The Fukushima Project

RCF at the Fukushima project
The Japanese city Fukushima became worldwide known due to the disaster brought by the earthquake and tsunami, and most of all the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant.
In order to boost the moral of the population of this area has been established a music and art festival called “Project Fukushima” that will continue on a long-term basis. musicians and poets who were born and raised in Fukushima gathered together for this very special occasion.
The Fukushima event and festival featured the musical artistry of Japanese greats like Otomo Yoshihide, Michiro Endo, and the award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.
One highlight of the event was the performance by a 300 member free-jazz "orchestra", made up of professional and amateur musicians, all playing their hearts out to show their support for the people of Fukushima.
RCF, supported by local distributor Ballad Co. Ltd. provided all sound reinforcement for the main and secondary stages. Everyone was impressed by the clarity and fidelity of the TTL55-A, which allowed the nuanced performances to be enjoyed by the crowd of nearly 3,000 people.
The equipment used for the main stage was:
8pcs. TTL55-A
4pcs. TTL36-AS
2pcs. TT22-A
2pcs. ART905-AS
2pcs. ART410-A
4pcs. NX10-SMA
4pcs. NX12-SMA
For the other stage it has been used:
8pcs. NXL23-A
8pcs. NXS21-A
2pcs. ART525-A
2pcs. ART310-A
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