Installation CONFERENCE ROOMS 13 Jun 2008

Council Chamber of Banja-Luka Bosnia

The digital confernce and voting management system Forum 9000 has been installed in the Council Chamber of Banja-Luka, the second city of Bosnia Erzegovina.
Banja-Luka, as the capital of the Bsanska Krajina region, is a city with an intense political life and the RCF Forum 9000 system has been chosen for its reliability, versatility and user friendly approach.
The RCF Forum system installed comprises 30 FMS 9411 Microphone Sets, a FMU 9100 Master Unit, two FDC 9900 Dome Cameras and an FVM 9844 Switching Matrix.
The conferencing, voting and video shooting operations are controlled by the respective software: FSW 9010-C, FSW 9020-V and FSW 9030-D.
The audio of the conference is recorded by the FSW 9040-R Digital Recording Software