Installation HOTELS AND SPA 20 Mar 2023

Domaine Barmes Buscher's Accurate Multi-Diffusion Integrated Solution by RCF

Wettolsheim, France -  Domaine Barmes Buscher, a renowned biodynamic wine producer in Wettolsheim, area of Colmar, has been specializing in premium Alsace wines since the XVII century. For their new headquarters, they approached local distributor Enjoy Events to provide an accurate sound multi-diffusion solution with design integration and smart management from several remotes.

The main objective was to distribute ambient sound to the three-floor architecture and outdoor areas during the day while allowing the activation of local sources such as microphones for distributor conventions and training, and local smartphone or video sources. The solution also required muting zones and easy volume control from various places. Additionally, the system needed to deliver high reserve power for occasional party time during special events.
ENJOY's Yanel DEMANGEAT, with the support of Michele BEGOTTI from the ESG department, provided a special custom solution from the BUSINESS MUSIC catalog. The solution included MQ 50C, MQ 80P, COMPACT M 04, PL6X, and S12 subwoofers, but with additional touchscreen and remotes fully personalized by French technician Yannick Dahms.
According to Yanel Demangeat “the result exceeded the original goals. The system's management is easy and fluent, making it perfect for non-professional users. Furthermore, in the case of special events, the small M 04 speakers, with bass reinforcement from the S series, provide amazing quality and power while maintaining a nice visual integration.”
Enjoy Events successfully provided Domaine Barmes Buscher with a custom sound solution that delivers excellent sound quality and power, and its easy management makes it suitable for non-professional users.

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