Almost 6 million viewers watched the Christmas live show “Panariello Under the Tree” on Italian TV channel Rai1, featuring the national star, comedian Giorgio Panariello.
The show was broadcast on December 22-23 from the Modigliani sporting arena, that had been transformed for the occasion with spectacular scenic design and a majestic Christmas tree. The audio system, made with RCF’s Touring and Theatre speakers, was provided by Agorà rental company – also responsible for the rigging structures, lighting and video LED.
A 10-men band and a gospel choir performed during the Italians’ favourite Christmas TV show, hosted by Giorgio Panariello together with several guests, including Hollywood actor, Matt Dillon.
The audio system was made of: • 6 x 12 TTL55-A active three-way line array module, for the terraces and tribunes. The clusters were flown at 14 m height and positioned in a semicircle; • 4 x 6 TTL33-A active three-way line array module, for the stalls. The clusters were flown at 12 m height and positioned around the central platform of the stage, creating a smaller semicircle; • 8 ART 312-A active two-way speaker, positioned under the stage and along the central platform to reinforce the closest areas; • 14 TTS56-A active high-power subwoofers in end fire configuration, under the main stage.
The shape of the stage, with a long platform ending at the centre of the public area, saw the use of several condenser headset microphones in difficult positions, and a cluster height that had to be at least 10 m in order to be out of sight of the cameras. All these factors complicated the task of maximizing intelligibility without impacting negatively on the mic shooting.
The acoustic project was carefully designed by RCF and Agorà technicians, who managed to transform the difficult location of a sporting arena into a TV studio with good audio quality. The audio system was designed with a concentric structure, that allowed the sound to reach the entire audience (around 5000 people) from close points, with accurate tuning in terms of cluster timing. “We started from the closest cluster to the stage and then aligned the following ones, finding the right compromise in terms of delay in the points of maximum overlap,” states Agorà’s PA Manager Antonio Paoluzi.
The result was extremely successful. The sound of the band, the chorus and the guests performing on stage was full and precise, without any reverb. Speech amplification was effective and ensured a constant and pleasant presence of the voices, leaving the TV production team and writers extremely satisfied. The excellent intelligibility, both at low and high volume levels, ensured a free management of the microphones, without annoying feedback.
“We genuinely managed to recreate the acoustic conditions of a TV show,” concludes Paoluzi. “The RCF TT+ system really proved its quality in a sonically difficult environment such as the Modigliani sporting arena.”
Details of PA system: • 6 clusters x 12 RCF TTL55-A • 4 clusters x 6 RCF TTL33-A • 8 RCF TTS56-A sub 21” arc delay • 2 x 4 TTS56-A sub 21” stack
The world famous Harlem Globetrotters have set out on their 90th anniversary tour schedule entertaining audiences worldwide with their fun, frolicking and frivolity basketball exhibitions. Their family entertainment games combine athleticism, theatrics and comedy that is fun for all.
An important part of their events are the need for communication with the audience. For that, they have selected a portable public address system comprised of RCF NXL24-A column array mounted on top of a SUB8004-AS subwoofer. In preparation for this year’s tour, the Globetrotters were looking for a low profile column array style product that would provide the proper coverage, not impede sight lines, and easy to transport. Working with Phoenix-based AVDB, they found a solution with the RCF NXL24-A.
Having some familiarity with RCF products and knowing the quality of their sound, AVDB engineer David Olson suggested looking at the NXL24-A. “We went down to the Phoenix Suns arena and set up two of the NXL24-A with the subwoofers at one end of the court and found we could fill the bowl completely,” he stated. “As we walked the room, across and up the other side, and we didn’t lose any fidelity whatsoever. We were impressed with the coverage and power, and the musicality and linear response.”
