Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 28 Mar 2008

Seduction Discotheque - Phuket, Thailand

Seduction club is situated at Phukets Patong District, famous for its lively and active night life. Seduction Discotheque sets new standard for nightclubs in the area with its extravagant and high-class interiors designed to every last detail. So, when Charlie Lighting, the installer for the club, was asked for a state of the art audio system the choice was simple: RCFAcustica.
Thanks to 4 two-way, wide dispersion C5215-W loudspeakers and 2 S8028 compact, high-output bass reflex subwoofer, the sound at Seduction creates an atmosphere yet to be seen in this area.
RCF Products are distributed in Thailand by Acoustic & Lighting.