The P5228-L weatherproof full range, two way line array speaker module represents the latest addition to the P Series range by RCF and, thanks to its 500 W RMS power, is the perfect solution for large array sound reinforcement outdoor installations such as stadia, sports arena and other mid-to-large venues.
High output combined with astonishing Pro Audio quality is guaranteed by state of the art RCF Precision transducers.
The high frequency section includes two constant directivity CMD horn, each loaded with a 1” RCF Precision neodymium compression driver with a 1.75” diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide horizontal dispersion and highly controlled 20° vertical coverage.
The low frequency transducers are two 8” woofers with a 2.5” voice coil that ensure tight, punchy and defined bass.
The P5228-L is a full weatherproof IP 55 (International Protection Rating) speaker and therefore suitable for outdoor applications.
The cabinet is a single piece rotational moulded enclosure, made in medium density polyethylene, fully UV protected equipped with 4 x M8 brass inserts and a stainless steel U-Bracket.
Connections to the amplifier are made through an IP67 watertight multipole connector. The grille is in custom perforated aluminium with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven fabric backing.
The new P5228-L is perfect for: - Stadia - Sport Arenas - Theme Parks
The DU 31 and the DU 31AT are two in-wall mounting speakers with flexible design suitable for paging and background music for several type of installations. Both models are equipped with a 3.5” woofer and a 1” tweeter and, thanks to the A1331 accessory, they offer a great variety of mounting possibilities.
The DU 31 includes a multi tap line transformer for the connection to 100 V constant voltage lines. A 25 V (8 W) socket make it possible to connect multiple speakers in parallel to a constant impedance line.
The DU 31AT features a power selector to control the wattage (8 W, 4 W, 2 W, 1 W, 0.5 W at 100 V) through a rotary switch on the front panel.
Thanks to the A1331 surface mount accessory kit is possible to quickly and easily install the DU 31 and DU 31AT on any flat surface offering an outstanding flexibility.  
In spite of the deafening vuvuzela horns, the main P.A. system —which included 2x7 TTL31 modules plus 2x 4 TTL31 modules as reinforcement— guaranteed outstanding intelligibility and enough sound pressure throughout the whole venue. For more info and pictures, follow this link: http://www.wm-arena-
From the 1st to the 4th of September, RCF will be showing it Professional Audio product range at the 2010 edition of MATISS, the trade fair for the event technology sector.
The trade show will be held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
The event will host a concert of the wourld famous singer Youssou N'Dour that will be reinforced with a complete RCF sound system.
For more information please visit:
The new TV show of the famous Italian comedian and actor Maurizio Crozza is being amplified by an RCF’s TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre system.
The show is aired live every Sunday night on La7 channel from Milan and features interviews to famous actors, politicians and unique performances of Italian and international artists. The show hosts an 11 piece orchestra conducted by well know Italian musician Silvano Belfiore.
Rental company Laboratorio Musica designed the acoustical project, completed the installation and the set up of the system managing the audio during the shows.
Vanis Dondi of Laboratorio Musica, commented: “ in a television show is fundamental to have a very compact sound system that is not disturbing the set design and the shooting area and that, at the same time, is able to deliver great sound definition and not interfere with the artists microphones. Our choice of set up, composed by two TTL31-A clusters and subwoofers TTS28-A, features all these characteristics coupled with a very easy set up and quick installation process. We were able to obtain a complete control of the acoustical dispersion and a perfect sound definition in the studio’s areas that we had to cover”.
For the orchestra and the main artists on stage, TT25-SMA coaxial stage monitors were chosen. Thanks to their low profile and great sound definition, they deliver high performance with a discrete stage presence.
The Santo Volto Church in Turin is an innovative house of worship composed by seven 35 m high towers, a subterranean multi-purpose room and a very large main room which seats 700.
Turin installer Videotape used the new VSA 2050 digitally steerable column speakers to complete the sound system of the important Church. It was, in fact, only necessary to install two sound columns in the niches at the side of the altar to optimize the listening in the main room.
VSA 2050 represents the ideal solution in critical acoustical environments, such as churches, where architectural constraints force to use a limited number of sound sources and where the distance to cover with a single speaker is quite big. Thanks to the use of modern DSP and to the software developed by RCF it is possible to control the acoustic beam to adapt the speaker to the ambience needs.
With this prestigious installation, the vast amplification system of the Church, entirely made with RCF products, is completed.
