Production Corp Gets Hearts Racing with RCF HDL 20-A at the Motogp

Victoria, Australia - From its humble beginnings as a local event hire business in Victoria, Production Corp has undergone a remarkable evolution. In operation for over 15 years, the company has cemented itself in the industry and grown to become a notable provider of audio, visuals, lighting, and mobile stages for live production. Since taking the reins in 2022, Production Corp’s owner, Eden Jefferson, has brought a spirited enthusiasm to the development of the business, expanding its portfolio of hire solutions to include LED video walls and a collection of cutting-edge RCF loudspeaker systems.

Drawing from previous experience running a successful video wall business for five years, Eden’s approach to Production Corp combines his passion for visual effects with high-quality audio to foster experiences with impact. Delivering on this vision, Production Corp’s dedication to the craft was on display at Phillip Island’s most recent MotoGP.

Run at the scenic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, the MotoGP is an iconic fixture of the island’s cultural landscape, drawing in crowds to enjoy the rev of motorcycle engines since 1997. With attendance at the 2022 event climbing to over 90,000 people, Production Corp’s involvement was no insignificant undertaking. Servicing a stage hosting an abundance of live entertainment from day to night, Eden explains why he chose RCF’s HDL 20-A line array system for the event: “For the MotoGP stage we needed something that would pack a punch. We went with four RCF HDL 20-A’s flown in an array on either side of the stage, with dual 18-inch SUB 8006-AS subs. I just love the HDL 20-A’s, we call them our ‘gods of thunder’ because they have great clarity and power. You wouldn’t expect it from such a lightweight cabinet, but they really did the job well and threw a long distance.”

Driven by a highly efficient two-way digital amplifier, the HDL 20-A line array elements offer an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, weighing 30 kg whilst being able to reach a formidable 135 dB max SPL with minimal energy expenditure. This advantage in particular caught Eden’s attention: “My absolute favorite thing about using RCF HDL 20-A cabinets is their power consumption. It’s something I’ve noticed sitting in the background observing events - you’re getting equipment that is a lot more power efficient than plenty of other products on the market. With some events, you really need to be mindful of your energy use, but the technology behind the RCF brand is just so efficient in what it consumes compared to what it throws out. Especially at certain pubs and venues with a 10 Amp outlet - you know RCF gear is going to work, sound fantastic, and won’t be tripping circuits.”

Citing the benefits of the system’s durability, weight, and audio quality, Eden explains that the HDL 20-A system is his go-to choice for a range of Production Corp’s applications: “There are three reasons we choose them as our main speaker: awesome clarity, huge power-to-weight ratio, and a nice long throw. They’re also super versatile, we love them flown and they’re also great for ground stacking. What I get from using the HDL 20-A system and other RCF gear is zero compromise – the architecture just covers all bases so easily. We’ve played around with a lot of other systems, and they all have little areas of compromise, but that doesn’t happen with RCF. Best of all, their products can take a beating. In this industry things are bound to get thrown around and may not get the kindest treatment during gigs – we’ve had some other things fall apart, but RCF just keeps going strong.”
An ardent RCF enthusiast, Eden also employs a collection of the brand’s other solutions to round out his aural arsenal: “The RCF 4PRO series system absolutely kicks; it’s our ideal pub kit. It’s perfect for inside venues and performs for 500 people easily. We also love the HD 10-A wedges, again for their size and what they can put out – they’re just really nice little monitor wedges, especially when space on stage is limited. And I should also mention ART 715-A! They’re great for smaller gigs or front-fill on larger gigs- and if we’ve run out of the HDLs and need to fly them all, our next approach would be to use the 715s. I doubt we’ll be running out soon as I plan to load up on more HDL 20-A speakers and SUB 8006-AS subs because they put a smile on my face every single time I use them.”

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