HOTELS AND SPA Installation 10 Jul 2013

AVI-SPL adds RCF TT052a to Hotel and Event Production Services inventory

The Hotel and Event Production Services division of AVI-SPL has recently added 52 of the RCF TT052a dual 5” active two-way speakers into their rental department portfolio. Citing the ultra-compact size and performance, the TT052a is the perfect solution to their truck pack case as they can easily fit six units plus pole mounts and other necessary audio gear in a 22 1/2”x30” total solution package.
“Six units is the magic number for our gigs,” notes AVI-SPL Director of Audio Mario Rivera at AVI-SPL's Tampa, Florida office. That meets the needs of their Event Production Services division, as the AVI-SPL philosophy is to work with clients to identify the best ways to design, implement and manage their messages. When it came time to search for an updated solution for their rental department, they included the RCF product in the evaluation process. “We were looking for something that sounded great, aesthetically was compact and clean and versatile” notes Wallace L. Johnson, VP of Operations. “I've been a fan of RCF for quite some time,” noted Rivera, commenting on his familiarity of the brand dating back to the 80s. While in the DJ and nightclub scene at that time, “I noticed venues using a lot of speaker products with RCF drivers,” recognizing the higher end component and quality. When he heard the TT052a, “I was floored by the depth and sound,” says Rivera. “Amazed by low end frequencies range, how clean and how musical they sounded versus the flat response of other boxes we looked at.” The ultra compact size (19.4”x5.9”x7.5”) of the TT052a lends itself to most of what AVI-SPL’s Hotel and Event Production Services division does – conferences and breakout room sessions. While many of those sessions are simply talking heads, “we wanted something where program material sounded good without needing to add a subwoofer,” says Rivera.
The TT052a is a two-way active wide dispersion speaker featuring two 5” woofers coupled with a 1” neodymium compression driver powered by a 300 watt class D amplifier with a frequency response 65Hz-20kHz. The wide angle 90-degree conical pattern makes audience coverage easy in a variety of situations. DSP on board processing offers a soft limiter, equalization adjustment, as well as thermal, excursion and RMS protection. AVI-SPL integrates the TT052a in a number of ways as they can be used for lip fill, center fill, laid on their side or on speaker stands. There is also a pipe clamp option available for truss mounting. In addition, “aesthetically they look nice. Our customers appreciate that,” noting how easily they seem to blend into the background.

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