Event PUBLIC SPACES 06 Jul 2011

25 de Mayo

RCF TT+ delivered the sound at Plaza 25 de Mayo
The celebration of 201st anniversary of the Revolution was a busy day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the main music events took place at the May 25 Square, an urban square that is located on the eastern edge of the downtown area not far from the Parana River. The square was named after the May Revolution and in the centre of the plaza there is a Liberty Column dedicated to national freedom.
This beautiful environment was the scenario of a large concert event that took place to celebrate the anniversary. The artists on the stage were Los Pericos, Los Super Ratones, Failure and Other, Leo Garcia, La Mosca, Víctor Heredia and Soledad Pastorutti.
The celebration of 201st anniversary was inaugurated in the evening with a tribute to María Elena Walsh
A stage of 80 meters was installed with a Line Array audio system along with 11 LED screens & 120 robotic lights.
The company Offramp installed the delay systems alongside the ”Piramide de Mayo” that consisted of 48 (2x24) pcs RCF TTL-33A´s, each delay stack to cover an area of 100 x 70 meters. The result was excellent and the system was running perfectly without getting near to a 50% of its maximum potential, still delivering an impressive sound pressure.
So the debut for TTL-33A in Buenos Aires was a huge success, with more than 90.000 people attending the concerts.