The system features the RCF NXL24-A, a two-way active column array with four 6” transducers and a 2.5” high frequency compression driver. Its compact size – only 8” wide and 42” tall – makes it both low profile and easy to transport. And being active with a 1400-watt amplifier, it makes for an easy set-up for the Globetrotters’ crew. The NXL24-A is pole mounted on top of the RCF SUB8004-AS, a 2500-watt 18” active subwoofer. The speakers are used for court and courtside coverage. All speakers are placed in the main floor audience entranceway tunnels facing in towards center court.
The AVDB Group (www.avdb-group.com) designs, builds and integrates professional audio, video , lighting and control systems leveraging extensive, progressive real-world experience in providing high-performance AV solutions.
RCF has recently been awarded the contract to provide sound reinforcement for the upgrade and expansion of the Las Vegas Fremont Street Viva Vision LED display canopy that covers the four city block stretch in uptown Las Vegas. A total of 50 clusters — 350 total speakers — will be used in the installation. Each cluster is comprised of six HDL20-A dual 10″ two-way active line array modules with one SUB8005-AS active 21″ subwoofer custom mounted on a steel frame and flown below the canopy.
The RCF Engineering team in Reggio-Emilia, Italy worked with the Fremont Street Experience crew to design the custom configuration, using an existing frame from a previous system, incorporating the six HDL20-A in an arc mounted between two flybars, with the SUB8005-AS subwoofer mounted on top of the frame.
In the process of the upgrade of the Fremont Street Experience, the venue was already familiar with the sound of the HDL20-A as they were already being utilized on the live performance stages. Already pleased with the sound, it was suggested using the speakers for the overhead reinforcement for the Viva Vision display. After a shootout with a number of manufacturers, the HDL20-A was chosen.
Consulting with RCF, the engineering team designed the custom cluster with specific splay angles of the cabinets to effectively cover the four block length of the Viva Vision canopy.
In addition, all three live performance stages on Fremont Street are using RCF. The main entertainment stage is configured with 20 TTL55-A dual 12″ three-way active line array modules along with 10 SUB9007-AS dual 21″ active subwoofers and eight TT25-CXA monitors for the musicians. The second stage has 16 HDL20-A modules, eight SUB8006-AS dual 18″ subwoofers and five TT25-CXA monitors. The third stage features eight HDL20-A modules with four HDL18-AS 18″ active subwoofers flown plus three TTS36-A active dual 18″ subwoofers on the ground.
RCF will also have some of these products on display at InfoComm, June 8 – 10 in Las Vegas. RCF will have a booth on the main floor (#C10539) plus a live demonstration room (#N108).
Federico ‪‎Poggipollini‬ in tour con il ‪mixer digitale‬ M 18. Vieni a sentirlo nei negozi della tua città! INGRESSO LIBERO.
- Bologna‬ presso All For Music il 18 maggio - Dogana (‪San Marino‬) presso Marino Baldacci Strumenti Musicali il 19 maggio - Castrezzato (‪Brescia‬) presso Cavalli Musica il 20 maggio - Milano‬ presso Lucky Music il 23 maggio - Leini (‪‎Torino‬) presso Verde Professional il 24 maggio
- Vignola (MO) presso Reinzoo il 10 giugno, h 18 - Chiaravalle (AN) presso MusicArte il 16 giugno, h 18 - Castellana Grotte (BA) presso Casa Musicale Luisi il 21 giugno, h 18 - Matera presso Realmusic il 22 giugno, h 18 - Squinzano (LE) presso Città della Musica il 23 giugno, h 21
Maggiori informazioni: marketing@rcf.it http://mixer.rcf.it
Following the recent successful installation at the Epika Okinawa nightclub in Japan, RCF has provided a new audio system for Club Queen, another prominent chain of discos on the Asian party scene.
The first link in the chain was opened in the spectacular Jewel Building on Macau peninsula. After that, Club Queen took to the Chinese mainland, with the inauguration of a grandiose spot in Hangzhou, one of the main cities in Eastern China. The latest opening of Club Queen is a spot located in Putian – a city with almost3 three million people in the South-Eastern province of Fujian – with a rich offering of pop / electronic music, world-leading parties and international DJs.
