Delfinario is an open amphitheatre with a capacity of more than 1600 people nearby Piraeus Port in Athens, Greece. RCF HDL 6-A where chosen for the 72 full booked Shows of Markos Seferlis and an attendance of hundreds of thousand people. Delfinario Theater in Athens needed a better sound performance, especially for the shows of the actor Markos Seferlis. After an analysis of the audio systems on the market, the choice went to RCF with the bestseller HDL 6-A. The technical design was carried out by the technical department of Kariotis Bros Co., in collaboration with Lucio Boiardi, RCF Technical Manager.
The TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre has been chosen to amplify the wake in memory of Padre Pio that took place at the end of September in San Giovanni Rotondo (south of Italy). Thousands of peoples attended the church service gathered in the space around the Sanctuary.
In order to have a perfect audio coverage RCF was involved to manage the audio project for the event.
Ing. Emanuele Morlini, TT+ Product Specialist, made a preliminary simulation in order to verify the diffusion, the sound pressure level and speech intelligibility. The RCF system managed to perform very well delivering a wide and perfect sound for both music and speech.
The RCF system was composed by:
32 TTL33-A Line Array Modules; 8 TTS28-A Subwoofers; 4 TT22-A speakers; 4 TT25-A speakers; 4 TT08-A Precision Monitor.
(Edison, New Jersey) While celebrating a 150 year history, St. Lawrence Martyr in Maryland is also celebrating a spiritual revival the congregation has experienced in the most recent decade. New ministry management has fostered much of the spiritual growth through a Life Teen youth ministry, addition of Adult faith programs and including International Nights to a revitalized welcome ministry. That growth spurred a capital campaign in 2014 to build a new parish complex. On June 3, Baltimore Archibishop William Lori presided over a Dedication Mass blessing the new facility. When facility design was in the planning stages, Michael Klass of Baltimore-based Klassic Sound was referred to provide a solution for their sanctuary sound.
For the first time in 20 years an NHL hockey team has won all their consecutive NHL home games during the playoffs. That team – the Nashville Predators. The venue – Bridgestone Arena. The excitement is building for the team, and much of it is being related to the fan experience at the facility. “AV is an integral part of that experience,” notes the arena’s Senior Director of Technical Operations Ben Bosse. “More than integral, it is an essential item,” attributing the music and video as a big part of the “total game experience” relating both pre-game and post-game productions and inciting the crowd during in-game breaks in the action.

According to an ESPN Ultimate Standings fan survey from this past fall, “The Bridgestone Arena topped the charts in stadium experience, and it seems like it will only continue to improve,” as management had already announced plans to improve the arena.

Into the mix comes Durrell Sports, a Nashville-based sports stadium consultant.

“Bridgestone has always been a home town favorite to our company,” says Durrell principal John Horrell. “We have been connected to them, as being their main sound consultant, lessor of audio equipment, provider of Media Services and supplied audio technicians for the past twelve years. Watching the success of the building (rated in the top five most used stadiums in the country 10 years running) and the success of the Predators team have been exciting to say the least.”

Durrell was involved with the selection of the original system 12 years ago. Recognizing that system was showing its age and in need of repairs, and with the commitment from the facility management for needed upgrades, Horrell started to explore new solutions.

