Event 18 Feb 2013

Loftland Set To Tour With RCF Line Arrays

EDISON, NJ (February 2013) – Loftland, a Wisconsin based pop rock quintet, recently gathering national attention on tour as the opening act for Christian rock band Manic Drive. The group, which has been performing together for the last five years, recently invested in their own touring rig featuring a D Line line array system from RCF. "When we were out with Manic Drive we came to appreciate touring with the same system every night," explains Tanner Gibbs, who not only plays guitar for the band but is also responsible for the groups FOH and production requirements.
"We're heading out on our 'Let's Make It Loud' CD release tour in early March and decided the time was right to invest in our own system." After determining the bands requirements and a price point to work within Gibbs began to check out their options. "We wanted a system that would provide the sonic quality we are used to as well as the flexibility required for the different sized venues we perform in," Gibbs explains. "One night we could be at a church that seats 300 and the next at a festival performing for a crowd of 5,000. The system would have to handle our current performance schedule and also grow with us in the future." Ultimately Gibbs chose a D Line line array system from RCF that consists of eight HDL-20A modules, two SUB 8006-AS subwoofers along with two HD-10A active two-way monitors.
"We can fly the arrays or stack them on stage," adds Gibbs. "And because they are not fixed, we can easily adjust the degrees of the array to tailor the system for each venue. It works extremely well for us." The HDL 20-A modules are loaded with two 10-inch woofers and a large format 3-inch voice coil compression driver. Powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2-way digital amplifier, each module includes comprehensive digital signal processing with cluster and HF projection correction and presets for indoor and high curving situations. Featuring two 18-inch transducers with 4-inch inside/outside voice coils, the SUB 8006-AS delivers a serious amount of low frequency. Powered by a 2500W digital amplifier module, the SUB 8006-AS can perform in the most demanding situations.
"The quality and output of the system is tremendous," Gibbs concludes. "It sounds great, and it gets louder than we need. We are very happy with it and look forward to working with RCF more in the future."