Installation TRANSPORTATION 26 Feb 2009

Turin Airport

RCF have recently completed the installation of the audio system for the Turin airport.
Thanks to 500 weekly flights and more than 3.5 million of passengers every year, the airport represents the major hub for the International and National connections of the North-East of Italy.
The modern air terminal, which extends for more than 57 thousands square metres and has three working floors, required a complex audio system able to satisfy the high security standards of such a vast and crowded space.
The system delivered by RCF is the RX 4000 which can hold all security and evacuation messages following the EN 60849 norm and it is also BS 5893-8 complying, which represent the highest European standards regarding security and evacuation matters. The speakers models installed are: PL60, DP 1420BS, BD 2412BS and ART installation models ART 300 i.
Apart from managing a great number of paging zones, one of the major benefits of the RX 4000 system is its advanced simulation software, which allows it to configure the system before the installation. Thanks to this crucial feature it is possible to test and verify every possible emergency scenario, delivering an extremely accurate control and security system over the evacuation strategies.