Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 21 Oct 2011

QI Clubbing installs RCF

The QI Clubbing in Erbusco - Brescia, Italy installs RCF.
With catching environment and very stylish decoration the QI Clubbing in Erbusco, Brescia is absolute worth a visit. Several times the QI Clubbing has been awarded as one of the best nightclub in Italy. In October 2011 the QI Clubbing will be opening their new Restaurant and Private Club facilities.
Opening a new segment gives QI a 360 degrees solution of entertainment of dining, nightclub, dancing and social life comes together under the same establishment.
The key of the success for QI Clubbing is the constant investment into developing a good atmosphere and surroundings. At QI you can experience high-class entertainment and performance – you can dance the night away to the sound of the best Italian and International DJs at the fabulous discotheque, and start the evening with a relaxing dinner at the exclusive restaurant.
To keep the pace as one of the best club in Italy QI Clubbing is constantly upgrading their facilities and recently a new advanced RCF sound system have been installed both in the restaurant and in the private room.
A total of 20 pcs RCF MONITOR 88 are covering the restaurant area to supply the room with background music of the highest fidelity.
The music entertainment performance stage area is equipped with 8 pcs RCF H 1312 three-way speakers.
To strengthen the sound system they installed 4 pcs RCF DPS 3000 and 8 RCF HPS 1500 professional power amplifiers together with 1 pcs RCF DX 4008 and 1 pcs RCF DX 2006 digital loudspeakers management systems.
So the new RCF sound system will certainly help QI Clubbing to candidate again for the award as the best club and restaurant in Italy.
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