster of production work complementing installation projects in the educational sector, he has recently invested again.
This time Panache has added eight elements of HDL10-A, the electronically processed, scaled down version of RCF’s groundbreaking HDL20-A active line array. And as an experienced sound engineer, he knew that by adding six of RCF’s SUB8004-AS (single 18in) enclosures he could create a cardioid broadside array to steer the low frequencies exactly where required in any situation.
Ong explains, “I had been looking for a mid-sized PA for sometime but there was just nothing suitable. The HDL20-A was a great box, but a bit too big for our purpose. But then the HDL10-A came out, which ticks all the boxes and fits into the price bracket.”
Housed in a stylish composite cabinet, this compact system is notable for its purpose designed transducers, 1400W peak power amplifier and DSP controlled input section (with selectable presets). “It’s a great system and I’m really enjoying using it,” states Dave Ong. “In fact it’s out on duty all the time".
“Because RCF make their own drivers the sound is incredibly hi-fi: people talk about the clean clinical top end is and how they can hear the separation and definition in the instruments.
“It’s also extremely powerful. In fact we’ve been using it in situations where we would previously have used our main large-scale PA system!”
Finally, he confirms, it’s an easy system to ground-stack or fly. “The way all the boxes link together with the built in bracketry is really straightforward and we can simply wheel in four cells at a time on the dollies, straight into position".
Dave Ong also gives himself even greater control by splitting the system, using a two-way analogue crossover to enable him to lift the bottom end via a separate aux in the mixing console. “That way, we get even more versatility,” he says.
And so the system joins a hire stock which also includes RCF’s big-selling ART series loudspeakers and P1108-T, weatherproof, wide dispersion and high quality 100V line system, popular at the annual ‘Winter Wonderland’ ice rinks.
Speaking of versatility, Panache Audio Systems also operate two outdoor mobile stage units, providing the client with a complete concert package, while Dave Ong also conducts regular workshops “to get kids interested in production at an early stage”.
Future RCF users perhaps?
Die in Föhren bei Trier ansässige Firma Triacs GmbH zählt mit mehr als 25 Festangestellten und über 1.000 Veranstaltungen pro Jahr zu den führenden Event-Dienstleistern im Südwesten Deutschlands.
Im Zuge des kontinuierlichen Wachstums wurde der Bestand an Pro-Audio Produkten der RCF High Definition Touring + Theatre (TT+) Serie auf nahezu 100 Lautsprecher deutlich erhöht. Dabei wurden die TT+ Line-Array Systeme TTL33-AII/ TTS36-A, TTS18-A sowie die komplette Range an Zwei-Wege Systemen TT 052-A,TT1-A, TT2-A und TT5-A bis hin zum Bühnenmonitor TT25-SMA angeschafft.
Udo Treimetten und Mario Esch, Geschäftsführer der Triacs GmbH sowie Kai Becker Abteilungsleiter Pro Audio dazu:
"Wir haben uns entschlossen den Bestand an Produkten des Herstellers RCF als weitere Pro Audio Marke in unserem Hause deutlich zu erweitern. Entscheidende Punkte dafür waren die gute Audioperformance und Verarbeitung der Systeme. Alle Lautsprecher sind Aktiv und beinhalten neben DSP und Amp auch RD-Net-Netzwerkkarten und sind somit auch in großen Beschallungssystemen individuell und flexibel steuer- und kontrollierbar.
Die RCF-Produkte ermöglichen es uns durch Ihr sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis unseren Kunden das komplette Spektrum an Audiowerkzeugen zu sehr interessanten Preisen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Dies ist im heutigen Rental-Business extrem wichtig, um wirtschaftlich arbeiten zu können. Nicht weniger wichtig für uns war auch der sehr gute und reaktionsschnelle Service aus Köln.“
Dazu Arne Deters, Geschäftsführer dBTechnologies Deutschland, RCF-Vertrieb in Deutschland:
“Die Firma Triacs ist für uns seit Jahren ein wichtiger Partner. Beide stehen wir an einem ähnlichen Punkt der Entwicklung. Stetiges gesundes Wachstum und einen ausgezeichneten Namen zeichnen beide Unternehmen aus.
