Martial arts live in Trier with RCF HDL 30-A Line Arrays

For the first time Integra FC, Germany’s largest series of amateur and pro-MMA events, made a stopover in the city of Trier at the Arena Trier. Athletes from 16 nations and martial arts schools from the surrounding area could prove themselves in front of the Trier audience. Event technology service provider TRIACS with managing director Udo Treimetten has been supporting the Integra Fighting Championships in all trades in all productions since 2015: Sound, light, video technology and live stream.

Wladimir Schwarz, Managing Director Integra Fighting Championship (www.ifc-mma.de) comments the joint work: “We have now been working together with Triacs GmbH from Föhren for more than 4 years to manage our martial arts events. The company TRIACS has the necessary know-how and the right feeling, which is important for our events. A sound system with high speech intelligibility and deep basses is vital for the moderation and the desired emotion when the fighters move in. The lighting and video concept is very well thought out and ideally implemented for us. Already during the planning phases and the delivered 3D visualisations, we were always impressed by our partner TRIACS. We are already looking forward to the next events which are currently being planned.”

Following the classic design, the boxing ring was placed in the middle of the arena in Trier. For sound purposes, it was necessary to realise a 270 degree sound reinforcement, including subs. TRIACS solved this problem by using three hangs of line arrays (6 HDL 30-A each) on a circle rig, plus 2x subs (Sub 9006-A) in cardioid mode, which disappeared under the boxing ring. Another four RCF TT 1-A speakers in each corner of the boxing ring also ensured a perfect speech intelligibility.

During the event, the sound system transmitted the fighters’ arrival music and announcements. To guarantee perfect music reproduction and speech intelligibility, we used the subs infra basses only with a frequency range from 20 to 50 Hz, as the HDL 30-A line arrays allow a low-frequency reproduction up to 50 Hz. Thus, the complete required frequency range could be covered by the RCF systems. TRIACS implemented the entire pre- planning of the installation via Ease Focus in conjunction with RDNet 3.1 and the Shape Designer tool.
“The hdl 30-a system was fully convincing in this installation – once again. because of the control with rdnet and the fir filtering, we could deliver a sound that offered perfect music reproduction and speech intelligibility from every place without noticeable transitions.”

The organisers and the arena operators, for whom the Integra Fighting Championships were a sporting premiere, were also very satisfied with the production.

Annette Sausen, Popp Concerts (ticketing) (www.poppconcerts.de), production management, commented on the event: “Being a classical concert promoter, taking part in the IFC 14 was a sporting premiere for us and a change in our usual concert and show operations with new insights. The entire production was of the highest quality, and we are very much looking forward to establishing the IFC as a recurring event in Trier.”
MVG Managing Director Arnd Landwehr (www.mvg-trier.de), who runs the Arena Trier, is enthusiastic about the premiere of the event in his venue. “For us arena operators the IFC 14 was a sporting highlight in our events schedule of the year. Our respect goes to the sporting achievements of the fighters and a professional organiser who efficiently and with good technical means gave the arena just the right ambience. Together with the IFC and thanks to the outstanding commitment of the company TRIACS, we have proven that our multifunctional arena is exactly the right location for premiere martial arts events. We are already looking forward to a repeat performance in 2020.”
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