The Night Of The Prog Festival took place in early September for the fifth time at Loreley, Germany’s most beautiful open-air festival venue. For the fifth edition of this well-established prog festival, the keyword was the birth of neo prog. That is the reason why the festival scheduled six British bands representing this music style, including Pallas, Twelfth Night, Galahad, Solstice, and Marillion. For the F.O.H setup, the event’s organizers used RCF TTL55-A and TTS56-A systems from Session Veranstaltungstechnik.
The 2010 edition of the famous Deichbrand festival took place near Bremen in Germany from the 16th to the 18th of July. A great cast of international acts, headlined by US band Papa Roach, attracted thousands of people from all over the Country.
Thanks to their power and reliability, RCF TT+ active systems have been choose for the fourth time to amplify this huge event.
In the 2010 edition, adding to the TTL33-A and TTS28-A, the new large venues TTL55-A line array and TTS56-A high power subwoofers have been used.
Stage monitors TT25-SMA and TT45-SMA have been used on stage, 4PRO 7001 A-MH and 4PRO 7001 A-BA systems have been deployed as side fills.TTL31-A and TTL33-A in stacking configuration have been used as front fill.
Die Qualität von RCF Lautsprechern ist legendär. Vier neue Coax-Modelle sind jetzt verfügbar und machen da keine Ausnahme. Hochwertigstes Design und präzise Herstellung mit modernsten Materialien gewährleisten eine ausergewöhnliche Performance und vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten!
Die neuen Coax-Lautsprecher bieten eine gewichtsreduzierte Neodym-Magnetstruktur, sehr lineare Frequenzgänge und und eine hohe Effizienz. Als Antrieb dient ein großzügig dimensionierter Neodym-Magnet mit hoher Flussdichte und BL-Faktor. Dank dem neuen Aluminiumkorb und spezieller Luftführung an der Schwingspule ist eine optimale Wärmabführung und damiot minimale Powercompression gewährleistet.
Mit Ausnahme des CX12N351 verfügen alle Modelle über eine 2,5" Schwingspule aus Aluminium, montiert auf einem Fiberglassträger. Die 1,75" Hochtöner werden durch ein konisches Horn geladen
The new coaxial transducers feature a lightweight neodymium magnetic structure, excellent linearity and high efficiency. The design is powered from a large sized single neodymium ring magnet that provides an extremely high flux density and BL factor. The new hyper-vented aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat dissipation and lower power compression. Special air-forced ventilations are provided for voice coil, magnet assembly and basket.
All the models, except the CX12N351, feature a 2.5" voice coil combined with a strength fibreglass former and aluminium wire that drives the mid-bass cone with high efficiency and a good extension. The 1.75" dome compression driver loaded to a conical waveguide, provides a clear vocal output and a perfect high frequency extension.
The mid-bass section of the CX12N351 features a 3.5" inside/outside voice coil design that provides a very high power handling. Thanks to an integrated demodulation ring, the mid bass section gets a fastest time response and lower distortion. The compression driver uses a 2.5" diaphragm with a 1.4" throat. The diaphragm and suspension are formed from a 0.05 mm pure titanium. provides an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. It is powered from an integrated high power neodymium magnetic structure that guarantees high dynamic and sensitivity for both components.
The new coaxial transducers are the perfect lightweight solution for vocal applications, stage monitoring, compact 2-way reflex enclosures and designs where a constant radial directivity pattern is a requirement.
CX15N251 15", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX12N351 12", 3.5", 1.4", 2.5", 900/180 W program, 450/90 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX12N251 12", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER CX10N251 10", 2.5", 1.0", 1.75", 600/100 W program, 300/50 W RMS, COAXIAL TRANSDUCER
Come to visit us from the 12 to the 15 of September at the ISCE PAVILLION on booth 15 where the RCF staff will show its Commercial Audio and Installed Sound new products.
Each side of the main F.O.H included seven TTL33-A line array modules. Four TTS56-A subwoofers were added to fill the Live Music Hall with generous and consistent lows down to the deepest octave. The monitoring system on stage included eight TT25-SMA wedges.
