• 4.0 inch, Kapton former, edge wound aluminium voice coil
  • 280W continuous program power handling
  • Frequency range: 500Hz - 20kHz
  • 4-slot optimized geometry phase plug
  • Titanium dome, Polyimide surround
  • Copper inductance ring for extended response
  • The minimum size 4" driver available

The ND950 2.0 is a ultra compact size, high performance, high power handling 4.0-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 2.0 inch exit throat. The high power neodymium magnet guarantee the perfect control of the dome assembly’s moving mass. This leads to higher efficiency, better transient response and diminishes high frequency distortion modes. A thin copper ring is precision pressed on to the pole piece in order to modify and lower the inductance characteristics of the magnetic circuit and voice coil providing a controlled extension of the acoustic frequency response. The ND950 2.0 features a .05 mm thick pure titanium in combination with a high strength Mylar suspension. The voice coil assembly is designed using a high strength, high temperature Kapton® voice coil former and edge wound copper clad aluminium wire. The ND950 2.0 features a 4-slot, optimised geometry, phase plug design. Extended computer assisted mathematical modelling and testing has resulted in a geometry that provides a balanced acoustic performance controlling and lowering air distortion and maximizing output.

Part number:

ND950 2.0

Specifiche tecniche
Specifiche generali
Diametro gola:
2.0 inch / 51 mm
Impedenza nominale (ohm):
8 ohm
Potenza musicale (watt)
280 W
140 W
Sensibilità (dB):
110 dB
Gamma di frequenza:
500 - 20000 Hz
Materiale Diaframma:
Pure Titanium
Materiale della sospensione:
Design della sospensione:
Impedenza Minima (ohm):
8.50 ohm
Diametro Bobina:
4.0 inch / 102 mm
Materiale di avvolgimento della bobina:
Edgewound Aluminium
Design del former della bobina
Direct Drive Kapton
Numero di strati:
Strati bobina (tipologia):
Densità del flusso magnetico (T):
2.0 T
Design del Rifasatore:
4 slot
Materiale del Rifasatore:
Anelli demodulanti bobina:
Parametri di Thiele & Small
Fattore Bl (Bl) (T x m):
17.60 T x m
Informazioni di montaggio
Diametro complessivo:
146 mm / 5.75 inches
Altezza complessiva
97 mm / 3.82 inches
4 x 6 mm threaded holes at 90°
Conformità agli standard
Marchio CE:
3.82 kg / 8.42 lbs
Informazioni di spedizione
Altezza imballaggio:
125 mm / 4.92 inches
Larghezza imballaggio:
195 mm / 7.68 inches
Profondità imballaggio:
170 mm / 6.69 inches
Peso imballaggio:
4.02 kg / 8.86 lbs