Indoor Arena Rock: Ligabue Unleashes the Power of TT+ AUDIO

Following the success of his concert/event at RCF Arena and his stadium dates in the summer of 2023, Italian rocker Luciano Ligabue returns to perform indoors in Italy and Switzerland with over 25 dates supported by the GTX line array. With the release of his new album "Dedicato a Noi" in September, and already in heavy rotation on all national radio stations, Ligabue reaffirms his choice to rely on TT+ AUDIO sound for his sound reinforcement.

TT+ AUDIO’s new GTX system takes sound reproduction to new levels, with extreme dynamic range and precision across the entire audio spectrum, unmatched by any system previously developed by the company from Reggio Emilia.

Emanuele Morlini, sound system designer for TT+ AUDIO, describes the choices made to optimize coverage in indoor venues:

"With Ligabue, we always have a need for maximum intelligibility of vocals and guitars, both gravitating in the same frequency range. With GTX, this process is simplified, given the improved precision and clarity in the mid-high range. The GTX system in use consists of 36 modules of GTX 12 divided into two arrays for the main, plus two sides built with 16 modules of GTX 12. Additionally, to cover the side of the auditorium, I use two extraside arrays of 9 modules of the well-proven RCF TTL 33-A II when necessary."

GTX differs from previous TT+ products by separating the amplifier and DSP block from the speaker cabinet and integrating them into new touring racks. The 68 modules of GTX 12 are powered by 24 RCF XPS 16K amplifiers for a continuous total power of over one megawatt. RCF power is always available to meet the demand for energy for the most intense transients.

Morlini continues, "The subs are configured in a gradient array arrangement with two straight lines electronically curved, respectively, of 12 and 10 modules of RCF TTS 56-A. This ensures the necessary cancellation on stage and effective control of directivity even at low frequencies, which is a fundamental requirement inside arenas. Additionally, the front of the stage is covered with 4 modules of RCF HDL 26-A. The entire system is controlled via RDNet in version 5.0, which will soon be available to all TT+ Audio users. This allows us to fully control the entire GTX system powered by RCF XPS amplifiers simultaneously with modules with TTL, TTS and HDL amplifiers as a single system. With RDNet, I can manage hybrid systems and control all parameters in real-time from a single control window."

Simone Squillario, Ligabue's sound engineer, adds,  "We had the good fortune to use the GTX system even before it was released to the market, during the tour dates outdoors. We are now bringing the system into Italian indoor arenas: situations that are much more complex acoustically. We have already had our first successes; the system responds well to the mix and can reach even the most distant spectators with extreme detail across the entire frequency range. I am very satisfied with the performance, in particular the response to transients, the clarity in the sound texture and the vocal definition. All essential in genres like rock with many electric guitars, like Luciano's."

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