Bringing Legendary History to Life: RCF Delivers Immersive Audio at Trsat Crypt

Rijeka, Croatia - Trsat Castle is one of Croatia's most treasured historic sites, a legendary 14th-century fortress on a hilltop overlooking the city that draws visitors from around the world. When the site's managers wanted to renovate the castle's exhibitions to better showcase its rich history, they turned to RCF to provide an audio solution that would engage and immerse guests.

As part of the Underground Rijeka project, the Tourist Board wanted to renovate the castle's offerings, creating an immersive multimedia experience in the crypt area that would engage visitors and transport them back in time. They brought in integration firm LAV Projekt to design and install an audio solution that would complement the new interpretive approach.

LAV Projekt opted to use RCF speakers throughout the installation. "We needed high-quality, flexible speakers that could be easily mounted in the protected interior spaces, without damaging or drilling walls," said Patricio Valenta of LAV Projekt. "With their high audio quality, their vast range of mounting options and versatility, RCF Business Music speakers range was a perfect choice."

The crypt area was divided into three distinct zones, each focused on a different aspect of the castle's and crypt history and legends. In the first chamber, covering the general history of Trsat, six RCF WMR 50T compact two-way speakers were installed. The versatile WMR 50Ts delivered impressive output and pristine voice reproduction thanks to their precision-engineered components.

According to Valenta, "The WMR 50Ts were easy to mount using both standard and custom brackets, and the sound quality exceeded our expectations. RCF gave us studio-grade audio in a very discrete, adaptable enclosure."

In the second chamber, another set of WMR 50Ts was used along with two larger WMR 60Ts. The final chamber was designed as an immersive culmination of the experience, with projections and two more WMR 50Ts providing localized audio.

Powering the system are two RCF DMA 162P amplifiers, chosen for their advanced processing and system control capabilities. All the components are connected via a Xilica A0808 digital processor for general system control.

"Throughout the whole installation, the RCF speakers performed flawlessly," Valenta remarked. "The client wanted an audio solution that would match the stunning visuals, and RCF delivered. The crypt truly came alive with sound."

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