High definition touring and theatre systems

TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre is the RCF's flagship solution for professional sound reinforcement, suited for first-class live concerts, performing arts, sports events, speech reinforcement, and high-end fixed installations.
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Power and control

The TT+ range consists of both powerful active, passive speakers and amplifiers for point-source, vertical, and horizontal deployment with a top of the class sound performance, full weatherproof protection, and maximum scalability. Rider-friendly speakers with low weight, robust and reliable hardware, and efficient remote monitoring and control.
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Large venues

The TT+ range consists of both powerful active, passive speakers and amplifiers for point-source, vertical, and horizontal deployment with a top of the class sound performance, full weatherproof protection, and maximum scalability. Rider-friendly speakers with low weight, robust and reliable hardware, and efficient remote monitoring and control.

Live touring

With the integration of high-efficiency amplifiers and transducers, TT+ reduces transportation costs, energy requirements, and cabling. The fast system deployment, full remote management, reliable electronics, and weatherproof cabinets save time and concerns in time-sensitive applications.
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Stadium and arenas

Whether the venue hosts a live performance or a sport match, TT+ delivers superior vocal coherence with optimal intelligibility. The advanced electro-acoustic design, with extended SPL, can withstand crowd noise with absolute clarity.

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Theatre systems

When large scale music applications require absolute precision and clarity, the TT+ sound system is easily scalable, from a few modules to full-size line arrays. The FiRPHASE controlled linearity avoids phase distortion, so the system engineer requires simple time delay alignments for any desired system design.
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Concert halls

The least distortion possible at any volume level, paired with complete remote management of every speaker, makes the TT+ the perfect indoor sound system. Enjoy the pinpoint accurate coverage with full dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo, from symphonic music to electronic performances.
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House of worship

TT+ systems deliver unique intelligibility, well-defined coverage control, and excellent microphone feedback rejection. From small and medium-sized houses of worship to large community churches, enjoy high definition voice and music at the desired SPL level.
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High definition TT+ technology

Key factors of TT+ speakers design:
  • ease of transportation and quick installation
  • ability to sustain long-term high power
  • constant sound clarity in the listening area
  • consistent coverage of the listening area
  • harmonic distortion to the lowest possible level
  • remote management and monitoring


Our engineering and development department offers innovative concepts with precise control of any detail, from the loudspeaker voice coil wire to the efficiency of the amplifier topology.
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RCF is one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide with the ability to completely design and manufacture all the aspects of a sound system - transducers, speaker systems, amplification, and management software.
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Among many engineered parts and a large number of measurements, hundreds of computer-aided simulations aim to develop the best transducer behavior, amplifier performance, and waveguide response, even before prototyping.
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Advanced electronics

TT+ gives you the freedom to work in many different venues with the same system, merely changing the number of modules. The high-powered TT+ Class-D amplifiers, tailored for each transducer, deploy pristine sound with efficient heat dissipation at the lowest possible distortion, along with low power consumption.

High-end AD/DA conversion up to 96 kHz - 32-bit floating-point, and onboard DSP for the best sound quality. Thanks to the proprietary RDNet networked management and control, every TT+ speaker provides in-depth remote monitoring through multiple sensors. The system engineer has immediate feedback of transducer status, speaker module inclination, fan speed, temperature, VU meters, limiters and much more.
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Precision transducers

We design our transducers to maximize the purity of sound, combining the absence of distortion and the ability to withstand long term high-power levels. RCF develops advanced transducer technology internally, being instrumental in technological inventions such as carbon fiber cone molding, double silicon spiders, inside/outside voice coil windings to edge wound voice coil manufacturing, and pure titanium diaphragm forming. Our latest developments have resulted in designing state of the art neodymium magnetic circuits, radically new voice coil ventilation systems, and ground breaking direct drive voice coil assemblies.
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Robust and durable

The high-quality Baltic birch plywood cabinet features every layer glued by a water-resistant adhesive already before the painting process. The weatherproof polyurea paint forms a thick full coating of the cabinet, making it highly resistant to scratches and bumps. All the mechanical rigging is built-in high strength structural Swedish steel. After a quenching and tempering process, this special steel guarantees a yielding strength almost four times higher compared to commercial-grade steel and maintains the mechanical properties down to –40° C. Rigging has a high safety factor, with all the weight under control. TT cabinets feature die-cast aluminum handles with ergonomic rubber hand-grip.

Heavily braced internal structure

The internal structure is heavily braced to survive long term use and transportation, assembling all the parts and metal inserts with high-quality metric screws. The amplifier is housed in a separate chamber from the transducers to offer the best efficiency and reliability.
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The TT+ front grille

The heavy-duty front grille is powder-coated for maximum robustness. A special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside of the grille helps to further protect the transducers from dust. Waterproof speakers feature a frontal advanced acoustically transmissive water-repellent mesh.

Un nuovo punto di vista sulla linearità

I diffusori RCF sono stati progettati utilizzando una tecnologia digitale FIR molto evoluta, concepita per ottenere un suono trasparente, con la massima naturalezza e un'immagine audio perfetta. Gli speciali algoritmi FiRPHASE permettono di ottenere una distribuzione uniforme del suono per tutti gli ascoltatori senza distorsioni di fase, garantendo la minima latenza al sistema audio.
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Controllo via rete e molto altro
RDNet è una robusta rete di gestione e piattaforma di controllo per sistemi audio professionali e installazioni complesse ed estese. Basata su un protocollo di rete proprietario, RDNet offre un controllo intuitivo e il monitoring dettagliato di ogni singolo dispositivo/oggetto connesso al sistema. Ciascun dispositivo dispone di DSP con la possiblità di modificare parametri di oggetti singoli o gruppi o richiamare preset specifici. Un utente può modificare livelli, ritardi, EQ (nonché FiR a fase lineare) e altre impostazioni, incluse configurazioni avanzate per subwoofer. RDNet non è concepita solo per i diffusori: è possibile controllare parametri e routing di molti dispositivi RCF, come matrici digitali o amplificatori.