• 4.0 inch, Kapton former, edge wound aluminium voice coil
  • 280W continuous program power handling
  • Frequency range: 500Hz - 20kHz
  • 4-slot optimized geometry phase plug
  • Titanium diaphragm, Polyimide surround

The ND940 is a ultra compact size, high performance, high power handling 4.0-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 1.4 inch exit throat. A thin copper ring is precision pressed on to the pole piece in order to modify and lower the inductance characteristics of the magnetic circuit and voice coil providing a controlled extension of the acoustic frequency response. The voice coil assembly is designed using a high strength, high temperature Kapton® voice coil former and edge wound copper clad aluminium wire directly joined to the diaphragm by RCF proprietary Direct Drive kapton technology. The ND940 features a 4-slot, optimised geometry, phase plug design. Extended computer assisted mathematical modelling and testing has resulted in a geometry that provides a balanced acoustic performance controlling and lowering air distortion and maximizing output.

Part number:

ND940 16 OHM


Especificaciones generales
Diámetro de la garganta de salida:
1.4 inch / 36 mm
Impedancia relacionada (ohmio):
8 ohm
Potencia de programa (W):
280 W
Capacidad de manejo de potencia:
140 W
Sensibilidad (dB):
110 dB
Rango de frecuencía:
500 - 20000 Hz
Material de diafragma:
Pure Titanium
Material de suspensión:
Diseño de suspensión:
Impedancia mínima (ohmio):
8.50 ohm
Diámetro de la bobina:
4.0 inch / 102 mm
Material embobinado de la bobina de voz:
Edgewound Aluminium
Diseño anterior de la bobina de voz:
Direct Drive Kapton
Número de capas:
Tipo de capas:
Densidad de flujo (T):
2.0 T
Diseño de clavija de fase:
4 slot
Material de clavija de fase:
Anillos de demodulación de la bobina de voz:
Parámetros Thielle-Small
Factor BL (BL) (T x m):
17.60 T x m
Informaciones de montaje
Diámetro total:
140 mm / 5.51 inches
Altura total:
60 mm / 2.36 inches
4 x 6 mm threaded holes at 90°
Cumplimiento estándar
Safety agency:
CE compliant
2.72 kg / 6 lbs
Informaciones de envío
Altura de paquete:
90 mm / 3.54 inches
Anchura de paquete:
195 mm / 7.68 inches
Profundidad de paquete:
170 mm / 6.69 inches
Peso de paquete:
2.87 kg / 6.33 lbs