Installation 19 Dec 2012


RCF’s powerful Acustica series, especially tuned for nightclubs, has been specified throughout No Saints’ new flagship nightclub, Wonderland in Maidstone.
The former 1800-capacity Liquid has been reshaped, from a circular into square dancefloor in the vast main room (called ‘Tomorrow’) with four pairs of the new H1312 throwing tightly dispersed, directional energy onto the dancefloor from their position high up on the lighting rig.
Says the club’s head of promotions, Richie Carrera, “The sound system competes with anything you will find in a UK nightclub. It’s as close to a Ministry of Sound experience as you will get.”
The three way system, run in biamped mode, incorporate a 12” woofer, a 8” cone midrange and a 1” exit titanium compression driver for long throw applications, and is complemented by four floor-standing TTS28 subs — two in front of the stage and two in front of the DJ booth.
However, it’s not just dance music that these speakers are tasked with reinforcing but a range of events, including boxing matches, fashion shows and high profile artiste PA’s.
From the moment clubbers enter via the escalators, they are immersed in a world of advanced sound and lighting, specified and designed by Mark Damon of Essex-based Cosmic Electronics.
His company has a long trading history with RCF. “We have used RCF components throughout the club,” he confirmed. “Because No Saints wanted an open plan venueeverything had to be flown, with the bass bins on the floor; but everyone is delighted with the coverage, and the clarity of the system.”
The H series has a very narrow angle dispersion and can be focused accurately, enabling the sound to drop off dramatically away from the dancefloor. “As this is a multi-tasking cab it is perfect for the many different promotions planned by the club, including artiste PA’s,” says Damon.
The club’s experienced general manager John Barnes also describes the sound as being “phenomenal” — particularly in the upper frequencies — and says it has been wowing audiences at both the indie Propaganda Friday night promotions and their own regular Saturday nights.
Away from the dancefloor, Cosmic have turned to RCF’s C3110 wide dispersion/nearfield boxes for peripheral sound, with eight dispersed around the main club and a further eight in the reception and entrance areas.
Meanwhile, the venue’s subsidiary ‘retro’ club (called ‘Yesterday’) hosts four RCF C5212W 12in enclosures and two S8028 (2 x 18in) woofers with C3108’s, used both for peripheral sound here and as the main VIP Room system, where two S8015 (1 x 15in) woofers also provide LF extension.
Powering the rig are a combination of RCF’s HPS 1500, 2500 and 3000 and 1500, operating in standard or bridge configuration, while RCF AM2080 and AM2320 100V line mixer amps are assigned to running the exterior speakers on the smoking terrace. It is worth mentioning the amp rack — as it must be the only one in the country that is swathed in a constantly changing colour wash, initiated by LED tape!
In summary, Mark Damon says of the Acustica series, “We had not used the H series previously — we took it on recommendation and we are pleased that we did. Because it would be suspended so high we needed a long throw cab that was more high-powered than the C series" — and this really delivers.
“The entire RCF rig is reliable, dependable and we have had no issues. The back-up has been excellent and whether we are equipping small or large floors, RCF has a cabinet suitable for each scenario.”
And John Barnes is equally effusive. “Having worked here previously I wanted to make Wonderland an entirely different clubbing experience — designed more like a rock ‘n’ roll arena with a festival type atmosphere".
“The RCF sound system goes a long way to helping us achieve that, and so far we have had a brilliant reaction.”