ARIS (RCF distributor, Russia) has organized the TTL SHOW - RCF line array workshop.
On July, 28 2011, RCF TTL 55 workshop took place on the open air near Klyazma storage lake. ARIS, the organizer of the workshop, presented to the guests a truly unique opportunity to listen and evaluate a touring system in a real touring environment.
The system of 82 kW RMS power and SPL of 145 dB consisted of 6 TTL55-A on each side and 6 TTS56-A in a cardioid mode. The intelligibility and coverage of sound were good even at the maximum remote point of 140m away from the system. Even the difficulties of the landscape were helpless in front of the RCF quality and professionalism.
The guests of the TTL SHOW were representatives of rental companies, integrators, dealers and sound engineers from Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Krasnodar, Maloyaroslavets, Kolomna, Serpukhov, Kaluga and Voskresensk. The foreign guests from RCF were Federico Lugli, Sales Manager Europe & Middle East, and Emanuele Morlini, R&D Department Engineer & TT+ Product Manager.
Mr. Morlini has prepared an interesting and useful presentation which was presented with humor.
The event took place in a friendly atmosphere. All participants were happy and satisfied.
RCF S.p.A has recruited the experienced Mick Butler to its UK sales operation, enabling him to team up with former colleagues Phil Price and Dean Davoile.
Based in the north of England, he will take on a twin role, with responsibility for promoting the company’s entire Touring & Theatre (TT+) portfolio on the one hand, while serving as Regional Sales Manager (covering Scotland and the North of England) on the other.
Butler formerly worked alongside Davoile at Fuzion plc, where he was Area Sales Manager, and with Price at KV2 (as UK Sales Director). Most recently he was Area Manager Commercial Audio at Shure Distribution (UK) Ltd.
Relishing the challenge, the new RCF man said, “In terms of its depth and breadth the RCF portfolio is fantastic; you can hit all market sectors with quality equipment — and that was the prime attraction for joining; I have great admiration for the brand — and when this opportunity came along it seemed too good to miss.”
With equal experience in the MI, commercial and pro sectors, Butler sees his primary role as “growing the TT series in the touring and theatre markets and building brand exposure over the entire country.”
Welcoming him to the company, RCF Director of Sales UK Dean Davoile said, “We are delighted to have recruited a professional of Mick’s calibre. As someone I have worked with and respected for many years his connections will be invaluable, as we continue to gain market share and take RCF UK forward.”
RCF Forum 6000 conference system at Maximos Mansion
TNM Projects, one of the RCF commercial audio installation partners in Greece has supplied a mobile RCF Forum 6000 System to the Maximos Mansion in Athens.
Maximos Mansion is, as of 1982, the official seat of the Prime Minister of Greece. It is located in downtown Athens, near the Syntagma Square. Today the Maximos Mansion building is the office of the Head of the Greek Government, and it is not used as the residence of the Prime Minister.
Several Cabinet meetings are organized in the Maximos Mansion and in these occasions they used the RCF Forum 6000 mobile system. The Forum 6000 system consists of: DMU6100 central unit, a chairman console and 19 pcs delegate units.
The RCF Forum 6000 has been designed to manage conferences, debates, president desks in auditoriums for conventions and meetings, offering outstanding versatility. The system is simple and quick to wire, to set-up and to use and includes operative functions that are usually available only in more complex products.
Forum 6000 System is designed according to IEC 60914 standard. 

TNM Projects is specialized in turnkey solutions and one of their key statements is to supply high quality equipment for all kind of installations.
Welcome to the Plasa Show 2011
The Plasa Show 2011 is taking place at the Earls Court, London. The trade show is from September 11th to 14th 2011.
Plasa Show 2011 will offer users a possibility to get a look into what the new trends are and what future directions the industry is aiming at.
Meet and greet with RCF Team at the show and get a chance to hear and see more about the new products, about our innovative technologies and to learn more about the large selection of product ranges and solutions from RCF.
