Niebla Flamenco Festival

RCF audio systems solution at the Niebla Flamenco Festival.
The village of Niebla is located roughly 30km of the southeast of Huelva city and 60km from Seville on the shores of the Río Tinto. Niebla literally means "fog" in Spanish, a name that might relate to its relative proximity to the Atlantic coast. It is a town that begs to be explored by foot. Niebla is famous for its beauty and archaeological heritage that can be found within its ancient walls and buildings of the town and the castle.
Niebla has been a pivotal enclave in the history of Southern Spain, and the castle bears eloquent witness of this. It's so well preserved that in summer times it forms the backdrop for theatre, music, and performance and dance festivals. All year round, its rooms, chambers and dungeons, whose interior design is perfectly in keeping with the era, are a veritable mediaeval museum.
At this year “Festival Flamenco Condado de Niebla” the company dB Sound supplied a RCF audio system, to arrange the sound and the acoustic adaptation in the courtyard of the Niebla Castle.
Several flamenco artists performed at the festival and furthermore the pop artist Kiko Gavin that performed an awesome concert in these beautiful surroundings.
The main stage was inside the walled enclosure with a capacity of about a thousand people. To ensure the correct acoustic sound and coverage, the system were settled with 2 Clusters in "Grand Support", composed by 6 pcs RCF TTL 33-A, and 6 pcs RCF TTS 28-A distributed to the front of stage every 1.5m.
To ensure sound coverage at the front rows, some RCF TT08-A speakers were installed as front fill.
The monitoring consisted of: RCF TT25-A, RCF TT22-A, and RCF 4PRO4003 as Side Fill, and ART905-AS as Subwoofers.
For many artists it was their first experience with RCF audio equipment and the feedback was very positive:
"Has been one of the best sound systems I have ever heard", says Kiko Gavin
Thanks to this event the company dB Sound showed their high professional attitude towards offering the best quality, their technical and material services – all based on a complete RCF audio solution