Wir freuen uns mit Triacs einen weiteren großen User in unserem TT+ Netzwerk begrüßen zu können.“
The new Audi Arena Györ, described as “the newest and most modern hall in Hungary”, has been equipped with a major RCF system.
According to the Italian company’s Hungarian distributor, Chromasound Ltd, this 5,500 capacity multifunctional sports hall is without comparison when it comes to speech intelligibility — thanks largely to the work undertaken by their integration partner, G-Sound Ltd.
Jozsef Gricz was their system designer, working in cooperation with Laszlo Suto, and they specified 40 Acustica C5212-96 two way full range enclosures, with narrow 90° x 60° coverage pattern. These surround the sports field on all four sides in 20 clusters of two, hung from above. The speakers are faced on the upper (fixed) and lower (mobile) part of the audience area — with the underneath enclosures installed horizontally with rotated horns, on unique designed certified consoles.
Said G-Sound’s Jozsef Gricz “We’ve defined the distances from the seats and between the clusters, taking into account the horn opening angles, to ensure that this met our requirements.”
The 20 clusters are divided into eight zones, with the upper and lower speakers managed independently. The system is optimised via two dedicated RCF DX 4008 4-in/8-out digital loudspeaker management system, feeding 16 outputs. An amplification room is stationed in each of the four corners, with each position housing five IPS 3700 amps, RCF’s powerful 2-channel amplifier. The speakers are always driven from the closest amp rack to minimise cable losses (and compensate for other issues).
In addition to the installed and mobile PA for the arena, G-Sound Ltd also provided the entertainment system for the VIP areas and the multizone public address system.
Chromasound project manager Imre Makkay was supported by Andor Furjes (of aQrate Ltd), who masterminded the acoustic design of the Arena and assisted with control measurements. Explained the former, “The sound system was designed to deliver good tonality and goes sufficiently deep to fulfill the musical requirements on its own, or alternatively it can be matched with additional subwoofers, if extra low end is required.”
The Speech Transmission Index (STI) target was 0.5 with the arena full. At the first test, the Index’s average was measured as STIPA 0.51 in the worst conditions (all zones, but in an empty arena), and STIPA 0.68 with just one zone on (the arena still empty). “Of course, these values will improve when there is an audience,” notes Jozsef Gricz, “ and we are happy that we have met our target."
“The system can produce 98 dB LAeq and 113 dB LC peak levels at the listener positions, so it has enough headroom over the background noise."
“The overall frequency response is extremely flat (within ±3 dB from 50 Hz to 16 kHz), and the biggest difference is less than 12 dB on a specified frequency. So every spoken word and every sung note can reach its destination with complete clarity.”
He added, “Our main goal was to cover all seating with the same sound quality with the sound projected only where we want it to be. In real life the specifications have been verified, and the system delivers smooth transition between the different coverage areas.”
He added that different presets had been stored in the DSP, both with and without the use of the lower speaker, for when the mobile seats are not in use.
The public address system was also created from RCF loudspeakers and electronics ( ZM2100 system with UP series amplifiers, MQ80P, DP4, HD210T, PL60 speakers) with the public concourse and corridor areas, as well as changing rooms, divided for 10 zones. Its function is to broadcast the same music programme as in the Arena, and to make some calls for team players.
The Arena sound is also fed to the VIP area, where G-Sound Ltd has installed RCF Media Series with local sources (RCF MS1033), mixing (RCF L-Pad series) and amplification (RCF IPS 700 series).
Feeds to the system include announcers’ mics, interval music from playback devices and live music. There is a technical room where all the source selection, mixing (via Yamaha LS9-16) and routing take place. This can be fed by a mobile Dante stage box from several locations on the field and in the stands when a live
The new system made its debut in November at the Women’s EHF Handball Championships where Chromasound reports that everything worked perfectly.
The company has worked with RCF for the past four years. Summing up, Jozsef Gricz said, “It was a pleasure to work with Acustica series horns. In relation to the sound system there is no other comparable sports or multifunctional hall in Hungary that gives you the same audio experience from an installed sound system. Everybody wants to see and hear what has been achieved up in Györ".