This new club has opted for RCF’s TT+ loudspeakers to deliver a powerful and precise coverage to the hundreds of party-goers filling the club every weekend. The main sound reinforcement system comprises 10 units of TTP5-A high-power two-way point source array – a particularly flexible modular system featuring a very smart locking system. In addition to the TTP5-A point source arrays, Club Queen in Putian is using 20 units of TT5-A active high-output two-way speaker as a near-field system. The new audio system was inaugurated on January 1st this year and the club’s management team has already expressed great satisfaction with their choice.
RCF’s High Definition Touring and Theatre Series, first launched around ten years ago and continuously expanding since then, has gained a reputation with innumerable high-profile applications in big live concert events, arenas and fixed theatre installations. Some of RCF’s successfully concluded projects for nightclubs include the QI Clubbing in Italy, the Jalouse Club in London, Pacha Club in Sharm el Sheikh, Seduction Club in Phuket, Thailand, and several others.
The exclusive Waikiki bar/restaurant and private beach is a popular 800-sqm venue in the tropical paradise of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean. Located in the privileged spot of Orient Bay, it was first opened in 1993; with a rich offer of gourmet recipes and fine cocktails, it attracts hundreds of customers all year long, including frequent visits by French VIPs holidaying in the former colony.
At the end of 2014 Waikiki Beach was seriously damaged by the Gonzalo hurricane that hit the Caribbean. At this point the ownership decided to collaborate with audio/visual consultant Mr. Cherix for the sound reinforcement system of the renovated venue — a familiar spot for live jazz and Cuban bands, as well as electro house DJs.
Mr. Cherix, who has worked in the sector for over 10 years, already knew RCF from several installations in France before he decided to move to Saint Martin. Working side by side with Waikiki’s proprietors, he designed the new sound system with a double goal: optimize acoustic performances and get an excellent visual integration.
From RCF’s large product portfolio, the choice fell upon the TT+ and V-Max Series for the main system, composed of 8 x TT22 WP weatherproof active high-output two way speaker and 2 x V218-S passive bass reflex 18’’ subwoofer located under the DJ booth. The large bar and restaurant zone is covered by 10 x MQ 80P two-way speakers for indoors and outdoors and a single S8015 LP band-pass ultra-compact subwoofer in order to improve low frequency response. The whole system is powered by 5 x DPS 3000 and UP 2162 amplifiers, and managed by two DX 4008 four-inputs, 8-output digital processors with special input presets for live bands and orchestras – all from RCF.
“I appreciate the quality of sound delivered by RCF’s products and the reliability of their cabinets,” Mr. Cherix states. “I knew since the beginning that RCF’s amazing Italian sound would be perfect for DJs and clubbers.”
The project was not free from difficulty due to technical and environmental factors, such as the proximity of several hotels that impose limitations in terms of sound emissions, making it a paramount issue. Waikiki Club is partly situated outdoors, in the open air under a steel truss. Therefore speakers had to be placed in multi-diffusion in order to get clarity and punch everywhere. The constant humidity, wind and hot salt air also played a role in the choice of the equipment: “The TT22 WP is a totally weatherproof loudspeaker. As for the subwoofers, we opted for the V-Max Series that comes with a weather-resistant polyurea finish, to guarantee the products’ endurance in harsh weather conditions. The owners of Waikiki are greatly satisfied and have stated that this is probably one of the best sound systems on the island,” Mr. Cherix reports.
The new sound system at Waikiki covers the restaurant, bar and club. An extension on the private beach area is being currently installed with 4 x V35 full-range passive two-way speakers, to ensure powerful and clear sound to guests who prefer to keep their feet in the sand. The speakers will be placed directly on palm trees with a special enclosure that ensures protection and a good aesthetic result.
American hip-hop artist, Future, chose an all-RCF system for his concert in Charlotte, North Carolina recently. The show was held in the renovated multi-purpose arena of the Bojangles Coliseum Complex.
