• 8 x 7 configurable digital matrix
  • Powerful DSP platform on-board
  • Dual AC and DC power supply
  • 8 x 80 W power amplifier
  • PC software configuration
  • Emergency messages on monitored memory
  • Up to 32 units linked together
  • Up to 256 loudspeaker lines

MU 7100EN is the master unit of the DXT 7000 Voice Alarm system, designed to fulfill all requirements of EN 54-16 and EN 60849 standard. The whole signal path from microphone to loudspeaker lines is completely and automatically monitored against faults. All properties and functions of the system are specified with Windows based DXT 7000 configuration software and are downloaded to master unit through its USB port.


Part number:

MU 7100EN
EAN 8024530007119