Am 24. April 2010 wurde der Staffellauf „Batavierenrace“ in den Niederlanden durchgeführt. Der Lauf führt über 177 km von Nijmegen bis nach Enschede. Er unterteilte sich in 25 Staffeln (17 Männer- und 8 Frauenstaffeln), die jeweils zwischen 3,3 km und 11,2 km lang waren. Mehr als 300 Mannschaften (was mehr als 7.000 Studenten bedeutete) nahmen an diesem Staffellauf teil. Diese Teilnehmeranzahl sicherte dem Ereignis eine Erwähnung im Guiness-Buch der Weltrekorde.
Skyfly in Hengelo (ein lokaler RCF Händler) liefert in Zusammenarbeit mit Konitech die komplette Beschallungsanlage für diese Event. Die Abschlussveranstaltung in Enschede wurde mit dem TTL33-A Line Array und den TTS28-A Subwoofern beschallt. Der Veranstalter war sehr mit der Qualität der Beschallung und der guten Verständlichkeit auf dem gesamten Gelände zufrieden.
Nach dem Staffellauf gab es auf dem Gelände 6 unterschiedliche Partylocations. Bastille (Dance): NX M15-A und TTS28-A Subwoofer
Agora (Red Bull Dance): 4PRO 7001-A und 4PRO 8003-AS Subwoofer
Outdoor (Grolsch Green Light District): NX L23-A, NX S21-A, NX S25-A und Art 725-A (Sidefill)
Mensa (Lounge Club Chillout): TT22-A und 4PRO 8003-AS Subwoofers
Theatercafe (Band): Art 712-A und ART 905-AS Subwoofer
Bei allen Locations wurden RCF Art 310-A und Art 312-A als Monitor Lautsprecher eingesetzt.
From the 10th to the 13th of June, RCF’s new large format active line array system reinforced the huge World Ducati Week 2010 celebration at the Misano Adriatico motor circuit – where the World Moto GP championship runs once a year. 60.000 “Ducatisti” coming from all over the world gathered to celebrate one of the Italian’s excellence in motorbikes manufacturing and racing.
The event was conceived by MAC Group, an agency specialized in the design of motor events, while the technical part, managed by Nicola De Angeli, was handled by rental companies Giochi di Luce Servizi s.r.l. and Audio s.n.c. that provided a large sound system composed of TTL55-A line array modules and TTS56-A subwoofers for the shows.
FOH Engineer Francesco Arzani and PA Manager Daniele Valvassori were immediately comfortable with the new larger format RCF system.
“Everything worked out perfectly” Mr. Valvassori said, “the new TTL55-A arrays allowed us to cover a vast area very evenly and both the technical staff and the bands were really enthusiastic about the sound!”
Stage monitoring was taken care of using the TT25-SMA coaxial stage monitors. “The sound’s quality on the stage was really excellent” monitor engineer Cristian Merli said, “These monitors are able to withstand a really high sound pressure level without losing the definition, a feature that artists really need in such a big stage”.
Director Phil Lidstone believes this purpose-specific policy has given them a competitive edge in one of the company’s core market areas.
“We design for each individual application rather than use a one-system-fits-all approach,” he stated. “We are known as specialists in this sector, where we integrate the two disciplines of pro audio and audio visual under a common control platform. It’s a case of being able to differentiate between speech-only systems and those requiring a full dynamic range — and make them operable by non technical users.”
RCF, he says, have systems that cover all eventualities. “We have confidence in their ranges, and from R&D to finished product, everything is developed-in house. Having seen their facilities in Italy, their build quality is excellent.”
In the parish of Wardie, Edinburgh, the old Episcopal Church of Scotland had been operating an ancient 100V line system when d3 Audio and Visual were called in. Retaining the aesthetics was key to the brief, and the integrators opted for RCF’s L2406-T full range high intelligibility discreet two-way speaker column array. With its vertical controlled directivity, it provided precisely the dispersion pattern required.
Eight of the L2406-T’s are mounted on pillars around the peripheral windows. “The speakers are low profile and can be colour-matched — although we opted for the [factory] white so they would blend in,” says installation director Andrew McCully. “We find that RCF speaker enclosures are well designed and thought through, which makes them very good to work with and adapt when necessary.”
Optimised for speech reproduction, these are complemented by four RCF MQ50 two-way monitor speakers, with 5” woofer and waveguide-loaded dome tweeter to maintain intelligibility and wide angle coverage up in the balcony area of the 700-seat church.
