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Long throw applications

Focusing on stadiums and big arenas, HVL Series speakers are capable of true, concert-level high performance in arena-sized venues. Featuring point source, line source, and subwoofers speakers, all modules embed RCF Precision Transducers, horns, and waveguides for optimal coverage and clarity. The cabinet’s design with coplanar woofers and horns produces identical left and right coverage, capable of delivering serious sonic horsepower within the stadium while maintaining intelligibility and even coverage at every seat.
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Precision transducers

With in-house transducers’ design and manufacturing for no-compromise performances, the HVL Series excels in any comparison. All transducers feature state of the art neodymium magnetic circuits, radically new voice coil ventilation systems, and ground-breaking voice coil assemblies.

Low frequencies 2 x 15” high-power woofer, 3,5" inside/outside voice coil, dual spider, hypervented, neodymium magnet.

Mid frequencies 2 x 10” neodymium midrange, 3" voice coil, high performance sealed basket design.

High frequencies 2 x 4” neodymium compression driver, titanium dome, 4 slot phase plug, copper inductance ring for extended response.

4path waveguide

The custom 4 PATH-designed waveguide allows precise coverage while also delivering an excellent, linear high-frequency response. The unique shape of the four ducts forming the guide creates an ideal isophasic load from the vocal range up to the highest audible frequencies.
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Amplificatori raccomandati


4 x 4000 W

di potenza continua in Classe D su 2,7 ohm

Processing a 40-bit in virgola mobile
 fino a 96 kHz
Pronto all’uso

Configurazioni e preset per diffusori RCF

2 unità rack

per sistemi audio touring e da installazione

Flessibilità di routing a 32-bit

con I/O analogici, digitali e Dante

Sistemi avanzati di protezione
per ciascun canale dell’amplificatore e alimentazione
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Consistent robustness

Reduce the commissioning time on your new projects with HVL’s modular array-ability, multiple directivity indexes (Q, and small footprint in comparison to its power. HVL can lower overall system costs by delivering full coverage with fewer modules precisely matching the audience area. Rated for direct-exposure outdoor installations, each cabinet is made of Baltic birch plywood with polyurea coating and includes a weatherproof barrier strip for connections. The grille is powder-coated heavy-duty steel with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven-fabric backing.
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Case history

Paul Brown stadium re-energizes with HVL

Durrel Sports teamed up with RCF to deliver its concert-ready, signature sound to the Cincinnati Bengals' home field. With more than 580 large-format speakers among RCF catalog products and custom builds, Paul Brown Stadium recharged as one of the best sounding sports facilities in the US. All delivered on time despite the global pandemic.
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"The expanded coverage in the facility is outstanding, it’s a whole new experience for our fans."
Scott Simpson, Executive Producer

Soluzioni su misura

Il nostro Engineering Support Group lavora fianco a fianco con il dipartimento di ricerca e sviluppo per creare prodotti su misura in base alle reali esigenze del cliente, complete di accessori per il rigging, elaborazione del segnale o meccaniche personalizzate. Non siamo solo fornitori di prodotti standard, ma anche un team di ingegneri altamente qualificati che sviluppano soluzioni audio su misura. Contatta il team RCF per saperne di più sulla personalizzazione e sulle opzioni di colore per adattare il sistema al tuo ambiente. Ogni progetto ha parametri di riferimento importanti e ti aiuteremo a portare a termine il lavoro.
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