RCF strengthens its efforts in preventing manufacturers to use copies of RCF transducers. The RCF reputation of good quality and reliable products is at risk due to the widespread copies of our transducers. It was discovered by our distributor of transducers, LDH Audio, that a direct Chinese OEM customer of RCF used copies, for that we implemented counter measures.
I. Verification of RCF serial numbers RCF serial number can be verified on our web site in the section of “Products”, then “Product Registration”
II. Registration of products Once a product is registered (please follow the steps described in the product registration) and you verify the serial number, you will get the message that this product has been registered already. This will avoid using existing RCF serial numbers by other parties.
III. Legal measures If RCF discovers that a manufacturer produces or uses RCF copies we will start legal measures against them.
Once any party finds out fake RCF transducer copies, you may contact immediately our distributor for transducers in China, LDH Audio. Together with LDH Audio, we will continue to fight against this issue in China.
Security Essen is the world's most important trade fair for security and fire prevention. The event will take place at the MESSE Essen from September 23rd to 26th.
RCF will be part of Security Essen show and you can visit us at Hall 5 - Stand #236 to find out more about our new range of products EN-54 compliant.
Take a look at RCF EN54 compliant products here or visit the Security Essen Website here.
We look forward to see you!
With BPM: DJ and Electronic Music Production Event co-locating with the newly formed PRO: Audio and Lighting Technology Show at Birmingham’s NEC (September 13-15) RCF has opted to increase its presence in order to feature a wider representation from the Italian company’s extensive portfolio.
Exhibiting on stand #G1, RCF UK’s Phil Price states, “We have traditionally fared well at BPM among the DJ community; but we welcome the addition of PRO as it exposes our new portable/touring and install portfolio to an entirely new segment. This will give us the best of both worlds.”
Among the popular series on display in the LIVE range will be the evergreen ART, D-Line and NX series. But visitors will be especially keen to hear the new Evox portable column speakers, which will be on demonstration in the PA Experience, along with the stunning new ART745A.
The former are represented in the pole-mounted EVOX 5 and EVOX 8 which set out to exceed the performance and portability of all competitive products in this class. In fact RCF believes this series will be the most important product to be added to the new ‘Live Sound’ catalogue this year. The latest ART745-A 15in active speaker, which replaces the previous flagship ART725-A, contains a mighty 4in voice coil and 1400W (peak) capability … making it possibly the largest voice coil ever seen within a composite enclosure in this class.
RCF caused a real surprise at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight+Sound by breaking from their core business to launch a new range of L-PAD mixers. At PRO, L-PAD can be seen with the innovative expansion cards, designed to be installed in any of the products bearing the Expansion slot, to allow internal MP3 and Bluetooth devices to be added.
There will also be examples from RCF’s extensive TT+ (Touring & Theatre) series — both at the booth and in the PRO demonstration area, while there will also be plenty for installation contractors, with The Media and Acustica ranges, along with the new IPS range of installation amplifiers.
Media is a complete series of general purpose full range and sub enclosures, working upwards from the ultra-compact 5in speaker, after which the versatile Acustica range takes over for more potent sound reinforcement requirements. The IPS series is a range of two-way professional amplifiers that combines high quality performance and reliability with the latest power amplifications technologies.
The ART 745-A it’s a unique product in its category. The titanium dome, 4.0” voice coil neo compression driver offers a unique vocal clarity and sound projection. The 15” neo woofer offers an extremely linear response and a precise, deep low frequency control. The transducers are built in RCF factory in Italy using the most advanced assembly technologies. The amplifier delivers 1400 Watt and is controlled by a DSP that takes care of crossover, equalisation, phase alignment, soft limiting and speaker protections.
The very compact size, no compromise transducers and a unique composite cabinet design make the HDL 10-A the perfect tool in many situations. Ideal in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situations. The HDL 10-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must. The system is powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2 way digital amplifier, sound is processed from a powerful DSP.
EVOX SYSTEM is a portable compact size sound reinforcement system. It combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers with a very high amplification power. The system features five or eight 2.0” full range transducers in the line source satellite and a deep sounding 10” or 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. The system is designed to be the perfect high output solution for live music and DJs. The unique vocal attitude and SPL make EVOX the perfect tool for larger presentations, corporate events and congresses.
