The Doors Legend Never Dies

Long lives the Lizard King! With more than 90 million albums sold worldwide their popularity is still going strong and they are getting new fans everyday.
After the lead singer Jim Morrison’s death in 1971 the Doors continued to tour as a trio but the band officially disbanded in 1973, but their music never died. The combination of charismatic wild and poetic lyrics and their music style continued to inspire younger music generations that want to be filled with a mix of rebellion and Rock & Roll.
Keeping alive the Doors spirit, two of its original members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzareck, are still active and playing those great songs that earned their place as one of the most important bands in rock history. Today they tour under the name of Ray Manzareck and Bobby Krieger of The Doors.
When The Doors were visiting Mexico on their Latin America concert tour; one of the privileged concert events was the performance at the Art Palace in Morelia, Michoacan, where the company Soundset Productions was in charge of the production and supplied the event with a large scaled RCF TT+ System supported by Mexican RCF Distributor Hermes, and secured that all the Doors fans could “Light Their Fire” at this concert.
With the advice of the RCF product specialist Oscar Mora and local sound engineer Angel Hernandez, together with Soundset Production all the attendees were taken to a total The Doors ecstasy.
The RCF TT+ equipment used during the concert was crucial for the excellent development of the show. The main front system was based on RCF TTL55-A (Active three-way Line Array high power designed to generate impressive power output in large spaces, both open or closed) and RCF TTL33-A (The Ultra Compact Line Array).
The TT+ System setup at The Doors concert also included several RCF TTS28-A and TT25-A units.
Sound Engineer of the show was Grammy awarded Michael Dumas.
TT+ System Setup:
Main: 8 pcs TTL55A + 3 pcs TTS56-A per side (Total: 16 pcs TTL55A and 6 pcs TTS56-A)
OutFill: 7 pcs TTL33A per side (Total 14 pcs TTL33A)
SideFill: 4 pcs TTL33A + 2 pcs TTS28-A per side (Total 8 pcs TTL33A and 4 pcs TTS28-A)
DrumFill: 1 pcs TT25A + 2 pcs TTS28-A