The clergy are fitted with wireless mics, and other sources feeding the speakers include compact discs.
“Sonically the L2406-T’s are ideal for this application — with excellent voice reproduction and accurate dispersion, which allows us to direct the sound straight at the congregation,” summarises Lidstone.
Up in Dundee, d3 Audio and Visual had the distinction of performing the first refit of this type in a free church in Scotland (in this case St. Peters Free Church) — thus enabling them to bring about a change of direction and presentation style. This time the company took a different approach, specifying ten RCF Acustica C3108W’s and a pair of floor-mounted S4012 compact 12” subwoofers.
Some of the C3018W’s are mounted in pairs on columns along the length of the church, while others are flown above the ceiling void. d3 Audio and Visual evolved a unique mounting solution, dropping the loudspeakers down on chrome poles.
“The requirement for the system was to deliver great acoustic reproduction of speech and music for regular Sunday services — at the same time making sure the system had a wide dynamic range to cover almost any eventuality,” stated Phil Lidstone. “The Acusticas provide impressive HF and accurate response with subs delivering the extended frequency range when required. Certainly this combination provides plenty of headroom in the system.”
Essentially the company has provided the church with a system with a wide dynamic range, which can achieve higher SPL’s when required. “This enables them to follow their tradition of singing unaccompanied psalms, and at the same time stage music events which demand much more from the system.”
Finally, Destiny is a growing contemporary church in Edinburgh which began 11 years ago. In August 2008, they opened their second worship centre in the city — in a converted 700-seat 1930s cinema.
Given the room’s abundance of hard surfaces, the sound system upgrade proved extremely challenging for d3. Having considered their options they specified four elements of RCF TT+ Series line array flown either side of the high stage — one of the first in the UK.
The system comprises two ground-stacked TTL31-A’s per side, with four TTL12-AS subs (floor mounted). Completing the complement of speakers are a pair each of TTS18-A (18” subs), a pair of TT22-A (for balcony fills) and TT08-A (mezzanine level).
“Compared with the church’s original system, this is a phenomenal improvement,” concluded Phil Lidstone.
By taking advantage of the ultimate search-engine software made available in the section, RCF website visitors are now offered a user-friendly, precise tool to quickly find and compare products according to their main features and applications.
The “Product finder” will help our customers to highlight the best solutions for their needs simply by selecting the products’ features they are seeking and comparing the results in the provided chart completed with full products’ pictures and detailed technical data.
“We keep investing in our web site by adding accurate and functional applications” explains Mrs. Gioia Molinari - RCF Head of Marketing - “The web is the primary source of information and we are delighted to provide our valued customers around the world with an additional tool to easily guide them within the wider and wider range of RCF solutions”.
40 international Djs on 5 different stages entirely equipped with RCF TT+ Thouring and Theatre systems entertained thousands of people at the MAXIMAL 2010 Italian Electronic Music Festival in Novegro, near Milan.
The new TT+ Large Venues system, composed of TTL55-A line array modules and TTS56-A high power subwoofers, was used for the main stage while the others were provided with TTL33-A line arrays and TTS28-A subs. TT25-SMA coaxial stage monitors were used for the monitoring of the DJ’s consoles.
MAXIMAL 2010 has not just been a music festival but it has been conceived as a sensory journey through electronic music’s different dimensions and the world of digital art.
The concept of the event is to involve young people in a move out of the passive kind of entertainment experienced in most of the clubs. A path through four main environments represented by the different stages: Soul, Matter, Energy and Desire, each identified by a peculiar set design, sound, performances and digital art installations.
In order to realise this concept the choice of the sound amplification systems was a fundamental aspect to consider during the design of the event.
The sound at MAXIMAL 2010 had to be powerful and able to cover a huge area and in very high definition in order to transport the audience to the different worlds created by the Djs on each stage.
Fabio Pecis of Airone, the rental company that handled the event, commented: ”with the new Large Venues system by RCF we were able to obtain a perfect coverage of the vast area. The extreme audio clarity and sound definition that the system delivers even at the very high SPL required by an electronic music festival is astonishing and it has been a real key factor for the success of the show”.
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