RCF L-PAD is a line of compact but high performance audio mixers with enhanced flexibility. The elegant and modern Italian design completes the appeal of these indispensable tools in any live audio application — from the performance of a rock band or a jazz quartet, to supporting a conference room or a media centre rather than a museum or library. The models are distinguished by an uncompromising audio quality, by the presence of compressors in seven of the models and internal multi-effects in five of the models, all in a compact layout with an accurate Italian design.
RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre represents true high definition audio quality solutions with the very latest technology in transducer development plus new generation Class D digital active amplification and ‘DSP' (Digital Sound Processor) for big live concerts, events, fixed theatre installations and stage monitoring. The TT+ line consists of true active and passive models, conceived and designed for specific applications.
The RCF Media Series presents a 360º approach to the Sound System Design. With the addiction of new models the RCF Installed Sound Catalogue offers a complete portfolio, a complete package, to the Audio System Engineer and with this RCF becomes a single source, trusted partner, from the smallest to the most complex audio project.
The new Media Series features 9 models and is the ideal solution for small to medium sized projects, for distributed systems, perfect complement to the RCF Compact or H Series Models.
Come along to STAND G1 for a look and a chat. Visit: Enter the Code: RC55FS Enter your Name, Company & E-mail Address You will be automatically approved, receive a confirmation email now and then your E-ticket at the beginning of September
For the second consecutive year, the Ultra Music Festival followed its triumphant event in Miami by bringing its electronic dance party to Split, Croatia over three days.
Known as Ultra Europe, the DJ festival moved into the city’s Poljud Stadium, the sound from some of the world’s leading turntablists was heard by a vast audience of nearly 40,000 people through more than 100 of RCF’s TT+ premium line array loudspeakers.
Headliners, including Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Paul Kalkbrenner and many more, performed on Main Stage where sound reinforcement was again provided by RCF’s premium TTL55-A high power, three way, active line array system; this was specified by Zagreb-based event production company, Promo Logistika, whose equipment inventory contains 24 of the powerful systems.
The stage PA was rigged with two hangs of 20 TTL55-A elements (left and right), with a straight cardioid array of 42 TTS56-A 2 x 21” subwoofers, electronically curved via the algorithm in RCF’s proprietary RDNet to achieve a wide and smooth sub-frequency coverage.
Sidefills comprised an array of six TTL55-A (left) and 10 x TTL55-A (right) while two delay towers (left and right, and situated 70 metres back from the stage) were covered by hangs of eight TTL55-A. A further eight RCF HDL20-A elements were used as front fills.
RCF provided full support (and system engineering), with TT+ product specialist Luca Cilloni designing and optimising a rig designed for maximum coverage across the site. The local rental company supplied all the structures, speakers, logistics and accessories required.
According to Promo Logistika marketing director, Zoran Biškupić, the event was a huge success and the system performed at its best.
To celebrate yet another unqualified success, Ultra Europe then rounded things off by staging a mammoth beach party.
The Sage Gateshead — an iconic multi-arts building in the north-east of England, which originally cost £70m to construct — this year celebrates its tenth year.
To celebrate its landmark birthday the venue has upgraded the sound system in its 1700-capacity main Hall One with the installation of an RCF HDL 20-A line array by local contractors (and long time RCF rental partner), Nitelites.
The move follows a period of careful evaluation by the facility’s Head of Technical Operations, Chris Durant and his team, during the many occasions the HDL20-A has been flown on a temporary basis to support the house system.
Home to Royal Northern Sinfonia, and host to a vast concert agenda that includes jazz, folk, country and rock the original beam steering system had rarely kept pace with the Sage’s promotional ambitions and so Nitelites found themselves increasingly hiring in their RCF TT+ and HDL rigs.
Eventually Nitelites’ MD, Jamie Moore proposed that a flown HDL 20-A be installed on a permanent basis — both to save the Sage Gateshead hire costs and to enable the system to be purpose tuned via a series of preset scenes accessed via a custom panel.
Said Nitelites co-director Andy Magee, “With HDL we were confident we could get even coverage around the building, whether for speech or classical. The system is so easy to deploy, quick to rig and fast to wire.”
The PA is designed to cover the ground floor, two balcony tiers and is split into 12 zones. Nitelites detailed 12 HDL20-A enclosures for each flank, rigged on a flying frame which will take up to 16 elements.
