RCF Support provides a variety of tools and technology, people, and programs designed to proactively help you lower costs and get the best performance from your audio system. We are determined to make our customers successful and address requests that range from answering best practices questions, guidance on configuration, and problem resolution.

Products After Sales Support

Product Assistance, Spare Parts, Hardware and Software Support, Technical Documentation.

Application and installation assistance

Assistance on real-life applications to get the best out of your RCF Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Accessories, RDNet, Transducers, Evac, Installation Support.

Project Design Support

The RCF Engineering Support Group is a team of highly skilled engineers to assist you with personalized audio solutions. Learn more about project design support and customization to suit your unique environment. Each project has important benchmarks and we will help you to get the job done.

Product Registration Support

Problems registering your product? Log-in to your User Area, then go to the Product Registration section, and press "Do You Need Help?"

Software Download

Download our latest software, firmware updates, and access our online services.


RDNet is a powerful management network and control platform for small to arena-sized sound systems and large-scale installations

DXT 3000 Planner

RCF DXT 3000 Planner automatically performs all the mathematical calculations of a Voice Alarm system in spaces without acoustic issues


Download our catalogs to find the best audio solution for your application. Each catalog contains product features, specifications, accessories, and application examples from which to draw inspiration.

Knowledge Base

Become an expert in RCF professional technologies. RCF Knowledge Base contains technical documents, guidelines and support references created by our support professionals who have trained and resolved issues for our customers. 

RDNet Manual

RDNet 4.0 Manual ENG


Active Speaker Power Supply, Pre-Alignment Dealys, Line Array Design, Subwoofers Measurement and Aligment...