Touring extensively in the US, Canada and Europe, the 32-year-old rapper has proved to be a real hitmaker with four studio albums plus several mix tapes and singles released since 2010, and over 1.3 million copies sold in the US.
The RCF system for the Charlotte show comprised: - 24 x TTL33-A active three-way line array for the main L&R - 12 x TTL33-A for the out fills - 4 x TTL33-A for the near fills - 15 x TTS56-A active high-power subwoofer in cardioid arrays - 4 x TTS28-A active high-power subwoofer for the stage side fills - 4 x TTL33-A for the stage side fill tops - 16 x NX12-SMA active coaxial floor monitors
RCF’s long-standing local partner Alpha Production Group provided the equipment for the event and worked together with RCF’s product specialists to ensure the best possible sonic performance for the 8000-plus audience that filled the arena.
The system was designed accurately to provide powerful and homogeneous coverage despite the acoustical challenges presented by Bojangles Coliseum, which has a complex seating layout and a large domed roof structure over 30m high.
The artist’s management reported their satisfaction with the choice of the equipment. Alpha Production Group is working directly with them to update the technical rider to include RCF as their preferred solution for Future’s one-off shows.
States Hayes Twisdale, owner of Alpha Production Group: “We work with RCF on all our major concerts, festivals, and corporate events. RCF provides unrivaled customer support in this industry and we are incredibly satisfied with our investment in their technology; it allows us to provide cost-effective audio solutions and systems to our clients without compromising on quality, durability and sonic performance.”
Situated in the western Hungarian city of Győr, the new state-of-the-art Aqua Sport Center is based around a full 50x25-metre Olympic sized swimming pool.
Built on an 10,000 sq. meter site, much of it in metal and glass, the viewing area comprises 800 fixed seats and 400 optional chairs, while ancillary features include a 16x10 meter educational pool, two saunas and plunge pool, jacuzzi, relax room, fitness rooms and changing rooms.
At the planning stage last September the need for a good sound system to function intelligibly in this reverberant space was recognized and according to Imre Makkay from Chromasound Kft, RCF’s long-term Hungarian distributors, one of their local system integrators, G-Sound had the opportunity to fulfil the specification with an RCF solution, having already successfully outfitted the Audi Arena Győr with the brand.
The owner of the company, József Gricz wrote the specifications — which were readily accepted by the pool management — and conducted an electro-acoustical simulation.
From RCF’s large product portfolio he based his system design around ten P4228 indoor/outdoor, weatherproof (IP55-rated) wide-dispersion, two way loudspeakers, designed to offer substantial power and efficiency. The HF section is a constant directivity CMD horn loaded with a 1.4” RCF precision compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm assembly for wide dispersion while the LF transducer is a double 8” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil.
There are three main grandstands surrounding the pool and down both long sides they have installed four speakers, and a pair on each end that includes standing and seated VIP areas in one of the corners, with a gallery.
The speakers are hung directly above the water and installed horizontally under the electrical cable trays on uniquely designed, certified, stainless steel consoles. “We were lucky because the electrical cable tray consoles were sufficiently strong to support the lightweight speakers,” said Gricz. “We’ve defined distances from the seats to the speakers, mindful of the horn’s 110° x 60° dispersion angles.”
The speakers are divided into five zones, and with a dedicated DX4008 4-in/8-out digital system controller installed in the technical room, there are free I/O’s for future needs.
Each half of the pool area is served by its own amplification rack positioned close to the speakers in order to shorten the low impedance cable runs. The system is driven by a total of five RCF IPS 3700 stereo amps, delivering up to 2 x 1500W RMS@4Ω.
The challenges faced by G-Sound and Chromasound were all the result of the many flat surfaces (glass, water, and walking areas), and with minimal acoustic treatment, the average time decay was 4.5 sec. “Our main goal was to reproduce sound accurately an intelligibly to populated areas — not only the spectators in the stands but coaches pool-side and competitors on the starting blocks.
