Kallithea Underground Parking Station

RCF public address system in Kallithea Underground Parking Station
TNM Projects, one of the RCF commercial audio installation partners in Greece has recently completed the supply, fine tuning and start up of a RCF PA system in the new Underground Parking Station in Kallithea, Greece.
Kallithea is the 8th largest municipality in Greece with 109,609 inhabitants and the 4th biggest in the Athens urban area.
The public address system features 4 loudspeaker zones and 2 paging microphones. There is also a back up amplifier that will automatically replace any of the basic amplifiers in case of failure.
RCF products installed in the central equipment rack are:
1 x PR 4092 Preamplifier 9 in – 2 out 1 x PD 1066 6 zone speech / music switching unit 3 x MF 6000 Mainframe FLEXA amplifier system 3 x PS 6640 Modular power supply unit 640W – 240V 1 x UP 6241 Modular power amplifier 240W / 100V 3 x UP6481 Modular power amplifier 480W / 100V 5 x SB 3320 Power amplifier & speaker line surveillance card 5 x RB 3320 Back amplifier board 1 x RD 2080 Digital recorder / player 1 x MS 1033 CD-USB-MP3 player 7 FM tuner
Two RCF BM 3067 pre amplified paging microphones are installed in the supervisor’s office and in the cashier room.
The following RCF products have been installed in all areas of the parking station: v 59 x PL60 Ceiling speaker 6W/100V 82 x DP4 Sound projector 10W/100V
TNM Projects is specialized in turnkey solutions and one of their key statements is to supply high quality equipment for all kind of installations.