Flexibility, power, and small footprint make the TT 515-A speaker and TT 808-AS subwoofer ideal for high-powered portable and installed professional applications where size and weight are critical factors.


This approach combines the advantages of TT+ technology such as controlled dispersion, outstanding clarity, high-power, multiple rigging accessories, weather protection, and RDNET real-time management software with recallable presets.

Combine TT 515-A with TT 808-AS subwoofer to create a potent full-range main system with an incredible size to power ratio. Whether it’s used as a compact main system, as fills, or surrounds in a larger system, it's quick to deploy and fast to tune.







The two-channel 2000 W (1000 W RMS) amplifier is small, ultra-silent, and fanless.
Producing a Max SPL of 127 dB, is perfect for 3D/immersive sound, nearfield systems,
and productions that demand extreme sound quality.
The rotatable 100x70 degree pattern reaches a wide area, perfectly matching the directivity of the woofers.
The internal DSP has a whole range of protections for the transducers and includes special FiRPHASE and BMC processing
to achieve coherent distribution of sound without phase distortion and deep,
tight bass at any volume.







The amplifier integrates a low-noise 32-bit DSP circuit, controlled through the RCF proprietary RDNet network to easily handle soft clipping limiters, RMS limits, polarity, amplitude, timing, and equalization. All the settings, monitoring, and more advanced features are available inside the RDNet Networked Management software. The available control panel on the back adjusts volume, high-pass, and bypass. The regulated power supply guarantees full power from 100 V to 260 V. The amplifier is housed in a unique Vibrostop floating aluminum panel for extra protection during transportation.








Use it as a compact and powerful main system or to supplement a larger system. The waterproof cabinet is built in high-strength baltic birch plywood coated with black, robust, and scratch-resistant polyurea paint. Attached to a solid machined aluminum structure at the back, the amplifier heat dissipation is efficient and the cabinet is sturdy and stiff. A strong powder-coated metal grille protects the front, and an acoustically transparent sound foam backing on the inside of the grille ensures protection from dust and humidity.









The only limit is your imagination. With multiple rigging accessories and the unobtrusive form factor of the cabinet, TT 515-A is suitable for a wide range of configurations including hanging, pole-, truss-, wall- or ceiling-mounting— at any angle in horizontal or vertical orientation. The rotatable waveguide (and rotatable logo) allows for perfect dispersion control at any position.

The speaker’s rigging is fast and easy using the practical Quick Fit socket to easily install accessories such as the clamp mount, pole mount, horizontal brackets, or using the two M10 threads on top and bottom of the cabinet. You will always find a place for TT 515-A.









Pair the TT 515-A with the TT 808-AS subwoofer to extend the low-frequency range and create a powerful full-range main system with an incredibly small footprint. With multiple configuration options, the powerful DSP and RDNet remote management, there isn't a too big or too small venue.

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Uncompromising fidelity and power with TT+ sonic signature. This means you have perfect phase and frequency compatibility among all TT+ speakers so you can serve up a breathtaking sonic experience in all your applications.



Uncompromised sound without blocking critical sightlines. The ultimate flexibility for tight spaces, small stages, and small gigs with extreme portability. You can pack a full-range stereo system with two TT 515-A, two 808-AS subwoofers, poles, and cables in less than 200-liters volume.





TT 515-A

Flexibility, power, and compactness make the TT 515-A ideal for installed and portable professional applications where size and weight are critical factors. This approach combines the advantages of TT+ technology such as controlled dispersion, outstanding clarity and extreme power, multiple flexible rigging accessories, weatherproof protection, and RDNET real-time monitoring and management software with recallable presets. Its transducer configuration pairs two custom-loaded 5-inch cone drivers to a rotatable CMD waveguide surrounding a titanium 1.75-inch high-frequency compression driver. Whether it’s used as a compact main system, as fills, or surrounds in a larger system, TT 515-A is quick to deploy and fast to tune.


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TT 808-AS

TT 808-AS is a compact low-profile high-performance active subwoofer. It features two vented-loaded 8" cone woofers powered by a 1000 Watts two-channel amplifier -one for each woofer- on a baltic birch plywood cabinet painted with black polyurea and weatherproof treatment. Management and tuning are available via RDNet software or using the two preset buttons, a polarity button, and a variable delay accessible from the back panel. The cabinet features rubber feet on two sides and two threaded pole-mounts for horizontal and vertical placement. Two stabilizing brackets make the vertical placement stable and firm. TT 808-AS can be used stand-alone, in subwoofer arrays, or as the low-frequency complement for TT 515-A speaker.


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