Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 14 Apr 2010

Hitting the High Note

By Daniel Woon of Acoustic & Lighting
Opened in October 2009, the new elegant Rootz club will literally lift your clubbing experience to a brand new height. Overlooking the breathtaking skyline of Kuala Lumpur, this club is heavily inspired by the architecture of the great Russian museums and imperial palaces. Dashes of maroon and a sprinkle of gold can be seen radiating from everywhere inside the club. It is truly a magnificent feast for the senses and an ultimate expression of contemporary architectural.
Located on the rooftop of Lot 10 shopping center and set amidst lush greenery of overhanging ferns and emerging foliage and a variety of tropical plants, this club is quickly emerging as one of the top and exclusive club in Kuala Lumpur.
Mr. Ramesh Krishna, the Operations Manager of Rootz, is quick to point out its exclusivity. “What sets our club different from the others is the fact that we embrace a healthy lifestyle. We positioned ourselves at the medium and high-end spectrum of the clubbing scene. Thus, unhealthy practice like drug-taking is prohibited and we condemned any act of violence in the club. Guests will feel safe and privileged to be soaked in this ultimate and exclusive clubbing experience”
Utilizing an RCF system is indeed a good decision for this premise. “When I choose a system, I look for durability and also superior sound quality. A good system must be able to lasts significantly long. Thus, both durability and stability are the integral factors in influencing my selection. Of course, a clear and perfect sound quality is a must-have in the system as well. I’m glad RCF is able to fulfill all these requirements.”
Two set of NX L23-A line array systems provide the coverage to the main dance floor. These two ceiling-mounted systems are supported by a set of FLY-BAR NXL 23 mounting system each. A further two units of NX S25-A subwoofer and two units of NX S21-A subwoofer are positioned in front of the DJ booth. “The sound quality is good. It is loud and powerful enough to delivers all the right beat and bass to lift the energy of the crowd. This keeps the whole crowd going throughout the night”
Crowd gave very positive feedback as well. They like the vibe and the whole energy channeled from the sound system. “A unique and posh clubbing arena requires a comparable sound system to delivers the same message of exclusivity and classiness to its guests. RCF complements our image perfectly with its clear and mind blowing sound quality”
The ultimate aim of Rootz is to provide a posh and exclusive getaway in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It is also a sanctuary of good quality music to compensate the madness and the obnoxious pace of city life. And thanks to RCF, all these are now possible.
Equipment list:
NX L23-A active two-way line array NX S25-A bass reflex active subwoofer NX S21-A bass reflex active subwoofer FLY BAR NX L23 suspending bar for NX23 array system
Rental Supplied by: VSL Audio & Visual Sdn. Bhd.

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