Read about the complete Santo Volto Church installation
The VSA 2050 is a multi-amplified vertical steerable array that represents one of the latest RCF applications in terms of digital audio technology and is the ideal speaker for indoor installations where the critical acoustic environment is an issue and where moderate visual impact is required.
Thanks to the use of the latest DSP technology, the VSA 2050 processes the audio signal sent to each speaker for controlling its vertical acoustic dispersion to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area, avoiding to send the acoustic energy to ceilings and empty floors, thus not introducing bad reflections that would affect speech intelligibility, mainly in critical environments with high reverberation time.
State of the art transducers have been developed for the VSA, in order to offer the highest possible intelligibility and wider frequency response, according to RCF philosophy. The powerful DSP circuit is directly connected in digital domain to the twenty 50 W each Class-D technology power amplifiers, which are able to drive the 20 transducers with the optimal headroom. The amplification circuits include several protections and controls always to operate in safe mode.
Through the VSA RC (remote control) user friendly touch screen interface it is possible to select among three different group of presets that offer a remarkable easiness in the VSA 2050 configuration process. For two out of three groups of presets the only parameters that the operator has to insert, in fact, are the installation height of the column and the area to cover.
A structure in extruded aluminium has been made to offer a product with very limited architectural impact, light weight and simple installing operations.
TECHNICAL FEATURES • 20 x Class D, 50 W amplifiiers • 94 dB Max SPL • 20 x 3.5" full range speakers • 48 kHz 32 bit processing • Horizontal dispersion 130° • Vertical dispersion controlled up to 10° till 300 Hz • Power supply 115/230 Vac (600VA); 24 V dc • Extruded aluminium body • Ceramic block terminals and thermal fuse on 0 dB balanced priority input • Standard installation accessories included • Simple and quick set up • Indicators and control for EN 60849 monitoring facility
Find out more in the VSA dedicated section on the website.
Sistemi di amplificazione composti da diffusori della Serie P di RCF sono stati scelti per sonorizzare parte del St. Andrew’s Ground e del Britannia Stadium, rispettivamente stadi del Birmingham City FC e dello Stoke City FC.
Il St. Andrew’s Ground di Birmingham è stato inaugurato nel 1906 e le recenti ristrutturazioni hanno incluso un rinnovamento dell’impianto di amplificazione sonora che ad oggi deve coprire in maniera uniforme e con un elevato grado di intelligibilità ben 30.000 posti a sedere.
Grazie all’elevata resistenza alle intemperie (grado di protezione IP55), alla grande copertura, potenza e qualità sonora i diffusori P3115-T sono stati ritenuti i più idonei per l’amplificazione di diverse zone delle tribune. In aggiunta sono stati installati modelli P2110-T per amplificare il suono in alcune delle aree dietro alle porte del campo da gioco.
Inaugurato nel 1997, il Britannia Stadium di Stoke on Trent può ospitare fino a 28.400 spettatori a sedere. Anche per questa importante struttura sportiva sono stati scelti i modelli P3115-T e P2110-T in configurazione cluster per l’amplificazione di parte delle tribune.
RCF ha al suo interno un completo ufficio progettazione di sistemi internazionale composto da ingegneri acustici ed elettronici che lavorano a stretto contatto per fornire quotazioni per progetti per ogni tipologia di sistema in ogni parte del mondo.
Un recente esempio di questa attività è lo stadio realizzato nel governatorato di Abyan nello Yemen dove RCF, in collaborazione con il distributore Oasis Enterprises LLC, ha realizzato il completo impianto di amplificazione.
Per le tribune, il campo da gioco e l’esterno dello stadio sono stati scelti modelli P6215 impermeabili che garantiscono alti livelli di pressione sonora con un ampia e morbida diffusione in spazi medio-grandi.
L’impianto è stato completato dal sistema di gestione RX4000, certificato EN60849, che permette di controllare gli annunci e la diffusione musicale anche per situazioni di emergenza ed evacuazione.
A complete digital system for conference and voting Forum 9000, including FMS 9411-S microphone consoles, has been installed in the palace of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Rome.
In addition to the conference system, also the sound reinforcement system has been made with RCF products. The amplification system is composed by HC 1600 power amplifiers, managed by a DX 4008 digital sound processor, and a significant number of CW 3108 and CS 6520 speakers.
TX 1600 wireless microphones has been provided to allow speakers to talk while moving around the room.
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