Full audio visual service company, Polygone Equipement, were recently brought in to provide auxiliary sound reinforcement for the prestigious European Athletics Team Championships at the 18,000-seat capacity Lille-Métropole Stadium.
Formed in 1994, Polygone Equipement has been an RCF partner for most of that time, and working on the event for the first time they had no hesitation in picking a combination of high premium TTL33-A active line array and HDL20-A, RCF’s popular and huge selling composite system to supplement the stadium PA.
They used 12 of the TTL33-A, supported by eight elements of HDL20-A, underpinned with four TTS28-A subs, while a pair of TT25-A were detailed for monitoring purposes for the official speaker out on the central field.
The TTL33-A’s were arrayed in four main stacks, spaced around the stadium, each containing three enclosures plus a TTS28-A sub. Four additional stacks of dual HDL20-A line array modules were deployed with appropriate tilt angles for optimum coverage of the tribune seating.
The FOH mixing console provided sources from CD players and jingles, while the five wireless mics offered long distance capability. All sound was processed through BSS Omnidrive and broadcast splits were sent to France Television for live transmission.
According to the installation team the set-up had been straightforward because of the ground stacking design, while the RCF active line array solution proved a big advantage when it came to cabling issues.
“The system sounded great, with plenty of power and perfect intelligibility and clarity,” stated Polygone Equipement’s Gerard Coucke.
RCF partners, Dipsonic, have equipped a number of beach rescue centres on the north coast of France with HD6045EN fibreglass long-throw multicell horns, which are designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is the highest profile resort to receive the rescue voice application but others nearby include Stella Plage, Merlimont Plage and Sainte-Cécile Plage. The work was commissioned by Citeos, VINCI Energies’ Lighting and Urban Equipment brand, and the RCF solution was specified by M. Lefebvre from locally-based Dipsonic. His selection was based on the fact that the HD6045EN, rated at 133dB@1m, offered the highest SPL available for such a horn enclosure.
In terms of design, two of these horns are pole-mounted and set side by side in a ‘V’ configuration, facing out in front of the central beach. At Sainte-Cécile they are directly fixed on the Rescue Centre wall itself.
At Le Touquet-Paris-Plage an additional 25 RCF HD3216/T compact, lightweight and watertight horn speakers, will complete the installation along the 500-metre long sea wall, to increase the paging coverage at medium throw distance. The horns are powered from RCF’s UP 8000 series amplifiers, suitable for 70V/100V applications via the PR4093 9-in/3-out pre-amp, which has been purpose designed to provide a flexible solution for paging and music application in PA systems of this nature.
All the RCF Resort Centre installations have replaced previous voice evacuation systems.
Im war Alan Parsons mit Neun-köpfiger Besetzung für 13 Termine in Deutschland auf Tour. Auf dieser Tour zeichnete niemand Geringerer als der Emmy-Nominierte Ross Palone für den Sound verantwortlich.
Ross Pallone hat über 35 Jahre Erfahrung als professioneller Sound Engineer, sowohl in Live Produktionen als auch im Studio. Die Liste der Künstler mit denen er gearbeitet hat, ist mehr als beeindruckend: Prince, Alice Cooper, Barbra Streisand, Christopher Cross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, Manhattan Transfer, Michael Jackson, um nur Einige zu nennen. Aktuell arbeitet er als FOH-Techniker für Alan Parsons, Christopher Cross, David Benoit, Jeff Bridges und Mindi Abair.
Auch Alan Parsons selbst ist bereits eine Legende, nicht zuletzt auch die Erfahrung durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Pink Floyd oder den Beatles machen ihn selber zu einer echten Ikone für Sound-Enthusiasten.
Auf der Alan Parsons Tour kamen 24 RCF HDL50-A Line-Array Module mit 16 SUB 9007-AS Doppel-21" Subs als Main-PA zum Einsatz, sowie TT052-A als Near-Fills und die TTL6-A LineSource als Out-Fills.
"Die Fans erwarten einen hochqualitativen Sound", so Ross Palone, "und mir wurde das RCF HDL50 System für die Alan Parsons Tour angeboten. Da ich das System nicht kannte, stand ich dem erst einmal skeptisch gegenüber. Die Verleih-Company versicherte mir aber, dass dies ein gutes PA-System ist - und in der Tat, war ich überaus zufrieden mit dem RCF System. Es war kraftvoll, niemals aufdringlich und lieferte ausgezeichnete Abdeckung!
Die 21" Bässe sind die wahrscheinlich Besten, die ich jemals benutzt habe! Aufgestellt in Cardioid Konfiguration, lieferten sie Abend für Abend die gleiche beeindruckende Lautstärke von der ersten bis zur letzten Reihe. Und ich konnte mich dabei in die erste Reihe setzen ohne vom Sound erschlagen zu werden.
Das Gleiche gilt für die RCF TT052-A Front-Fills. Es ist mir wichtig ist, dass die Zuschauer in den ersten Reihen auch immer einen guten, ausgewogenen Klang haben und den Sound durch die Front-Fills genießen können. In einigen Venues kamen RCF TTL6-A als Outfill- oder Ergänzungslautsprecher zum Einsatz, für die Bereiche, die außerhalb der Abdeckung der Main-PA lagen. Auch sie haben einen ausgezeichneten Job gemacht."
Das gesamte System wurde mit der frei verfügbaren RDNet Netzwerk Software gesteuert. "Die Fernsteuerbarkeit jedes einzelnen Lautsprechers war ein wirklich großer Vorteil. Ich konnte durch jedes Venue gehen und jeden einzelnen Lautsprecher individuell in der Lautstärke anpassen oder filtern."
Ross abschließend:"Ich freue mich darauf weltweit mit RCF arbeiten zu können. Diese Firma fertigt alle Komponenten selber und legt gleichzeitig großen Wert auf eine gründliche Qualitätskontrolle. Davon konnte ich mich persönlich bei RCF in Reggio Emilia überzeugen. Wenn Du ein Sound-Engineer bist und die Möglichkeit bekommst auf einem RCF System zu arbeiten - Du wirst nicht enttäuscht werden."
During Infocomm, RCF will showcase its latest innovations in sound reproduction and amplification. The RCF’s new product line will feature improvements, design upgrades and exciting new technologies, like the new FiRPHASE processing, on-board on an extended range of loudspeakers.
Follow RCF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don't miss the occasion to attend our product demos as shown below.
Daily June 14-16 Demo Room W230A
9:00 - 10:00 a.m. 11:00 - 12:00 a.m. 01:00 - 02:00 p.m. 03:00 - 04:00 p.m.
RCF's big-selling HD-Line series, spearheaded by the HDL 20-A, welcomes the RCF HDL 6-A: an ultra-compact bi-amped 2-way active touring system for small to medium events, both indoors and outdoors. Despite the size and the ultralight-weight, the playback clarity is incredible, thanks to the built-in 1400W, 2-way class-D amplifiers and the FiRPHASE DSP processing.
BOOTH 6953 June 14-16 Orlando, FL
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