Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 16 Jan 2023

RCF Audio Prepares Acinque Ice Arena for the 2026 Winter Olympics

The new structure at the Varese ice rink is preparing for the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics with new technological systems and the latest generation RCF audio system.

The Varese ice rink, expanded and renamed Acinque Ice Arena, includes sports facilities for ice, swimming, fitness, and padel. The recent redevelopment at the structure has been completed with the best technology available, including new lighting services designed for light shows, a suspended LED cube, and RCF audio systems for both high-power diffusion and an EVAC EN54 system. The sound systems were installed by RCF partner Tecnoalarm/Tecnofire who have integrated anti-intrusion, automatic fire detection, and supervision systems, providing the customer with innovative technologies that are easy to manage. The complete system transitions the ice rink into an arena ready to welcome any type of national and international competition. The arena was officially inaugurated with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, on November 15, 2022.

The Costigliola company followed the redevelopment of the project. "The structural redevelopment of the ice rink began in 2021, starting from the restoration of the roof and laminated wood structures, including the extensions up to the complete renovation of the technology upgrades." says Dr. Alberto Costigliola, Commercial Manager of Costigliola. "For the audio systems, we relied on the expertise of RCF, which assisted Costigliola through Pietro Mandelli of the Engineering Support Group. From the initial design phase, through system programming to commissioning and delivery of the system, RCF is a tremendous partner." Costigliola is a construction company active for over 40 years in the construction industry,  with experience installing advanced technology, both in public and private sectors.

The RCF high powered INSTALLED SOUND system includes several zones. The ice arena with the relative 1110-seat grandstands and the two indoor swimming pools are served by RCF P4228 loudspeakers, which guarantee resistance to the unique environmental conditions of installation. 

On the second floor, a large gymnasium with two multi-purpose training rooms are equipped by COMPACT M08 two-way speakers with wooden cabinets. The DX 1616 digital matrix processor is the master unit of the system, which manages the routing and processing of all audio signals and distributes them to the RCF QPS 9600, HPS 2500, DMA 162, and DMA 82 power amplifiers.

In the ice arena, a dedicated control room with one F 12XR mixer and two TX 4016 wireless microphones were installed. The DXT 3000 Interlink EVAC system guarantees emergency sound diffusion in all areas of the building. Different types of loudspeakers were installed, including HD 21EN horn loudspeakers, DU 50EN universal loudspeakers, and PL 68EN recessed ceiling lights, in accordance with the environmental and architectural constraints. The system is interfaced as per the UNI ISO 7240-19 standard with the fire detection unit of Tecno Alarm, RCF's partner for the construction of this system.

Costigliola concludes, “We are very happy with the result and the arena is now ready to host high profile events. The inauguration day, for example, took place with only the systems inside the building, without any external integration, that provided clarity and definition of speech and music worthy of a concert."

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