The rest of the complement comprises three HDL 20-A a side as portable ground stack on custom dollies, atop a SUB 8004. A separate stack features three SUB 8006s in a reverse cardioid pattern (one rear facing), with an HDL 10-A on top. Two HDL 10-As are also used for under-balcony infill and four as front lip fills. On the sides of the main hang for outfills are four discreet RCF TT08s.
Chris Durant believes that Nitelites’ attention to detail in tuning the system has enabled them to get an additional 30% from the system. “We’ve had pretty much every big system in here and our new in-house RCF house rigs sounds better because temporary systems have to be set up so quickly; this been tuned to within an inch of its life.”
He presented Nitelites with a matrix containing different performance scenarios for which gain structure presets were created. Via the DSP, Sage Gateshead can turn zones on and off in the PA at will. “It’s far more efficient than changing the angles of the boxes every time we needed a new configuration,” Durant says.
He notes, “The great thing about the HDL 20-A is that it goes down to 55Hz so for jazz and classical there are no subs at all. In fact the first time I heard it I thought our subs had been switched in by mistake.”
At the same time he highlights other advantages of HDL 20-A. “It’s also easy to groundstack and the position of the fly frame is mirrored on the subs so it’s easy to interlock; it’s convection cooled so there is no buzzing — which is vital in a critical room where a low noise floor is required. It’s also very efficient energy wise, and we don’t need to run extra power in.”
All of which should future-proof performance requirements for the foreseeable future. Summing up the Sage Gateshead installation, Chris Durant says, “We are now making engineers aware that they can leave their kit on the truck.”
RCF’s Northern sales manager Mick Butler adds that the system’s exposure to visiting sound engineers will be invaluable. “It really brings into focus the power of RCF’s pro touring range,” he says.
Last year, country artist Levi Riggs started touring with an HDL20-A rig. An up-and-comer at the time, Riggs had a hit single last year “There’s Still A Place For That,” and is currently riding at #37 on the Nashville Music Row charts. If you like country music the Levi Riggs show is high energy, leave-it-all-on-the-stage, authentic, and as-real-as-it-gets country music.
When he got the HDL20-A rig last year, he told us at RCF, “I had been touring with a different system for the last year or two but as my fan base has grown so has the size of the venues I perform in,” Riggs explains. “It was important that I have a system that could produce the volume I need without any distortion. When I heard the D Line series array I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.” As Riggs prepares for this summer’s tour, including a stop at the CMA Fest this weekend (June 6-8), he tells us, “I couldn't be more proud of my RCF rig. It has been a difference maker when it comes to playing large events. Artists at my level that are touring with their own P.A. just can't compete with the RCF rig I am running and RandyWise (FOH engineer) really makes it shine. It sets me apart.” The system, which consists of eight HDL20-A line array modules and four SUB 8006-AS subwoofers, more than accommodates the current and future needs of the upcoming talent. “Because it’s scalable we can use four HDL20-As and two of the SUB 8006-AS subs to great effect in smaller venues or add more tops and bottoms seamlessly for more coverage at larger shows,” says Riggs. “It has also been extremely useful to be able to adjust the arrays so that they are covering audience areas directly in front of the stage or up in a mezzanine – it makes the system exceptionally flexible.”
Levi Riggs on tour ( June 15 – Warren County Fair, Williamsport, IN June 21 – Danville Summer Sounds, Danville, IN June 28 – Southeast Harley-Davidson, Bedford Hts., OH July 9 – Kosciusko County Fair, Warsaw, IN July 14 – Clinton County Fair – Frankfort, IN July 17 – St. Joseph Car Show – St. Joseph, MI July 24 – Benton County Fair – Boswell, IN Aug. 3 – Fountain Park Chautauqua – Remington, IN
RCF designs and manufactures high-quality professional audio sound system components including transducers, powered and self-powered loudspeakers and line arrays, power amplifiers, digital loudspeaker management systems and recording studio monitors. Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, RCF USA is a subsidiary of the RCF Group, which is comprised of RCF S.p.A and AEB Industriale s.r.l. (which owns dBTechnologies). Additional information can be found at www.rcf-usa or 732-902-6100
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