Audio Waves Sounds sailing the waves of appreciation with RCF HDL 50-A

Right after India’s event industry is slowly getting back on track, rental companies are keen to invest on new inventory. Chandigarh based rental company recently purchased the advanced RCF HDL 50-A line array (8 modules) along with RDNet Control 2. We’d heard so much about RCF that we decided to take a serious look at what they offer,” said Manpreet Singh, owner of Audio waves Sounds, Chandigarh. “After meeting the RCF team from Hi-Tech Audio Systems and hearing their systems firsthand, we knew it was the right fit for both us and our clients.”

“The HDL System is an excellent series from RCF, with effective networked control and a fast and easy rigging system. The astounding sound-quality and the unbeatable value, makes the HDL system a fast- selling series in India”, states Ganesh Thapliyal, Senior Application Engineer, Hi-Tech Audio Systems. Ganesh continues, “We have introduced the HDL 50 system to Audio Waves Sounds through proper technical training. In this session we have covered about proper system deployment, rigging angles as per venue and how to work with the help of RDNet Control 2. Our agenda as a RCF distributor is to provide easy audio solutions to our clients and such after sales training is our way to support them.” Ganesh Thapliyal was assisted by Satyam Rajvanshi, Application Engineer from Hi-Tech Audio Systems to conduct the demo for team Audio Waves Sounds.

The HDL System is an excellent series from RCF, with effective networked control and a fast and easy rigging system

ARIS selected active RCF TT+ speakers RCF TT 08-A (12), TT 10-A (4), and SUB 8003 (3) for the bar zone. Two 4PRO 1031-A and SUB 905-AS II (3), passive speakers MONITOR 33T (7), and a two-channel power amplifier UP 2082 feeds the Karaoke zone. The system is managed remotely via RDNet software. Alexandr Shamray, Head of Sales in ARIS, and his team are pleased with the results, "We are well pleased that our simulation in EASE software was 97% aligned with actual measurements. Both data provided by RCF and the accuracy of our design matched perfectly from the first steps. As a result, the customer is very satisfied with the new Bazar sound which is now running smoothly every day."

Right after the purchase, the brand new RCF HDL 50-A was put into action at a grand wedding event. Live events, corporate gigs and weddings are regular clients of Audio Waves Sounds. RCF HDL 50-A will provide a much advantageous opportunity for Manpreet and his team to provide broader audio solution to their clients. “Another landmark event where we used the RCF HDL 50-A system was at Investors Summit 2021 under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. It was held at Himachal Pradesh and a prestigious event to be associated with for our team”, shares Manpreet Singh.

Manoj Kontay, Sales Manager of Hi-Tech Audio Systems has been closely working with Audio Waves Sounds to make them acquainted with RCF HDL series. “We have organized proper after sales demo for Audio Waves Sounds for the newly invested HDL 50-A series. With the in-depth demo, their team were confident to operate the system at any given venue.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Audio Waves Sounds as one of our key customers in Chandigarh,” said Director Sales of Hi-Tech Audio Systems, Nirdosh Aggarwal. “We’ve always felt that having the right partners in this industry is key to growth and success. We value our relationship with Manpreet Singh’s team and look forward to working with them now, and into the future. In the conclusion, Rajan Gupta, Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems express his view about the beginning of new business relationship with Audio Waves Sounds. “It’s a comeback for us and our clients after the Covid situation in India. Everything came to halt for our industry, but now we are motivated to welcome new clients by delivering them state-of-the-art RCF products. Thanks to Audio Waves Sounds for believing on our efforts.”

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