Event 29 Oct 2012


The 47th Pori Jazz Festival took place recently in the Finnish west coast city.
The annual event was held over nine days, during which there were 126 concerts — 89 of which were free — taking place in a total of 14 venues. The atmosphere and attendance were again excellent, with Pori Jazz selling 48,000 tickets, while in total around 140,000 people attended.
One of the venues used for experimental and modern music was the 150-capacity Ultra Music Nights @Theatre. Here Noretron Communications, RCF’s Finnish distributor, equipped the small stage with a potent but discreet TT+ Theatre & Touring active column speaker array system for a series of sold-out shows.
By deploying six TTL11-AH/AB assemblies and TTS26-A subwoofer (in Left/Right configurations), managed by the dedicated RDNet control interface, a superior audio performance was ensured, with excellent coverage and low visual impact.
In total more than 30 RCF TT+ Series cabinets were in use in five different stage locations during the course of the festival, including ten TT25-SMA monitors on the Pori Theatre stage, four TT25-SMA on the Jazz Street Stage, six TT25-SMA (along with two NX L23A and 4PRO 8001AS) on the Voodoo Stage, four TT25-SMA on the Garden Stage … along with an additional ancillary NX and ART Series speakers.
According to Pori Jazz Festival’s production manager Jari Leskinen, from a production viewpoint the festival was a major success, with the 100 or so RCF loudspeakers on duty performing superbly.