RCF TT+ on the stage of VASCO.08 Live In Concert

After last summer's Italian tour, Vasco Rossi's the technical staff have again chosen the RCF TT+ products as part of the stage monitoring system for the 2008 series of concerts. Since its first introduction to the market, the RCF TT+ High definition Touring and Theatre line has been a great success on the major international markets and conquered the elite of professionals in Italy.
Vasco Rossi's team has chosen RCF products for their new summer 2008 tour, after using them with great success during last year's tour. This renewed cooperation confirms the quality and reliability reached by RCF TT+ products, a complete range of speakers specifically designed for concerts and big events. For the "VASCO.08 Live In Concert" tour the RCF team has worked, together with stage manager Diego Spagnoli, monitor engineer Federico "Deddi" Servadei and FOH engineer Andrea Corsellini, to create he best solution in and offering the most clear and precise monitoring for the band in some of the most critic areas of the stage, as well as the 20 meters long venting bridges that spreads in to the crowd. This year the musicians now have more freedom to move around the stage and the monitoring has been designed to respond to their new needs. Products used: TT08-A + TTS12-A for the keyboards; TT25-SMA for the venting bridges.
A special dvd regarding the backstage work for the Vasco Rossi tour of 2007 has been released in Italy with the cooperation of RCF. Watch the trailer