RCF HDL Series Blasts Off with the Comedy Mothership in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas — The Comedy Mothership has landed on 6th street, a popular entertainment district, in downtown Austin. Sixth Street has a deep and vibrant history with live music, now with the addition of The Comedy Mothership, the area has entered the realm of comedy. Owners of this new space set forth to push the boundaries of what would be considered a “common” comedy club. Their requirements would be a live experience with a professional sound system that could give patrons a club feel when entering, great vocal clarity, and the ability to handle a live band. 

Sean Robertson, Account Manager with GC Pro and Integrators Event Tech AV, of Ft. Collins Colorado, were beamed aboard to help with the installation. “With all its unique challenges the priority was comedy, and for the audio system itself, it had to be vocal clarity.” says Bruce Gilson, Owner of Event Tech AV. “Like many performance venues, much consideration is taken over sight lines and the overall aesthetic in the room. The architect wanted the speakers to be as high as possible. The main stage curves out and the speakers are about 6' behind the main comic mic. We had to find an elegant solution that had excellent control and volume before feedback.”

Working alongside Bruce and Sean was Mike Trimble, Sound Designer with GCPro and AVI Design Engineer, Brock Stamper. The entire team agreed RCF HDL Series was the best option to raise the profile. “We were able to achieve perfect coverage and angles for the speakers,” continues Gilson. “The ease of connecting line array modules to one another made it easy to hang once the fly bar was in position. The [HDL-6-A] cabinet design is so lightweight it can be a one-person job.”

Soon after Gilson commissioned and tuned the RCF system the owners were very impressed how clear and full the system sounded, meeting the requirements, and exceeding expectations. “The ownership of the Comedy Mothership was blown away when they heard the [HDL] system for the first time. It is stunning how full the [HDL 36-AS] subs fill the room and have perfect clarity through the entire spectrum. When the Comics are standing on stage, they are shocked by how well they can hear themselves through the main PA. We do offer stage monitors but most often they are unnecessary.”

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