Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 28 Apr 2008

Pacha Club, Sharm el Sheikh

Pacha, one of the first clubs in the Sharm el Sheikh area, following year on year growth have recently decided to upgrade the sound system.
New Metro the RCF Pro distributor in Egypt suggested that the RCF TTL33-A line array modules and TTS28-A double 18' subwoofers would fit the purpose and late in 2007 the main FOH system was installed comprising of 12 x TTL33-A, 6 per side and then 4 x TTS28-A grouped together in the centre. RCF assisted with the commissioning and set-up of the system, which was handled by Greg Oliver (Product specialist in the RCF UK branch).
Oliver commented: "having spoken to the owners and walked round the vast club area it was clear that although their line array would cover quite a large area of the club this would then infringe the operating noise restrictions that have been imposed on the club. The system was designed in 3 main zones to focus sound where it was needed and this was aided given the narrow vertical dispersion of the line array modules and also to allow the owners to have total control over the various zones".
"We added small hangs of 3 x TTL33-A per side in the other 2 zones (1 being a large upper balcony and the other the pool and terrace area) and with 1 x TTS28-Aon the ground just to enhance the LF in that area", Oliver continues, " we then added some of the smaller 2 way RCF TT22-A's as fills to cover the VIP balconies behind the DJ area".
The installation is now complete and the install company commissioned the final part themselves with all the settings for the other line array zones using the RCF Shaper prediction software.