Corporate 10 May 2023

New Pre-Alignment Delay Documents Available for RCF Active Speakers

All RCF active speakers feature FiRPHASE processing for a 0° linear-phase response, ensuring perfect phase alignment when paired with other RCF speakers and subwoofers. That means most of our satellite-sub combinations already provide perfect time-coherence simply by positioning the speaker on the subwoofer.

In some cases, due to physical or technical limitations, small corrections using delay will be necessary to get the best performance. RCF speakers with built-in delay, like the HDL and TT+ series, have on-board or RDNet time delay capability. However, for the few systems without built-in delay, an external delay device is required.


We have created Pre-Alignment Delay documents for each RCF active speaker model, providing the exact time delay values needed for perfect alignment with RCF subwoofers. These guides are available for download on each product's page on our website - Downloads section.


The documents also include delay values for some discontinued RCF speaker models to maintain compatibility with current offerings.


To implement the recommended delay settings:

  • Enter the pre-alignment values into your RCF speaker's rear panel delay controls (if available). Alternatively, program the delays into the RDNet speaker management software or configure the delays on your external delay device.
  • For suspended speakers, the delay values need adjusting to compensate for the physical offset distance between the speaker and subwoofer. Either add or subtract delay based on this offset distance to achieve proper time alignment.

By following the recommendations in the new Pre-Alignment Delay guides, you can ensure your RCF active speakers and subwoofers are perfectly phase aligned for optimal sound quality and a great audio experience for your audience.

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