The TT45-SMA is a very high output, high performance, active stage monitor. Perfectly flat amplitude response, extended bass reproduction and incredible output make this monitor unique in the market.
The TT45-SMA distinguishes itself for vocal clarity, accurate and detailed high frequency reproduction, prefect feedback stability. The cabinet angle and the 90° x 40° uniform directivity provide optimal coverage in medium and large sized stages. A special switch has been developed to provide a perfect equalisation when using the TT45-SMA in couples, giving exceptional tour grade monitoring to the most demanding artists. The TT45-SMA features 1500 Watt digital amplification power with integrated onboard signal processing and transducers protections.
FEATURES • 1500 Watt, 2 way digital amplification • 2 x 12” high power neodymium woofers, 3.5” voice coil • Horn loaded 1.5” throat titanium compression driver, 3” voice coil • Soft limiter and rms protection • Very low profi le • Maximum gain before feedback • Maximum output per size on market
The loudspeaker’s low frequency section comprises two 12” high power neodymium vented woofers. The two transducers are driven in parallel for a tight and powerful bass response. In the low midrange frequency region only one of the two transducers is driven in order to avoid side cancellations. The TT45-SMA woofer is designed to provide an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. A very strong neodymium magnetic structure guarantee dynamic and precision, a new and unique 3,5” voice coil design provides a very high power handling, especially recommended in comparison to a standard 3” voice coil. The unique Dual-forced air venting system guarantees a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression.
A new high performance 3.0 inch diaphragm compression driver with a 1.4 inch exit throat deliver perfectly natural midrange and high frequencies. The diaphragm is precision formed from pure titanium, the suspension is based on a vented and damped design in order to provide very low distortion.
The TT45-SMA is powered by a 1500 Watt digital 2 way amplifier: 1000 Watt for the two 12” woofers and 500 Watt drive the 3” voice coil horn loaded driver. The input board features a special switch to align the curve response equalisation for use of the speaker system in couples. The amplifier is housed on a heavy duty aluminum panel suspended from the main cabinet with flexible mounts to obtain the best insulation from vibrations. Signal output link and power output link are available on the right side of the cabinet.
The new Vip Room Theatre is one of the most exclusive and elegant clubs of Paris. The world most famous DJs and music artists choose the club for special performances or exclusive showcases during their record release parties. The audio project was made by RCF in cooperation with the architect Gianni Ranaulo of Light Architecture, who conceived the club design with the speakers inserted in the walls. By using an acoustically transparent tissue, it was possible to completely hide the speakers from the audience view, while keeping the accurate and elegant aesthetics of the environment without compromising the quality of sound reproduction.
The RCF audio system, installed by Live Music, is divided in two smaller systems composed by RCFACUSTICA loudspeakers: the first one, made with C5212-W and S8028 models, is focused on the dance floor, while the second, composed by C5212-W and C3108 speakers, is a distributed system for the seats area on the upper floor. Because of the great size of the Vip Room Theatre, which extends for over 2,000 square metres on three floors, two DX4008 digital signal processors were installed to manage the loudspeakers in order to provide a uniform audio coverage and to maintain the timbre of the sound in every part of the club. Mr. Emanuele Morlini, RCF Product Specialist, completed the set up of the system.
Vilnius University is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities. One of the most amazing features in the building is an authentic Theatre Hall, which is one of the cultural gems of Lithuania. Acoustically it is brilliant, because almost all the interior of the hall is made of old wood. RCF distributor for Lithuania, Audiotonas have carried out a prestigious sound installation using an RCF TT+ series line array system. The system consists of two clusters of active TTL33A speakers and active TTS28A subwoofers, using original RCF Flybars. The aspect of the hall is spacious enough to present multipurpose events. Audiotonas have also installed RCF ART 315-A speakers using them as a monitoring system.
Bedford Corn Exchange complex was in need of a new sound system to bring the venue into the 21st century and JAP Sound was hired to provide the best audio solution for the venue.
For the main auditorium the need was for a line array, but also the three other venues/rooms; the Civic Theatre, Howard Room and Harper Suite where individual systems were required. After testing the voicing of the RCF TT+ Series the Bedford Corn Exchange technical team made the decision to invest in an RCF TT+ line array system.
Bedford Corn Exchange’s Marcello Quartarone summed it up “Since the PA was installed we’ve received a number of very encouraging comments form member of public and artists visiting our complex. These have included, clarity of the voice, spoken word or singing. They have also been impressed by the powerful sound and great bass frequencies, and as well by the impressive definition of the different instrument’s timbres."
During their last impressive world tour, rock legends Iron Maiden have visited Peru for the first time ever performing in the Estadio National Jose Diaz in Lima. RCF’s TTL33-A line array modules and TTS28-A high power subwoofers were used as the delay and front fill systems for the show.