Come and visit us on ISCE 2 & ISCE 3
See more about Plasa Show here.
RCF at Tour de France 2011
The Tour de France is the annual bicycle race held in France and nearby countries. First staged in 1903, the race covers more than 3,600 kilometres (2,200 mi) and lasts three weeks. As the best known and most prestigious of cycling's three "Grand Tours", the Tour de France attracts riders and teams from around the world being the most prestigious among the Grand Tours.
The race is broken into daylong segments, called stages. Individual times to finish each stage are aggregated to determine the overall winner at the end of the race. The rider with the lowest aggregate time at the end of each day wears a yellow jersey. The course changes every year, but the race has always ended in Paris. Since 1975, the climax of the final stage has been along the Champs-Élysées.
At this years competition 78 TV stations were broadcasting to 170 countries with more than 2 billions TV viewers. More than 30 million people cycling fans are along the route to see their heroes riding the daily stages of Tour de France.
Each competition day at the Tour de France starts with the advertising caravan starting two hours before the stage and drives thru the daily route. This caravan has become famous and is today a big part of the whole Tour de France. The sponsors decorate the caravan cars, vans and busses in funny and crazy ways. Along the route they through out gifts, like the legendary green PMU hand, caps and all sorts of gadgets.
The caravan is also playing loud music and this year the RCF speakers were fitted on several vehicles. The company La Cite Du Son-Sonowest from Rennes was responsible for the audio installation and works with RCF products due to the outstanding performances, reliability and easy integration.
In the vehicles were installed 40 pcs RCF Art 310 (passive version) and C5212 Acoustica speakers.
So you can say that RCF had the yellow jersey all the way to Champs-Élysées.
RCF TT+ at Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships
One of the biggest rhythmic gymnastic events in the first half of this season was the 27th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 2011 in Minsk, Belarus.
Many people attended the event that was held from 25th to 29th May 2011, and furthermore also broadcasted live all over the world.
The audio system used to deliver sound for all the different competitions was an RCF TT+ system supplied by the rental company MLK Sound.
“We are very pleased with the RCF TT+ system. The sound is awesome and we absolute enjoyed working with the system so easy to set up ”, says Malkov Pavel – MLK Sound.
The system was made of 12 pieces RCF TTL55-A per side plus 6 pcs TTS56-A Subwoofers on each side.
RCF TT+ delivers sound at The Roots Festival 2011
Many Communities, One Voice is a music, arts and community festival and much more. It seeks to heal, empower and unite Baltimore through the celebration of arts and culture. The free, outdoor festival was held at the “Highway to Nowhere,” Route 40, at Franklin and N. Gilmor, with five stages of music, art, dancing, food and fun.
For five days in June, tens of thousands of people made history at this event. Joined by nationally renowned artists and performers, the West Baltimore community filled the neighbourhood with new life, colour and music. ROOTS Fest 2011 will serve as an example for other communities around the country who face the same challenges as West Baltimore.
On the Roots Festival 2011 the main acts were: Talib Kweli, Chuck Brown, Anthony David, and Sunni Patterson.
Atlanta Audio Visual supplied the TT+ system to the main stage. The audio system was composed by RCF TTL55-A with 6 pieces per side and with 4 pcs TTS56-A Subwoofers on each side.
“Atlanta Audio Visual’s main rig for large outdoor events is the RCF TT+ system and with 6 TTL55-A and 4 TTL56-A per side at the Roots Festival, the clarity and warmth of the system could be heard throughout the entire festival grounds. Thanks to only RCF line on the main stage, we were set up, tuned out and ready to go, in what felt like a few moments!” says Taylor Pool from Atlanta Audio Visual.
Atlanta Audio Visual also provided the staging, lighting, and audio for the other 3 music stages for the weekend festival.
