Great success at San Siro

Vasco and RCF – A great success at San Siro Stadium in Milan. Italian singer Vasco Rossi has ended the first part of his “Live KOM 011” tour, with the last 4 concerts held at the legendary stadium San Siro in Milan. More than 250,000 people attended the four shows at the San Siro and they experienced an incredible stage show featuring a vintage Vasco performance, complemented by a cutting edge sound and light production.
The RCF TT+ sound system on tour with Vasco is capable of delivering almost 1 million watts and was based around the outstanding TTL55A line array. Consisting of 120 pcs of TTL 55-A, combined with 60pcs of the 2 x 21” TTS 56-A sub, it ensured a great result with positive feedback from the members of the production team.
"I was very pleased with how the TT+ line array performed, this is the largest system I have ever toured with and there is no doubt that the results we achieved, firmly place the RCF TTL55A as the leading system for this type of event”, says Andrea Corsellini - FOH Sound Engineer.
The Nuovo Service Rental Company provided full production for the Vasco tour and they are also very positive about their experience with the TT+ system.
"I am very happy working with the team at RCF, we have had a great relationship for a long time. As well as being a manufacturer, they also have a clear idea of ​​what is happening on a tour of this calibre and are ready to provide their complete co-operation and passion,” says Willy Gubellini - Nuovo Service Rental.
Another important factor when choosing the TT+ as the system for the Vasco tour was its’ ease of use in all areas of the production.
"The fact that the speakers come with DSP and amplification on-board changed our way of handling a large concert like this. With this system we were able to dramatically reduce the rigging time, while still maintaining perfect control of the system. Also the transport and storage solutions provided by RCF allowed us to greatly simplify our life on the road. All in all an incredible package that allowed assembly or breakdown the first truck load in just 20 minutes", says Camporese Angelo - Head of Audio for Nuovo Service.
Composition of the complete system:
MAIN LEFT-RIGHT: 20+20 TTL55-A, 10+10 TTL36-AS, 21+ 21 TTS56-A
SIDE LEFT-RIGHT: 16+16 TTL55-A, 9+ 9 TTS56-A
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