Rental company Guillermo Riera e Iluminacion Profesional EIRL was extremely confident in choosing RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre series to do the job for this large event which attracted more than 30.000 fans.
A significant number of TTL33-A active line array modules were installed in front of the stage to reinforce the sound for the first rows while the two delay towers, each composed by 10 TTL33-A and 3 TTS28-A subs, delivered a powerful and accurate coverage for the people sitting and standing in the far distance from the main stage.
Mr. Guillermo Riera, owner of the rental company, said: “What impressed me the most was the high sound quality of the RCF TT+ products. I am really satisfied not only for their sound power and definition, but also because they are easy to set up and configure in any kind of application”.
Designed for professional use in touring racks and installed sound systems, these professional amplifiers feature protective circuits to ensure high reliability and operating safety. Thanks to their extremely compact size and lightweight they are easy to handle and their simple set up procedures simplify the installation process as well.
Three new models are available: HPS 2500 and HPS 1500 2 channels Class H power amplifiers and DPS 3000 2 channels Class HD power amplifier.
The HP 2500 model delivers up to 2 x 1400 W RMS @ 2 Ω (2800 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ω) while the HP 1500 model delivers up to 2 x 750 W RMS @ 4 Ω (1500 W RMS bridged @ 8 Ω).
The DPS 3000 delivers up to 2 x 1700 W RMS @ 2 Ohm (3400 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ohm) and comes with a ‘PFC’ (‘Power factor correction’) switched mode power supply which ensures that a predominantly resistive load is presented to the mains power supply and leads to an improved amplifier performance at high output levels.
The Contemporary Urban Centre in Liverpool is a Charity funded 170,000 square foot Multi-purpose venue and a hub for local employment and training in many different disciplines as well as housing a Theatre, Cinema, Gallery, Restaurants, Café, Offices and Conferencing facilities.
RCF were asked via Stage Electrics to specify the sound for the Theatre and the multi-purpose 750 capacity event venue. The system of choice was theTT+ series of active loudspeakers, with the Theatre having a TTL33-A line array system installed along with TTS28-A subwoofers and a pair of TT25-A as fills, the multi-purpose venue has a TT25-A along with a TTS28-A aside as a stand alone portable PA system.
Located in downtown of Budapest, The Morrison’s Music Pub is a very large venue which offers a great number of attractions. The structure comprises five main areas: a big room for live shows, two dance clubs, a lounge area with games and a heated garden.
All the audio systems have been installed by Pako, RCF’s distributor in Hungary, using RCF loudspeakers, which proved to be the best all round choice for the various kinds of environments and applications of the venue. Every week, from Monday to Thursday, concerts are held at the Morrison’s Music Pub and after the show, it is possible to dance or sing along with karaoke systems. The sound reinforcement system for the main concert room is comprised TT25-A and ART 310-A used as stage monitors. The DJ booth is equipped with ART speakers, used by the DJ as a cue monitor to mix music before and after the live shows. In the ‘House’ room a number of TT25-A and ART 312-A make up the sound system and the monitor system for the DJ in the first dance room, which is mainly dedicated to house music. The other dance room is the ‘Retro’ room which is dedicated to the great dance classics and funk music and the system installed is completely made up of ART speakers which are designed to cover the dance floor and the DJ booth. The sound system for the first floor, which comprises the lounge area and games, and the heated garden, is ART 310-A.
Mr. Attila Palfi and Mafai Tibor of Pako said “We were very proud to supply venues like the Morrison’s Music Pub which has become a reference for the young people in Budapest, thanks to the quality of the entertainment and music, in which the RCF sound system plays a leading role”.
The system composed by the combinations between the NX L23-A line array module and the NX S21-A and NX S25-A subwoofers offers a wide range of practical configurations to cover all aspects of system integration, which assist in the overall simple and effortless system set-up, redefining the high performance portable PA.
The system offers a truly flexible option for use starting with the basic NX L23-A paired with a sub, up to a large scale flown line array system comprising of 8 modules with subwoofers in a typical J configuration.
The models that comprise the system are:
NX L23-A – a very compact, active, two-way line array loudspeaker module that delivers 750 W power handling. Clarity, flexibility and great sound in a compact, easy to handle package;
NX S21-A – compact and powerful subwoofer equipped with the new 21” LF21N451 low frequency transducer. Deep punch, fast and accurate bass response in a package not much larger than a typical 18” sub;
NX S25-A – a vented, high output, active subwoofer system equipped with a two 15” woofers, delivering a powerful and accurate bass punch.
AM 2160 and AM 2320 are new mixer-amplifiers with 4 mic-line audio inputs on removable connectors and two switchable inputs with a rear panel gain control allowing the use of five total sources.
Both the models have identical features except for the nominal power which is 160 W for the AM 2160 and 320 W for the AM 2320. The amplifiers are Class D with switching power supply; the overall weight is extremely reduced plus they offer a wide audio bandwidth quality.
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