Atlanta Audio Visual is a full service production company specializing in Audio, Lighting, Staging, Video, Set Design and Total AV Integration Services. They have installed and used RCF products for many corporate events, music festivals and shows and for many clients around the country.
See more at: www.atlanta-audiovisual.com
Read more about the festival at: http://rootsfest2011.org
Tecnologia audio al servizio dell’arte moderna: la diffusione acustica nel Museo del Novecento a Milano
“A cavallo” tra Arengario e Palazzo Reale, il Museo del Novecento è dotato di un impianto di diffusione audio particolarmente efficace e “garbato”
Davvero notevole la ristrutturazione (ma sarebbe meglio dire: il ripensamento dello spazio) al quale il Palazzo dell’Arengario, nel cuore di Milano a pochi metri dal Duomo, è stato sottoposto negli ultimi anni per ospitare il museo del Novecento: l’intera arte novecentesca ripercorsa in ventisei sale che si snodano, secondo un percorso in ordine cronologico, tra il Palazzo dell’Arengario e il contiguo Palazzo Reale, collegato mediante una passerella aerea di recente costruzione.
Sale grandi e piccole, varie e monografiche, che dal celeberrimo “Quarto Stato” conducono, attraverso una riflessiva e affascinante camminata, all’arte degli Anni ’80, per un totale di 400 opere. I lavori sono iniziati nel giugno 2007 e conclusi nel 2010, con il Museo inaugurato appunto nel dicembre dello scorso anno.
In una simile ristrutturazione, che sfrutta al massimo gli spazi a disposizione, non potevano mancare gli aspetti tecnologici. Ci concentriamo in particolare sulla diffusione sonora che, in un ambiente museale, per di più così vasto, è indispensabile: RCF ha avuto un ruolo da protagonista, occupandosi di fornitura e scelta delle apparecchiature, progettazione e installazione.
L’esigenza era, vista la natura dell’ambiente (esposizione di opere d’arte, alcune molto complesse, vere e proprie installazioni dinamiche), costruire un sistema di diffusione audio il più possibile capillare (deve coprire tutte e ventisei le sale espositive) e allo stesso tempo poco invasivo sotto l’aspetto visivo. L’obiettivo è stato ampiamente raggiunto: il sistema ha il suo centro nevralgico al banco dell’accettazione, nella hall del Museo al pianterreno, e si dipana di sala in sala mediante diffusori acustici da incasso a controsoffitto o a parete, praticamente invisibili e di certo in grado di non guastare la visione delle opere. Ci conferma Aristodemo Preda di RCF, responsabile del progetto acustico, che “per ogni sala è stata fatta una valutazione ambientale per individuare la collocazione migliore dei diffusori acustici”, indi si è proceduto alla messa in opera.
L’impianto consente la “classica” diffusione di annunci (comunicazioni interne di servizio, avvisi rivolti al pubblico per presentazioni o conferenze che si tengono in una particolare sala del Museo) come anche la trasmissione di messaggi di emergenza, in ossequio alla normativa europea EN 60849, dedicata appunto agli impianti elettroacustici applicati ai sistemi di emergenza. “Per rendere più funzionale il sistema” – continua Aristodemo Preda – “ogni sala espositiva è stata considerata come zona a sé stante, sia nell’ottica di funzionamento standard, sia in condizione di emergenza.” Ogni area, infatti, è servita da una doppia linea di altoparlanti, ciascuna collegata a un proprio amplificatore per garantire in caso di guasto l’invio del messaggio di emergenza.
Per la gestione è stato utilizzato il DXT 5000, un sistema digitale a tecnologia distribuita, che consente a ogni componente di avere un proprio indirizzo fisico: questo permette la totale configurazione e installazione in accordo alle normative europee. Il monitoraggio dei dispositivi connessi, degli ingressi e delle uscite analogiche, è consentito dall’unità centrale del sistema (MU 1500).
