Event PUBLIC SPACES 23 Oct 2023

AV Matrix celebrates 20 years with major RCF stock increase One of the first adopters of new GTX 10 medium-format array

The expansion of RCF dealers and rental specialists, AV Matrix, continues unabated.

The year after emerging from the Covid lockdown the company, who are based in the north of England, broke all records for turnover and profit—and this year they are likely to break the record again, according to MD Mark Parker.

They sensibly future-proofed further growth last summer by moving to larger premises near their former HQ in Wetherby, as they systematically continue to increase their hire fleet of RCF components, right across the spectrum.

“The reason for this,” he says, “is simply because the RCF inventory is always out of the warehouse.

“In the past year alone we have we have added items like TTW 4-A [point source] as well as further SUB 9006-AS and HDL 26-A.”

They also hold RCF’s HDL 30-A as stock items which they successfully converted into a sale to their customer Alrose Productions … and they are about to become one of the first adopters of RCF’s GTX line array, including the newly developed Precision Transducers, from its newly-conceived TT+ AUDIO brand. This, he says, will feature on all their larger corporate and music events.

In fact Parker and AV Matrix Head of Audio, Simon Shaw, had travelled with RCF’s Mick Butler to audition the new GTX system in Italy, and their subsequent purchase was based on the result of its performance and design. 

Although the Corporate event segment represents AV Matrix’s largest area of work, a major chunk of business is trade hire to other companies, emphasises the AV Matrix owner, currently celebrating 20 years of the company.

But of all the items, it is the vast inventory of HDL 26-A, some 56 enclosures in all, that sees most service. “For us the HDL 26-A is one of the best products because it’s tiny, lightweight yet high powered, and we are able to service some pretty big events just with that alone, he says. Like all HDL series it is quick and easy to rig.

“In fact having been with RCF since the very beginning it was probably the launch of HDL that represents their biggest breakthrough,” he believes. “It is a great value series, and you now see a lot of it out there.”

He adds that HDL has become perfectly acceptable by big name bands. “We’ve used it with a lot of them in the corporate world and there is now a good user network.”

Meanwhile, other purpose-designed RCF solution in the AV Matrix hire fleet include 32 x ART series boxes, 24 x HD10, 30 x EVOX systems, four each of the TTS15 subs, TT5 and  TT1 and TTL6 and 10 x NXL24. They can also offer six SUB 9004-AS, 20 SUB 9006-AS, 24 TT08 Mk2, 12 x NX12 monitors.

And with a headcount of permanent staff that is rising all the time (presently in excess of 40) Mark Parker can reflect with complete satisfaction on the present status of the company at the peak of a packed summer season. “We can now house sound, lights, video, power, staging and LED screens at our new base, safe in the knowledge that we won’t be planning to move again for some time.”

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