“The budget was limited, and we needed to produce high SPL and even tonality not only for spoken word but also jingles and background music.” Since the water recirculation and air handling unit operates at a level of 66 dB LAeq the system needed to deliver a minimum 20 dB higher SPL to every seat.
However, the RCF system has fulfilled all expectations. After fine tuning, the Speech Transmission Index’s average was measured as STIPA 0.48 in normal conditions (all zones operating to empty grandstands), and STIPA 0.41 at worst conditions (all zones operating alongside normal building automation). The maximal sound pressure level was 104.2 ± 1.1 dB LAeq and 119 dB ± 1.5 dB LCpeak. “The frequency response was quite good … within ± 1,5 dB in the 80 Hz-10 kHz province — despite the high humidity inside the building,” records Imre Makkay. Because of the symmetrical structure of the pool, they could use virtually the same processing in all zones.
Summing up, he says, “Those tiny but extremely loud speakers with carefully chosen colour are lost in that huge space, with everybody wondering where the sound is coming from.”
Chromasound offered full project support throughout in the form of Balint Redei and Balazs Toth who worked alongside Andor Furjes (aQrate Ltd.), who assisted with control measurements.
Finally, as construction of the swimming pool only amounted to part of the HUF 9.6 billion (€31 million) in development funds allocated, building works are to be continued next year with an open-air pool and areas for athletics contests, tennis matches and a football pitch.
This year’s edition was memorable for RCF’s events and demos, that represented some of the exhibition’s main highlights.
The M 18 digital mixer was demonstrated every day in RCF’s demo room at the company’s booth, with try-it-yourself sessions for visitors and a live trio performing with the M 18.
The ultra-powerful and lightweight HDL50-A system (with HDL53-AS and SUB 9007-AS) was playing everyday in the outdoor Live Sound Arena, and we are sure these new models will have a substantial impact in the market of large-format line arrays.
Prolight+Sound 2016 has been the launch platform for two product lines that will be coming soon onto the market: the E Series of analog mixers, and the CK Series of loudspeakers for installation in entertainment venues.
We are greatly satisfied with the results of the Frankfurt exhibition and would like to thank you again for joining our events and visiting our booth. We hope to see you again soon!
RCF will be happy to welcome you at
PROLIGHT + SOUND from April 5th to 8th 2016 Hall 3.1, booth C 91
Following last year’s success, RCF will present a wealth of new products resulting from major research activities in the audio technology. 

The 2016 edition will be the launch platform for two yet unreleased RCF product lines: the E Series of analog mixers, and the CK Series of loudspeakers for installation in entertainment venues with live and recorded music.
This year’s developments also include several notable extensions to flagship Touring and Theatre Series, the professional line of subwoofers and the D Line Series of compact cabinets for the touring industry, like the HDL 50-A and HDL 53-AS. RCF invites visitors wishing to get a glimpse of the new industry trends to attend our product demos.
HDL 50-A & SUB 9007-AS EVERYDAY Join the event
Join us to listen to our new system at the Live Sound Arena 12.00 - 12.10 at the Live Sound Arena 14.00 - 14.10 at the Live Sound Arena 16.00 - 16.10 at the Live Sound Arena 18.00 - 18.10 at the Live Sound Arena
M 18 digital mixer LIVE DEMOS
11.00 - 11.30 demo on stage - overview of main features and live music examples 11.30 - 12.00 hands-on demo off stage - try it yourself! An electric guitar is available for the visitors

12.30 - 13.00 demo on stage 13.00 - 13.30 hands-on demo off stage

15.00 - 15.30 demo on stage 15.30 - 16.00 hands-on demo off stage

16.30 - 17.00 LIVE BAND PLAYING! 17.00 - 17.30 hands-on demo off stage
18.00 - 18.30 demo on stage 18.30 - 19.00 hands-on demo off stage
Don't miss the chance to hear our products! We are looking forward to meeting with you at Prolight + Sound 2016.
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