Equipaggiando gli altoparlanti con la scheda SC 5926, il sistema può funzionare in modalità “diffusori attivi”, oppure operare in “modalità 100V” utilizzando l’apposita interfaccia MT 5708. Si tratta dunque di un sistema totalmente configurabile tramite il pannello frontale equipaggiato con 6 tasti e un display LCD o, più agevolmente, attraverso la sua interfaccia grafica che può essere installata su ogni PC (richiede Windows 2000 oppure XP).
Il sistema è esplicitamente pensato per soddisfare tutte le esigenze dei sistemi PA di ogni dimensione grazie ai moduli e alle periferiche implementabili.
Nel caso del Museo del Novecento, sono stati scelti, per le sale maggiori, diffusori acustici della serie Monitor Q, che uniscono un’elevata qualità di riproduzione a un innovativo design, in particolare i modelli MQ 60H e MQ 50C, mentre per tutte le altre zone sono stati impiegati diffusori acustici a due vie per garantire in ogni caso una perfetta riproduzione del messaggio inviato.
Insomma, un elemento fondamentale ma non protagonista, per così dire, il cui primo compito è nascondersi restando utile e fruibile, per accompagnare nel migliore dei modi un percorso appassionante che va da Pellizza da Volpedo al Futurismo, da Boccioni e de Chirico a Fontana, dall’Astrattismo all’Arte povera, in una location che per posizione (Piazza Duomo) e per pregio architettonico non potrebbe essere migliore.
Restaurant Rohmühle chooses RCF
The Rohmühle is a high-class restaurant and café based in the ground floor in the former Zementwerk (Cement Works), now named the Rheinwerk (Rhine Works) in Bonn-Oberkassel, Germany.
Rheinwerk is located on the Rhine Promenade, which is known for its wide bike and walking path that runs through the area and plenty of benches with good views over the Rhine Valley.
At the Rhine Promenade you also see the exclusive 5-star Hotel Kameha Grand and the office complex Rheinwerk 2. An area that is well visited by many people every day and an awesome combination of futuristic and classic buildings in beautiful nature surroundings.
The installation was realized by the company “Raum+Schall” from Kirrweiler specialized in high-class audiovisual projects.
The Restaurant Rohmühle has installed several RCF P3108 speaker combined with S8015 subwoofers. To cover the outdoor terrace dining and biergarten area they choose the RCF P3108 speakers that are IP55 and very suitable for outdoor use.
RCF public address system in Kallithea Underground Parking Station
TNM Projects, one of the RCF commercial audio installation partners in Greece has recently completed the supply, fine tuning and start up of a RCF PA system in the new Underground Parking Station in Kallithea, Greece.
Kallithea is the 8th largest municipality in Greece with 109,609 inhabitants and the 4th biggest in the Athens urban area.
The public address system features 4 loudspeaker zones and 2 paging microphones. There is also a back up amplifier that will automatically replace any of the basic amplifiers in case of failure.
RCF products installed in the central equipment rack are:
1 x PR 4092 Preamplifier 9 in – 2 out 1 x PD 1066 6 zone speech / music switching unit 3 x MF 6000 Mainframe FLEXA amplifier system 3 x PS 6640 Modular power supply unit 640W – 240V 1 x UP 6241 Modular power amplifier 240W / 100V 3 x UP6481 Modular power amplifier 480W / 100V 5 x SB 3320 Power amplifier & speaker line surveillance card 5 x RB 3320 Back amplifier board 1 x RD 2080 Digital recorder / player 1 x MS 1033 CD-USB-MP3 player 7 FM tuner
Two RCF BM 3067 pre amplified paging microphones are installed in the supervisor’s office and in the cashier room.
The following RCF products have been installed in all areas of the parking station: v 59 x PL60 Ceiling speaker 6W/100V 82 x DP4 Sound projector 10W/100V
TNM Projects is specialized in turnkey solutions and one of their key statements is to supply high quality equipment for all kind of installations.
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