Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 06 Mar 2023

From SPAs to Below-Zero Outdoors: RCF Speakers Cover Polana Jakuszycka Ski Racing and Biathlon Centre

Jakuszyce, Poland - The Lower Silesian Sports Center Polana Jakuszycka Ski Racing and Biathlon Centre recently opened its doors to the public in September 2022. This multi-function sports facility spans over 5.5 hectares, with buildings that cover 20.5 thousand square meters. It is equipped with various amenities such as a biathlon shooting range, sports hall, artificial turf football field, running track, ski and bicycle rentals, and a spa center. The space is also connected to a railway line featuring a dedicated railway platform and railway offices with the main hall.

One of the key features of the facility is the multi-zone distributed sound system that covers various areas such as communication spaces, locker rooms, grinding rooms, gyms, bistro, sports hall, conference center, and restaurant interiors. The sound system of the Sports Center Polana Jakuszycka is a multi-zone distributed system with a digital audio network featuring different loudspeaker sets from the Italian brand RCF. 

Compact Series speakers are installed for the sports hall, restaurant, and conference center foyer, while the WMR and CMR models from the Premium Speakers series are equipped in the gym, fitness, bistro, and conference room zones. These models from the Business Music line offer premium RCF sound and an elegant, discreet design that complements the aesthetics of any interior. 

For communication spaces, cloakrooms, and grinding rooms, ceiling models from the PL - PL 60 and PL 6X series with high efficiency were installed, and the P series weatherproof loudspeakers are installed for outdoor grandstands and restaurant terraces. 

The seven rack cabinets of the sound system are connected to one LAN network that allows the transmission of audio signals between individual devices in the system using the Dante digital audio network. During the daily operation of the facility, the sound system is used to broadcast background music and conduct classes in the sports hall or fitness room. During sports competitions, the system becomes a key information system for athletes, organizers, and spectators.

The delivery and commissioning of the sound system were done by Tommex, a company that specializes in professional audio and official RCF Installed Sound products distributor for Poland. The system includes mobile rack cabinets that allow for the attachment of a professional commentator's stand and the delivery of the audio signal from the competition to the broadcasting car or external sound system set up during sports competitions.

The Lower Silesian Sports Center Polana Jakuszycka Ski Racing and Biathlon Centre is a modern facility that caters to both amateurs and professionals. Its multi-zone distributed sound system is a crucial component of the facility, ensuring high-quality sound in various areas and serving as a key information system during sports competitions.

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